Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fantastic Four #567

This should prove to be a VERY interesting comic to read. I like(and have always liked)Mark Millar's work, but last issue really rubbed me the wrong way. I'm not going to get into it again(if you want you can check out my review for FF #566 here)but the way the last issue went down, mainly the way Mark completely mis-wrote Dr. Doom, had me practically tearing my hair out in clumps! Hopefully Doom will come back looking strong in this issue...

-This is going to be a relatively quick review. After I finish recapping the events in this book, I'll explain why...

-This issue begins with Doom finding a backbone and attacking his master, the Marquis of Death, and his Apprentice. From that point we move forward 5 years and learn that Doom defeated his master and the Apprentice, although the victory cost Reed Richards his life. After winning, Doom reformed, cured practically every ailment known to man and married(and knocked up)the Invisible Woman. So all is right with the world(well, I guess except for Reed dying), right? Not quite. We discover it was all an illusion cast by the Marquis in order to further hurt Doom.

-After Doom realizes what has happened, the Marquis completely and utterly destroys Latveria and every living being therein. From there he inflicts some more physical damage to Doom before taking him back to the Pliocene Age where really big sharks proceed to eat Doom.

-The Marquis and Apprentice return to the present and the Marquis dons Doom's burnt and tattered mask before declaring the Fantastic Four were next.

What the hell can I even say here??? That was frigging awful!!! Goddamn, Mark Millar must REALLY hate Dr. Doom or something, because he made Doom look like a little bitch here. Not even the frigging Beyonder tossed Doom around like this. I've read A LOT of FF comics in my lifetime, as a matter of fact between back issues, trades and Essentials, I'd guesstimate that I've read between 85-90% of the 567 FF comics that have been released. In other words, I'm a big fan of the FF. However, whenever anybody would ask me who my favorite member of the FF is I'd always answer Dr. Doom. But Doom isn't a member of the FF right? That may be the case, but Doom is as important to the FF comics as any of the FF members. He is now, and has always been an integral part of this series. That's why this current portrayal of Doom is so vexing to me. Like I stated last month, Dr. Doom is easily one of the best villains in the Marvel, DC or any other Universe. Doom has faced down the Beyonder, Galactus, Terrax and Mephesto and lived to tell the tale. He has stolen the powers of the Silver Surfer, Aron the Rogue Watcher, the Beyonder and others. When it comes to being a great villain, Doom takes the cake. Or did I guess.

This issue established that these two new characters are practically unbeatable(the Marquis snuffed out an entire country with no effort)so I'll be intrigued as to how Mark is going to write the next two issues of this storyline. My best guess? Dr. Doom returns from the past(he does have a personal time machine in his armor)and helps the FF defeat his master. This way the FF save the world and Doom saves a little bit of face. For me, a HUGE fan of Dr. Doom, that is the only satisfactory way this storyline CAN end. I'll give this issue a score of 6 1/2 out of 10. This was a fast, easy read with some sweet artwork(then again, when isn't Bryan Hitch's artwork gorgeous?), but it didn't really DO anything. Dr. Doom was defeated by the end of the last issue, was it really necessary to use a whole issue to continue to bury Doom?

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