Friday, August 26, 2011

Teen Titans #100

Well, so far this week has been a great comic reading week for me... The only thing is that I've only read Marvel comic books this week... Now I'll be switching over to the DC side of the fence... Let's see if DC can continue the streak of good comic books with this, the final issue of Teen Titans.

Teen Titans #100:

Summary: The Teen Titans(all of the ones who are still alive) take on Superboy Prime's Legion of Doom(which is apparently what they're being called now) as we begin the final issue of the series. The Legion is woefully outmatched, and are taken down by the Titans superior teamwork until only Prime and his three imperfect Superboy clones remain. Superboy tells Ravager to head to his room and find a box inside that would take care of the Superclones, and upon arriving in SB's room, Ravager finds a Kryptonite dagger. Ravager kills one of the Superclones, before handing the dagger off to Robin, who, with the help of the rest of the Titans, kills the remaining Superclones. With the Legion down, and the clones dead, that simply leaves Prime. The Titans attack Prime in force, pummeling him until he's finally unconscious. But that leaves a dilemma... Whenever Prime has been defeated, he's always come back to wreak further havoc, so the question becomes, what should the Titans do with him? Ravager and Robin want to kill him(because they're awesome), but Titans don't kill and all that jazz. SB figures that Prime would simply break out of any conventional jail, and the Phantom Zone isn't the answer, with how many criminals escape from there, so SB and Supergirl take Prime to the one place they were pretty sure not even he could escape... The Source Wall(!). With Prime taken care of once and for all, the Titans head home, do the team bonding thing, and strike a pose to end this series.

Thoughts: If I had a complaint here, it would be that the battle between Prime's villains and the Teen Titans was pretty anti-climatic. Within the first couple of pages, Prime's forces, (with the exception of the SB clones) had all been handily defeated. I was also kind of bothered that the Titans were so quick to murder the SB clones... I mean sure, they're clones and all, but hell, so is Superboy himself! JT Krul repeatedly stated throughout this storyline that the SB clones were imperfect copies, but so what? Maybe they could have learned and grown. I mean hell, if the Titans had no qualms with killing the clones, what was the big deal about offing Prime? Sure he CLAIMS to be from an alternate dimension, but how can they be sure HE isn't a clone, and as such deserves to be killed as well. Funky clone moral dilemmas aside, I thought this issue did a good job wrapping up this storyline. We got Prime battling against the Titans(which is something a few fellow fans had complained there wasn't enough of in the comics leading up to this issue), along with some little closure scenes at the end between Ravager/Superboy and Raven/Beast Boy(although I could care less about those two losers). I am a bit miffed at the cover price($5?! Really?!), but what can ya do? While not a perfect comic, this was a nice little issue for the Teen Titans to end on.

Score: 8 out of 10.It's too bad we'll never get that Damian/Ravager romance I was always hoping for down the road now...


  1. ha, i though exactly the same about the clone massacres...
    And the close up between ravager and superboy explain a little about Ravager being the handler of Superboy in the reboot (even if that superboy is a totally different SP)

  2. I couldn't agree more! I wondered what the hell they wouldn't kill Prime for but they'd kill all those damn clones, that reasoning was so skewed. I'd just say Prime has done so many bad things he deserves something worse than death, and boom, explained.

    Alien, what do ya mean Ravager is SB's handler?

  3. It did, Alien! When I saw that scene between SB and Ravager that's the first thing that came to my mind. I guess DC is trying to set the stage for those two now.

    Right? It was just so weird that everybody was all, "Let's kill those SB clones!"(even though SB himself IS a clone!), and then were all, "What do we do about Prime?? We can't possibly kill him!" Seriously, how did the Teen Titans know those actually WERE clones? Because Prime said so? As if he's the bastion of honesty or something... What if they were mind controlled SB's from alternate dimensions or something? The Titans being so quick to kill the faux-SB's was just odd and kind of irresponsible...

