Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wolverine #73

I was going to read New Avengers #53 instead of this comic, but I just don't have the energy to deal with BENDIS tonight. I figure this comic will be a much better read, and by the end of this issue I'm sure I won't be screaming obscenities or sobbing uncontrollably, which is usually the way I wind up after reading BENDIS' work. For the record, the first story in this comic is written by Jason Aaron, while the second story is by the regular writer of "Wolverine Origins", Daniel Way.

-Story #1 was basically a bunch of panels showing us how Logan spends his days. Sunday he's battling the Juggernaut, Monday he's fighting the Serpent Society alongside the Avengers, Tuesday means it's time to team-up with the Punisher and Ghost Rider to take on Black Talon and his army of zombies, etc. This continues on for a few weeks until Logan teams with Yukio in Japan. Yukio realizes that Logan seems over-stressed, and to help him loosen up she gives him some "bed rest". After Logan is done "resting", he gets dressed and leaves Yukio behind, causing her to believe Logan has a death wish. And that's that...

-Story #2 details Logan running into an old biker he knew some 20 years ago. The biker buys Wolvie a drink and tells him about his son who was born addicted to drugs. The old biker's gang comes to him with the news that his drug addled son killed a few members of the gang, and they want vengeance. The old biker doesn't want his son killed, so Logan agrees to look into the situation. Wolvie talks to the lone witness to the murders, and the biker's son kills the witness right in front of Wolvie. This issue ends with Wolvie chasing after the old biker's son.

What the hell was this??? Neither one of these stories did a thing for me. The first one really didn't have a plot, or give me any reason to want to read the next issue, and the second one just wasn't very interesting. Sheesh, if I wanted to read a bad comic book, I should have read New Avengers #53! For a score I'll give this comic a 4 1/2 out of 10. This was NOT the way to follow up a great storyline like "Old Man Logan".

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