Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Mutants #30

It's time for me to open up the comic starring my all-time favorite comic book character, the one and only Nate Grey! The fact that Nate is in this comic, automatically guarantees it won't score any lower then a 7. What can I say? I'm very straightforward with my abject favoritism! Let's see how high the score DOES get though. Oh, and like half the books coming out of Marvel nowadays, this is a Fear Itself crossover book.

New Mutants #30(Fear Itself tie-in):

Summary: We get started with X-Man and the New Mutants(I LOVE the way that sounds!) stuck in Hell after Doug Ramsay screwed up a spell to get the team to Hel, which is where Moonstar had been transported. As the lord of Hell, Mephisto, arrives on the scene and wants to make a deal with the New Mutants. See, Mephisto knows the New Mutants want to get to Hel, and offers to teleport them to Hel... For a price. What, he's the devil! You KNEW there'd be a catch! In return for being sent to Hel, Mephisto asks for a date with Magma... HA! The team tells Magma not to take the deal, on account of Mephisto being Evil Incarnate and all, but since there was no other conceivable way out of Hell, Magma agrees to the offer and Mephisto teleports the team away, telling Magma that he'd call her. As for Moonstar, she comes across a small army of dead souls in Hel, who warn her that a long gone god(the Serpent) had unleashed his dreams in Hel, destroying Hela, and tormenting the denizens of Hel. Moonstar decides to assist the residents of Hel, and charges into battle against the Serpent's rather hideous dreams. Unfortunately for Moonstar, while battling the freakish creatures she is apparently eaten... Huh.

Thoughts: Well, since in the “Next Issue” teaser at the end of this comic shows Moonstar battling against the bad dreams(HA! I crack me up...), I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that she's probably not dead. There's not all that much to say about this issue. Nate didn't really do much, Mephisto was funny(which he usually is, oddly enough) and Magma agreed to a single date with Mephisto at a later time to escape Hell. I enjoyed reading this comic book, and even though the Serpent nor his Worthy showed up here, this comic did tie-in with the main Fear Itself storyline, since the Serpent's war with Hela had been documented in the recent issues of Journey Into Mystery. All I'd ask is that Nate gets a larger role come next issue, but other than that? No complaints from me.

Score: 8 out of 10.Mephisto is a stone-cold playa.


  1. To be honest, I just don't care about the New Mutants. I read an issue way back around #2 and it just felt dated. I know they were trying to pay homage to the 80's NM, but meh.

    Mephisto seems to be everywhere these days. He's Wolverine. Also, why is Marvel obsessed with Hel/Hell/Limbo so much lately?

  2. Same here, Lebeau. I read the first... I want to say 4 issues of this series, but hated it, and dropped. When I found out that a) Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning were taking over the writing, and b) Nate Grey was going to become a member, I happily picked up the series again, and doubt I'll ever say a bad word about it as long Nate is there!

    It's true! Wolvie, New Mutants, Journey Into Mystery, I'm sure I'm missing somewhere else, but yeah, Mephisto is ALLLL over the place!

  3. I guess Meth's card would say:

    Mephisto - In the relationship business since 2008!

  4. HA!!! He does seem awfully interested in involving himself in relationships, doesn't he? Whatever happened to the old, “Give me your soul and I'll make you a deal?” Mephisto?