Friday, August 26, 2011

Captain America & Bucky #621

Next up is the series that is giving me the ever-so-small hope that Bucky is going to come back to life after Fear Itself ends, Captain America and Bucky... I mean would Marvel really put out a new series starring a character they JUST killed? Don't answer that, I'm happy living in my blissful ignorance. So far this week I've reviewed 6 Marvel comics, 1 which got a perfect score, 3 which scored between 9 and 10, and nothing scoring less than an 8... In other words, Marvel is BRINGING the awesome this week! Here's hoping my great comic book reading streak continues here!

Captain America & Bucky #621:

Summary: Captain America and Bucky, still new to the whole superhero life, and not yet a part of WWII, are forced to stay in the US taking care of things such as Nazi spies and other menaces on the homefront. Bucky is itching to see some real action, and can't wait to get into battle, but is warned that war isn't glamorous, it involves killing other soldiers, people just like yourself... Jeez, even early on in his Cap career Steve always knew just what to say... While Cap is explaining to Bucky that taking a life is simple, it's the aftereffects that are the tough, the two are told to report to the general for their next mission. The mission turns out to be investigating a carnival, where they were to speak to a carnival worker who had some information on strange crates that were being smuggled into the carnival. After talking to the worker, the two happen across the crates, but are chased out by one of the suspected saboteurs before they could investigate. Cap decides to return that night, and finds the carnival empty, with the exception of the worker they spoke to earlier, who is bleeding to death. The worker helpfully holds on long enough to warn Cap and Bucky that the saboteurs were planning on killing a bunch of soldiers, before he dies... How convenient that he relayed that info before perishing... Cap somehow figures this meant the saboteurs were going to gas a nearby train station that was picking up several servicemen, which leads to the heroes heading for the train carrying the carnival workers. Cap and Bucky climb onto the roof of the train, but are met by one of the saboteurs, who throws a knife through Bucky's leg, causing him to fall through a skylight into the train. While Cap is fighting with the saboteur on top of the train, Bucky notices that the train's conductor was planning on shoveling toxic statues into the train's engine, releasing poisonous fumes that would kill all who inhaled it. Realizing that he wouldn't be able to reach the conductor before it was too late, Bucky pulls the knife out of his leg and throws it at the conductor, catching him in the back of the neck, which kills the villain. From there, Steve and Bucky head back to base, where it's apparent that killing somebody for the first time has left Bucky somewhat disturbed, a fact that doesn't escape Steve.

Thoughts: It's Bucky. Of course I enjoyed it! The story here continues to develop Bucky as a character, showing us his earliest years, and how he became the hero is/was. I honestly have nothing that bad to say about this issue... Sure there were a few little quibbles here and there(mainly Steve acting more like a master detective than a newbie superhero), but this comic definitely continues my good comic streak.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.That is one sharp knife!

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