Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Mutants #29 & Ultimate Fallout #5

With Fear Itself #5 out of the way, it's time to take a look at my other co-Pick of the Week, New Mutants #29, along with the ultra-controversial Ultimate Fallout series, which is reshaping Marvel's Ultimate Universe. Fingers crossed, both of these issues will score a 9 or higher...

New Mutants #29(Fear Itself tie-in):

Summary: Ahhh... I see it's the New Mutants turn to get sucked into the Fear Itself event... We get started with Hela being attacked and defeated in Hel by a bunch of weird creatures. Ultimately Hela turns into a murder of crows... Okay then. From there we head to Moonstar, who is flying to the remnants of Las Vegas to see if she could ask for Hela's aid against the Serpent and his Worthy. Unfortunately for Moonstar, the murder of Hela crows smash into Moonstar's plane and tear it apart. Back on Crazy Mutie Island(Utopia), some of Moonstar's teammates are worried about her whereabouts. Except for Nate Grey, who feels that the New Mutants should be in San Fransisco with the rest of the X-Men dealing with the Serpent possessed Juggernaut. Preach it, Nate!! Ultimately Cypher figures that Moonstar was heading to Vegas to help stop the Juggernaut, so that's where the team should go. In order to get there, they head down to Crazy Mutie Island's prison, where Magik is being held. As the resident teleporter, the New Mutants want Magik to take them to Moonstar, but she tells them a) that she was going to stay in prison until she regained the trust of the X-Men and b) that she knew where Moonstar was headed(to Hel) and that she'd tell Cypher how to find a spell that would take the team to Hel. As for Moonstar, she wakes up in Hel, where she finds Hela's crown and sword. Back to the New Mutants, Cypher manages to recite the spell, but botches it and instead of teleporting to Hel, the team teleports to Hell, where Mephisto is waiting for them.

Thoughts: Again, this was a Fear Itself tie-in in the loosest sense possible. I don't think the stuff with Hela had anything to do with the main Fear storyline, and we only had a one page glimpse of one of the Worthy(Juggernaut). Besides that, I have to say, this team sucks... Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to bring Cypher and Warlock back to life?! Warlock is a joke that ceased being funny like 20 years ago and Cypher is, no matter how some writers try to tell us otherwise, useless. And Sunspot? Grow up all ready... The horny teenager act isn't funny anymore... I like Moonstar, I was happy to see Magma in this issue, as she's been woefully underutilized, and of course Nate is a plus, but man, most of this team is just bad... And before the twelve Warlock fans complain, remember, that's just my opinion. If you like Warlock, good for you, although I have NO idea why you would... As for the story, it was good and made sense(Moonstar gets lost, her teammates decide to look for her), so no complaints there. The art was okay, although I have to admit, the way Nate was depicted kind of bugged me as he was kind of drawn like the Incredible Hulk, which was pretty weird...

Score: 8 out of 10.Look out everybody, it's the Incredible Nate!!!

Ultimate Fallout #5(of 6?):

Summary: Two stories here, one featuring Nick Fury written by Jonathan Hickman, with the other about Quicksilver written by Nick Spencer. We'll start with the faster story, the one about Fury. Fury arrives at the Triskelion and gets a briefing on a few of the situations affecting global security. From there, he heads off and meets with a representative from the US president who informs Fury that the president was cutting SHIELD's funding by 30%. Fury is taken aback by that steep a cut, and tells the rep that people would die because of this, but the rep tells Fury he's just the messenger. With that, the rep leaves and Fury realizes that SHIELD was stretched way too thin. The Quicksilver story deals with Quicksilver telling a businessman that he wanted to gather and train a bunch of mutants. With the widespread hatred of mutants in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, the businessman wants nothing to do with that, but Quicksilver basically tells the businessman that if given the capital to begin hunting down the mutants that were still at large, he'd basically sell them to the businessman at which point the businessman could use the mutant's powers to further his own company's interests. Ultimately the businessman agrees to this deal and Quicksilver sleeps with the businessman's assistant. While in the middle of the deed, Quicksilver's sister, the Scarlet Witch, appears to him and speaks cryptically about Quicksilver doing the right thing, and that he had to head to Egypt before vanishing. The assistant is kind of puzzled by Quicksilver's bizarre actions, at which point he throws her out to contemplate his next move.

Thoughts: The first part of the Quicksilver storyline was good. The Nick Fury part of this comic was very good. The second part of the Quicksilver story? With his sister appearing to him while he boinked that woman? Way too creepy for my tastes... Plus it hurt the story for me. I mean, if this comic would have ended without the creepy bedroom scene, I'd have probably scored this comic a full point higher. Okay, we get it, Ultimate Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have openly had an incestuous relationship. It isn't danced around or hinted at, it's pretty much accepted fact. With that said, I don't really want to read about it! Wanda could have appeared to Quicksilver at any other time, not on top of him while he was screwing some woman! I mean for god's sake, leave SOME things to the imagination!

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Nick Fury's reaction in that last panel is awesome!


  1. sups what do you think of this?
    most are thinking the big guy is skaar son of hulk
    im thinking that the hawkeye lookalike is trickshot from that hawkeye mini u loved
    was he killed in that book?
    and the guy on the left is possibly daken?
    athought i dout it he really seems too busy making an empire and geting stoned too be osborns stooge again
    also Superia will be on the team (she was the primary villian in the last saga of new avengers before fear itself)
    she was imprisoned on the raft but someone (VERY likely Victoria bitch ass hand) left a card in her cell with the symbol of the new green goblin cult on it
    rumor has it she will take on the persona of a Dark version of wasp at the same time i dont see someone as arogent as her switching up her super villian name

    if this dosent intrest u at all sorry i cant recall if u cared for the whole dark regin/hammer/dark avengers stuff or not

  2. That actually shows some promise. Some of Bendis's best Avengers work came in Dark Avengers(imo). I'd LOVE if the archer on the right was the new Trickshot(Clint's brother), and Bendis actually managed to take Osborn, who was more of a Spidey, street level threat and raise him up to major threat level. That's def interesting, and I think I'll def be picking it up. Thanks for the link as always, man.