Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wonder Woman #614

Another DC comic, another last issue... This time around, we're ending the Wonder Woman series(for about a month at least...).

Wonder Woman #614:

Summary: With all of her machinations failed, Nemesis, the Goddess of Vengeance, decides to attack Wonder Woman head on. However, Goddess or not, WW is able to hold her own before ultimately taking Nemesis down. Unfortunately, Nemesis doesn't stay down, and mutates before attacking WW anew. WW grabs a hold of Nemesis's sword, and warns the crazed goddess off, but Nemesis refuses to listen and winds up impaled by her own sword. Dying, Nemesis tells WW that there needed to be a God/Goddess of Vengeance, and since WW killed the former Goddess of Vengeance, she was stuck as the new Vengeance lord... D'oh! WW transforms into a shape similar to Nemesis, but realizes that this was the wrong role for her, which leads to WW breaking Nemesis's sword over her knee, which somehow rights reality and places WW back on Paradise Island... Well, okay... I guess... WW is happy to find all of her fellow Amazons alive and well, and gleefully meets up with her mother. WW tries as best she can to explain what she'd been through with Nemesis, before WW realizes that reality was about to alter again. WW's mother tells WW not to worry, because whatever the new reality held, there'd always be Amazons, WW's mother would always love her daughter, and WW would always be WW.

Thoughts: All things considered, this storyline ended up pretty well. I mean I railed against the J. Michael Straczynski reboot of Wonder Woman, but after JMS stopped scripting the story and Phil Hester took over, things slowly began to make sense... The story seemed to have some direction, and Wonder Woman stopped acting like a stroppy teenager. In other words, it got a lot better! So I tip my hat to Hester, for taking JMS's notes and turning this storyline into something readable. Will I remember this as a great WW story? No, but thankfully, I also won't remember it as the worst WW story ever, which is what it was shaping up to be after the first five issues or so. With WW being rebooted AGAIN come September, I'll be quite intrigued to see which WW DC decides to go with. Will it be classic WW, JMS WW, some combination of the two, or something completely different? Only time will tell...

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.If I've said it once, I've said it a million times... Don't mess with Wonder Woman!!


  1. ", I also won't remember it as the worst WW story ever"

    Amen to that. Because when they started this new WW, well, we know how they went. But the fact that as you said someone else could take some notes and give us something better is pretty sweet in my book.

    And I am EXTREMEMLY excited for the WW reboot. I read this interview and it got me too excited.

    I think you should really read that. Hopefully it'll get you just as excited as me.

  2. It's so true... This storyline started off HORRIBLY, what with WW the teenage Amazon and the talking cat and all, but in the end it was... readable, I guess. Not awful, not great, but readable.

    I'm mildly excited about the WW reboot... I read that interview and all, but it didn't really get me jazzed or anything. Azzarello was keeping his cards very close to the vest here. I'm more aprehensive about the reboot than excited probably... I just don't want them to make a mess of WW... Again!