Sunday, August 28, 2011

Batman Incorporated #8

Before I even get to this comic, a warning... I didn't like this comic at all. To clarify that, I HATED this comic book. Here's the review, but good luck deciphering it, my Morrison-to-English dictionary failed me miserably here...

Batman Incorporated #8:

Summary: Bruce Wayne has brought some investors into his newest creation, Internet 3.0 to show it off. Naturally, techno-terrorists attack Bruce's little meet and greet, shouting slogans such as “The city of numbers is on fire!” and “Kneel to the Worm Captain!”... Oh man. It's gonna be one of THOSE comics... To combat these wacky terrorists, Bruce takes control of a Batman avatar in Internet 3.0, and gets an assist from Oracle(who's here for some reason). After a whole mess of stuff I just don't want to get into because it makes my brain hurt, Bats and Oracle figure out that one of the investors, Mr. Tanaka, had smugged malware into Internet 3.0 on behalf of the Leviathan... Probably. Oracle puts Tanaka under quarantine(?) which ends his threat, and frees the other investors... I guess... I have NO idea what became of Tanaka though. After all of that, Bats meets up with Oracle and tells her that Jezebel Jet had returned from the dead... How the... What?!?

Thoughts: I'm at a complete loss here. If you understood this comic, and realized that Jezebel was somehow behind this, then I tip my hat to you, you're a much smarter person than I am. This comic book read like Grant Morrison slammed his head into his keyboard a bunch of times and sent the results of that to DC... It was... I... I honestly don't even have words for it. I mean it didn't offend me or anything, it just made NO sense! Why the hell was a dog saying, and I quote, “5H898EH23346!”!!! I'm not going to spend any more time on this comic. Like I said, if you enjoyed this issue, more power to you. Me? I just want to forget I ever made the mistake of reading this mess.

Score: 0 out of 10.Grant Morrison must have been taking the REALLY good stuff before he wrote THIS page!


  1. "Oh man. It's gonna be one of THOSE comics"... hah that line made my day, after a read this comic I was really loking forward for your review...

    at least I enjoy the art, and love the Oracle Tron a lot..

    what do you believe, would be the fate of Batgir/Steph in this series?, since Batman Leviathan is coming after the reboot..

  2. Yeah, once the villains started talking about the "Worm Captain", I knew I was going to really regret opening this comic up, Alien... Sometimes you get the good Morrison, and sometimes you get the bad Morrison... For me, this was definitely a case of the bad Morrison...

    I'm not sure what I thought about the art actually... It was unique, but I'm still not sure if I liked it or not. It was definitely different though.

    I'm not sure... I'm kind of thinking that Oracle somehow gets the ability to walk again, which leads to Steph giving Oracle the Batgirl name back, with Steph maybe going back to her old Spoiler costume(or maybe something new). But honestly? I don't have the slightest idea... I still don't understand the way DC is rebooting the Bat-universe... I mean they've said Dick was going to be 21 years old after the reboot, Bludhaven still happened and he had a relationship with Starfire... Plus he was just Batman! That seems like WAY too much for Dick to have done by that age...

  3. What is that pitiful cgi? It's awful. Is there something in the story in which it would make sense to present it in such a way? I'm sorry, I got partially through your post, saw the page, and just froze. I don't understand this.

  4. The art was presented that way because the story took place in the Internet 3.0... Or at least that's what I got out of this issue... I could definitely be wrong there. Reading this issue was like trying to decipher Ancient Egyptian or something. But yeah, the entire issue was drawn in this style. It made for a unique look, but it was definitely kind of jarring for the entire issue, from start to finish, to look like this.

  5. X, after reading your review, I laughed and said, maybe, just maybe you might be wrong and it was just a bunch of geek oriented, was I wrong. I swear I've never done this, but I searched and read several other reviews about this comic and EVERYONE felt the exact same way, with slightly different reasons. For some it was the coded language the dog spoke, and for others it was the computer drawn art skills of Scott Clark and Dave Beatty. Now I do think that what appears to be hexagon speach is a dog of some type, they should have provided a translation at the back of the comic just like they do if someone speak Krytonian. This truely was an epic fail!

