Monday, August 1, 2011

Fear Itself: The Deep #2 & Fear Itself: The Worthy #1

I only have two more books left from last Wednesday to review, which means I have no idea what I'll be posting tomorrow... Ah well, I'm sure I'll think of something. These are the two books I placed at the very bottom of my new comic pile, so yeah, it's safe to say I'm not expecting anything from either of them. Besides all that, this is my 300th post of the year! Huzzah!! So if it's taken me 7 full months to reach 300, I should have a good shot at 500 posts before the year is out. That'll give me 3 consecutive years of 500+ posts, which would be, to me at least, a huge accomplishment.

Fear Itself: The Deep #2(of 4):

Summary: The New-new-new Defenders(Namor, Loa, Dr. Strange, Lyra & Silver Surfer) are trying to deal with venomous demon sea creatures that were actually possessed by the Undying Ones, who had struck a deal with Attuma and the Serpent... Yes, it's complicated. All you really need to know is that the Undying Ones are working with the Serpent against the New-new-new Defenders. There, that's a bit simpler... The Defenders manage to push back the initial assault they're faced with, but are soon confronted by three extra large whale-demon creatures. After a rather drawn out battle, the Defenders manage to topple the giant whale demons, but this issue ends with Lyra being pulled under the water by more freaky sea life.

Thoughts: Meh. I have to say, not all that much happened in this issue... I mean the issue began with the Defenders battling demonic sea creatures and ended the exact same way... I guess we learned that the Undying Ones were somehow involved, but I can't really say that I care all that much. There wasn't anything wrong or actively offensive going on in this issue, but in the grand scheme of things, it seemed like a wasted issue. If I skipped this issue and went right to issue #3, I doubt I'd even realize I missed anything.

Score: 5 out of 10.Take this page, read it about 20 times, and that pretty much sums up this issue.

Fear Itself: The Worthy #1:

Summary: All right! An easy review for me to close the week out with!! This comic gave us 8 mini origin type stories about Sin and the 7 Worthy of the Serpent. So if you want to read 8 mini stories as told by the Serpent's 8 generals, this is the comic for you! I guess before I end the review portion of this post I'll name the 8 characters profiled as well as the writers who did each story... Sin was written by Christos Gage, Jeff Parker did Juggernaut, while Jen Van Meter gave us the Titania tale. Frank Tieri wrote the Grey Gargoyle piece, Greg Pak did the Hulk story, Tom DeFalco gave us Attuma's story, Tom Peyer wrote the Absorbing Man story, and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa finished things off with a look at the Thing.

Thoughts: Well, this comic didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. If anything, this would be a really good comic for fans who are newer to the Marvel Universe. With that said though, I enjoyed reading this... I mean, I probably shouldn't have, it was simply $4 spent on mini-stories that didn't cover new ground, but none of the stories were really bad. I don't have anything I can really point at and complain about, which is REALLY rare in one of these collection type comics... Usually you get one good story, a few solid ones and a bunch of crappy ones to round out the issue. This comic had some good stories(Sin and Juggernaut were my favorites), with the rest of the stories being solid. As much as I want to, I can't complain!

Score: 8 out of 10.It's easy to overlook, but the Red Skull is an awesomely evil character.


  1. Bring Johann & Sin's pretty face back!
    anyway thr future of Magneto!

    & I maintain this Idea makes more sense than planet X!

  2. I say bring back the real Skull and leave Sin's face as is. I mean everybody calls her Sin still anyway, even though Marvel obviously wanted the Red Skull mantle passed on to her. The red skull gives her a distinctive look, as well as more of a reason to hate Bucky and Steve. Bring back Papa Skull and you can have them doing dueling evil plans against Steve and Bucky

    Well, in all honesty, ANYTHING is better than the bitch Mags has turned into today...