Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #2(of 5)

I have a great affinity for the Young Avengers. That is the REAL Young Avengers, not the team of poseurs that we were introduced to in the first issue of this mini. With the way the last issue ended, this issue should herald the return of the real Young Avengers. Hopefully after this mini-series wraps up, Marvel will FINALLY give the Young Avengers a new series. This comic is written by Paul Cornell.

-This comic opens with the obligatory battle between the two teams calling themselves the Young Avengers. The battle turns out to be quite even(although it SHOULDN'T be...)until Enchantress flips out and halts the fighting with a massive magical blast.

-Patriot decides to try using words instead of fists and asks if these new Young Avengers were founded by Norman Osborn, similar to the way Osborn created the Dark Avengers. The leader of the new Young Avengers, Coat of Arms, says that Norman Osborn was the major influence in why she gathered her team of misfits. Apparently Coat was a fan of Norman during his Green Goblin days, and upon meeting him, he threatened to have her killed, so she put her Young Avengers together to strike back at Osborn... OOOOK...

-After that rather bizarre explanation, Patriot tells the faux Young Avengers that they can try-out to become real Young Avengers, or they can choose a new name for their team. Patriot says he'll return in 24 hours to hear what they've decided and Wiccan teleports the real Young Avengers away.

-Needless to say, the faux Young Avengers don't appreciate Patriot's ultimatum, and grouse to each other about Patriot and the Young Avengers. After the faux Young Avengers decide they won't jump through hoops for Patriot, Enchantress uses her magic to change her teammates minds, making them now want to try-out for the real Young Avengers.

-Later on, Melter(who saw what Enchantress pulled)confronts Enchantress and asks why she did what she did. Enchantress says that it is her destiny to be a Young Avenger, before she seduces Melter into dropping the topic.

-This issue ends with Executioner of the faux team talking to his mother over the phone about meeting Kate Bishop(Hawkeye of the Young Avengers). Executioner tells his mother he intends on molding Kate into a great hero like his mother, Princess Python!?!?

This comic wasn't half bad. The utterly bizarre story about Norman Osborn and Coat of Arms was pretty much the only thing here that I didn't like, and judging from the expressions of the Young Avengers after hearing Coat's story, I think her story was supposed to be weird to the point of being ridiculous. This issue also began to flesh out some of the members of the faux Young Avengers, which is much needed/appreciated. Melter seems like he truly wants to be a hero, but can't due to accidentally melting that old lady last issue, Coat is obviously nuts, there seems to be a lot more to Enchantress then meets the eye and the revelation that Princess Python is the mother of Executioner was kind of welcome. It seems like Executioner believes his mother is actually a super-hero, which should lead to some interesting stuff down the road when he inevitably discovers her true identity. Big Zero and Egghead were kept in the background this issue which was fine by me since I don't like either one of them. For a score I'll give this comic a 7 1/2 out of 10. I'm not really sure where Paul is taking this series, but I'm willing to stick around to find out.

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