  6. well Morrison never slams his head against anything , he just takes more drugs than Hunter S Thompson in" fear & loathing in las vegas" & there it is. 1/3 it works & most of the time , this happens...Sadly the good Morrison is gone a long time ago & took Darkseid, one of my favourite epic villains with him ( the douche!).Anyway since the chapter is out, here it is.

    now my last fanart is gonna make a little more sense,, hope you'll enjoy!
    as a side note I recommend everyone to read Guy Gardner Warrior! great series with issue 29 showing what a superhero bar fight really is!

  7. I'm actually surprised about that, Cole. There are A LOT of Morrison fans who just refuse to admit that he can do any wrong, so I'm kind of surprised to hear that this issue was universally panned. But then again, if ever a comic should have been universally panned, it was THIS one!

    HA! That's what I thought after reading this one, Saidi! I mean seriously, you'd have to be on heavy duty drugs to a) write this, and b) understand it!

  8. yes but in this comic were references to Steph being in London hope they did´t change her to spoiler at least in this series...

    and when i dont understand a Morrison comic (maybe cuz, I´m not in drugs) i go Directly to this blog,

    apparently he is advanced in Morrisonesque o he has a better english-Morrison dictionary

  9. and since we are talking about Morrison, which comics are the good Morrison for you..

    For me the ones I can be sure were Good (because a enjoyed a lot)
    are Seven Soldiers of Victory and New X-man,

    I cant be sure about R.I.P. because was really confusing for me (barely knew English wen a read it) but a loved the way he put almost 70 years of batman history into the main continuity, even finding a place for stuff like
    "Bat-Mite" or the history "Robin die at Dawn"

    and I still doesn´t read his JLA run or Animal Man, and Fantistic Four so What does you think?

    which are the Good Morrison and which the bad?

  10. Morrison actually made mention of Steph being in a school in London back in like Bats Inc #1(I think), so that's obviously something he wanted to do with her for a while now.

    "and when i dont understand a Morrison comic (maybe cuz, I´m not in drugs" HA!!! That was awesome... But yeah. I guess they must have a better Morrison-to-English dictionary than I do! :D

    I know this puts me at odds with a lot of other X-fans, but I did love Morrison's New X-Men run. I liked the way it all built towards the awesome reveal that Xorn was Magneto. Plus, the story made sense throughout. Granted, there were things I didn't like(Scott and Emma's affair), but all in all, that's the best X-run I've read in years. I also liked Morrison's Marvel Boy mini-series from Marvel as well. It was kind of crazy, but the main character just worked for me. I haven't read Seven Soldiers or Animal Man, but I do have most of his JLA run. I just haven't gotten around to reading it yet. With the line-up he has there though, I'm expecting/hoping I like it. His Batman run has been very hit or miss for me... I like that he introduced Damian, I liked how he used Talia, but I didn't like how he used Joker, and I never really got into Batman RIP... I know some people love it, but I really didn't enjoy it. If you were to ask me what his worst work was, I'd easily say Final Crisis. That mini-series was a train wreck! Especially the horrid ending! Overall, I like Morrison's Marvel work more than his DC work, but maybe that'll change when I read those JLA trades.

  11. "I like that he introduced Damian"

    ha-ha Curious because you hated Damian in the beginning...

    Yeah i hear only good stuff about his JLA so i will see when can I have some time to read it, and I higly recomend you The seven soldiers of victory, is one of his first works after Marvel (and before Final Crisis) so maybe still was in his good season,also this series made Zatanna one of my favorites characters...

