Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Mutants #2

Let me state right off the bat that I'm totally worn out right now and once I'm done with this review I plan on checking out my online comic shop to place my order at the stroke of midnight(eastern standard time). So expect this review to be short and/or sucky. There, you've been warned. This comic is written by Zeb Wells.

-We start this comic out by learning that Legion's mind seems to have become more frayed than ever before. Now instead of the few split personalities he had running around his head before, he seems to have a small army in there.

-Karma is also in Legion's mind and is also able to speak through Legion's body for as long as she holds a doll(in his subconscious of course).

-Karma hands the doll off to the young girl the New Mutants originally went to Colorado to find and tries to fight off the crazies in Legion's head. Unfortunately the numbers are too much and the crazies defeat her.

-Next the crazies attack the girl and take the doll from her. From there, the crazies take control of Legion's body and have him do all kinds of evil stuff like kill people and attack New Mutants.

-The crazies want to kill Moonstar since she was there during Legion's first appearance in the original New Mutants(well, they didn't exactly explain it like THAT, but that's the gist of it). This issue ends with Moonstar(de-powered from M-Day)locked in a jail cell while Legion begins to stalk her.

And that's that. I realize I didn't really mention the actual members of the New Mutants themselves, mainly because with the exception of Karma they just stood around and looked surprised a lot. This really wasn't a bad comic book, but as a life long x-fan, I'm VERY curious as to how Legion is alive right now. I can't really lose myself in this story until Zeb reveals how/why Legion has returned.

My all-time favorite comic book x-over was the insanely great "Age of Apocalypse". Here's a fun fact, out of the thousands of comics I own, the only one that has a signature from one of its creators is X-Men Omega(Mark Waid's signature graces the cover)which was the end of the AOA epic. In that comic, in order to end the Age of Apocalypse Bishop killed Legion. Whenever any of the main characters from the AOA storyline pop up I usually pay VERY close attention, which is why Legion's unexplained re-appearance is bugging me. Legion HAD to die to conclude the AOA storyline, so I'm quite interested to discover why he's running around now.

One other little thing that I noticed was the fact that Zeb corrected Cannonball's speech in this comic. Last issue Sam was using "I" when referring to himself, in this issue he was back to the correct "Ah". Yeah, it's a little thing, but those little details tend to drive me insane, especially when it has do with a favorite character of mine like Sam. For a score I'll give this comic a 7 out of 10. Hopefully next issue will shine some light onto the hows and whys of Legion's return.


  1. I bought this issue too, I didnt like it though. Like you said how can Legion be alive? Thats cool you got a signed x-men omega, man i love that and alphas shiney covers.
    Did you like young x-men? i liked where that title was going and i think guggenheim is a good writer and given abit more time it could of been realy cool (the alt future story line near the end of the run i thought was great). It seems noone else liked young x-men though, everyone was pretty negative on it. What did you think?

  2. I feel similarly to you, X. This issue was just okay. I was looking ahead and I'm weighing whether to continue picking up New Mutants after this arc. I love the artwork, it's the writing that's holding this book back for me.

  3. Being a bit of an X-historian, I really WANT to like this series, but it's just not doing anything for me. For the most part, I really care about these characters, even though I still feel Illyana should have stayed dead. Her death was one of the better stand alone X-titles of the 90's.

    Yedna- With the emotional investment I have in the New Mutants characters I'll probably continue collecting this series no matter how much it annoys me. Hopefully after this storyarc things will pick up. Hopefully...

    Matthew- I actually collected the entire Young X-Men series, but I still haven't gotten around to reading it. As much as I like Marc Guggenheim's writing, I was still a bit pissed off from the way Chris Yost's slaughtered most of the Younger X-Men in the pages of New X-Men. I figure some day when I've got nothing else to do I'll breeze through reading that series.