  12. For you Aliendw700
    here's my experience with Morrison:
    The good

    JLA & One Million: the peak in Morrison's career at DC, with JLA's Rock of Ages being Final Crisis done right, and One Million being a great cosmic-level DCU crossover .
    -Animal Man: if you know what you're doing and don't give a flying frack about it, you can take a D-List character and turn him into at the very least a B-Plus List character. He damn near turned Buddy Baker into an A-Lister (still the definitive Baker here!)
    -All Star Superman: Silly yeah, but an enjoyable kind of silly that worked on its own silveragish little world, read it , liked it but not the definitive take on Supes for me (that'd be the Bruce Timm version...)

    the 50/50
    Arkham Asylum: the Dr Arkham part was PERFECT! it was chilling & scary to see a brilliant doctor broken after his patient murdered his family. the batman part sucked ass...Batman is treated like a clumsy little bitch by the guys he should be well, fighting...

    The" goddamn I'll have his head for this!"

    -Final Crisis: Superman saves the day by singing a SONG. as a fan of Darkseid, I find it really sad how horribly villains of great magnitude get shat on over & over while the cartoon gets the villains RIGHT & RESPECTFULLY entertains you. Srsly , the 2 last episodes of JLU is what it should have been.

    - New X-men: well I won't bore our great host (& biggest Nate Grey fan) here with repetition so here you go
    of course if you want to debate about it be my guest!Oh & for the record I've reread last week & now I need a little Lobdell/Nicieza X-men or Generation X to cleanse my palate of that atrocity...Srsly the real gods of x-men are these 2+Louise Simonson & PAD & I still recommend x-factor forever best miniseries in a while!

    -Fantastic Four 1234: I guess Xman75 has got enough of this dreck so I'm not gonna repeat...

    _Batman ; let me keep this short , Damian Wayne. Yep, I still hate the little dipshit & still wish the Joker would give him the crowbar treatment. What is sad is that I read son of the demon & it saddens they make such agreat story canon in such a sloppy way.
    Talia Al Ghul is just a cardboard cutout evil MILF
    His treatment of the Joker was pretty lame & as a fan of the Clown Prince of Crime I basically said fuck it!Thats not the Joker in Morrisons run, its a compilation of the most overused serial killer cliches coupled with Sweeney Todd and all rolled up into a turd that is supposed to be justified by Morrisons "super sanity" retard logic.
    I guess I'm kind of a broken record right now but it's kind of the only ways to get discussion go.

  13. hahah ok Saidi i´m not going to discuss new X-men here since I´m not a hughe x- fan (I loved the 90 animated series) this is the only comic i read from Marvel, so in some way worked for me because i can offend for the treatment in this or that character cuz i dont known anything else about them, so fell free to call me ignorant...

    I totally forgot to coment about All Star Superman i loved it..

    and i will agree that Final Crisis was a mess, hey he kill the martian manhunter, he is almost more powerfull than superman but is Supes the one taht saves the day singing?!!

    and here is a well explained "interpretation" about what Final Crisis was and why this didn´t work to everybody kind that you need to be a doctorate in comics to understand it

  14. Hmm, I had no idea Zatanna was in Seven Soldiers, Alien. You sold me on the series just by saying that! And my feelings on Damian changed completely after some other writers(Paul Dini, Bryan Q. Miller) started using Damian and giving him a personality.

    Huh, I had no idea you liked Morrison's JLA work, Saidi... That's another reason for me to start those trades sometime soon. I also always meant to get my hands on All-Star Supes, but never did. We'll have to agree to disagree on New X, I still think it was the best written main X-work since the mid-90's. And after what you told me about FF1234, I'm quite content to never read THAT one! And Batman? It's mainly just confusing as hell. Yeah, there's been some good, but I'd have to say the bad outweighs the good.

  15. Hey I´m happy if a could sold into the seven soldiers series, if you want to know more about zattana this is a really introspective take on the character, and some others are good too like Shining Knight and even Klarion the wich boy has his high moments

  16. I've already put that series in the shopping cart at one of my online comic shops, so in a few weeks I should have those books in my hands!