    I'll answer for Alien! It appears that Rose Wilson is going to be SB's “handler”(whatever THAT means) in the new SB series, JT... I have NO clue if she's still related to Slade, or if she's simply a different Rose Wilson now. So yeah...

  4. Wait, I missed that info but it seems awesome. Where did that jewel of information come from?

  5. It came from Alien... I'm not sure exactly where or from what source though. You know me, JT. I'm terrible at digging up spoilers and stuff!

  6. the info is here

  7. Interesting, I wonder how that will work out. Guess that means Cass may hook up with Timmy since Lobdell hinted she'd hook up with someone. Well, Timbo or Bart. And thanks for the link dude.

  8. Hmm, I really, REALLY hate the idea of Cassie hooking up with Bart... Then it's like she's been passed around by all of the Young Justice team members... Can't say I'm looking forward to Timmy getting with Cassie either though, that didn't work at ALL the last time. I guess it would be too much to ask for Cassie to hook up with SB again?

  9. I may be for her and Tim if they do change her character to make her more amazonian and gruff like they said. I'm picturing a Beth Phoenix/Santino Marella haha.

  10. I honestly don't know what I think about the changes to WG yet, so I seriously don't know WHO I'd want to see her get with(as long as it's not Bart, because that just seems too creepy)... I guess I'll have to read it before I make up my mind, but I'm one of those rare people that really didn't have a problem with the way Cassie was written.

    Dude, Santino=Timmy? Harsh... Just harsh...

  11. I can't WAIT to see this new more aggressive Cassie, she's drawn with this flair and the muscles that she should have considering she's one of the strongest women in the DCU.

    You KNOW you can picture Santino saying "I am Timmo The Drake, ah-Red Robbing, yum!"

  12. I guess I'm taking a wait and see approach when it comes to Cassie. With the reboot nearly here, I find myself not that excited by it at all actually... Sure there are a few things I'm really looking forward to(Grifter and Voodoo in the mainstream DCU, ditto for Midnighter and Apollo, a Red Hood series, although Lobdell's recent antics have cooled me on that a bit, and a handful of other things), but mainly I'm feeling apprehensive about the reboot... There are just some things that don't need undoing/redoing... I can't help but feel that a lot of what's going to happen is a big mistake... Yes, I know, X=pessimist, JT=optimist, but still, does retconning Supes marriage, having Babs walk again or pretending Wally West never existed REALLY help make any of those characters more interesting?

    Honestly? No. No I can't picture that. :P

  13. Haha, I love that we're ying/yang on that scale of you being a pessimist and myself as an optimist. But to be honest I agree, pretty much everything you're excited about like Grifter, Hood, Snyder on Batman, I agree. And I also agree about Steph being Demoted, Wally being gone, Peej possibly not having her powers, Donna Troy pretty much no longer existing, no Lois and Clark marriage, all that stuff bothers me too, I'm just hoping for more good than bad. If it's that fucked up, do another "event" and fix everything, haha.

  14. It's both funny AND true! You're WAY more open to the reboot than I am... I mean, yeah, some good could/should come from it(mainly those things you mentioned), but like you pointed out, there's a whole mess of stuff happening that really doesn't look that promising.

    "If it's that fucked up, do another "event" and fix everything, haha." THIS would not surprise me at ALL. There's a part of me that's looking at DC's reboot and seeing Marvel's Heroes Reborn mess all over again... There's even many of the same people involved now as there was back then(Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld)! Granted, it wasn't company-wide, like DC is doing now(Marvel had the common sense not to fuck with the Spidey or X-books), but it pissed off a lot of people and gave some pretty awful storylines. I kind of wish I'd been following Marvel back then to see if the two reboots are all that comparable... But if it does fail, I could see DC doing another event to fix SOME of the things that really piss people off... Even though I read somewhere that Flashpoint is going to be DC's last event. Supposedly.

  15. Yeah, their last one unless they fuck up. Just like Final Crisis was the "Final big event" before Blackest Night, Brightest Day, Flashpoint, Batmania Runnin Wild, Super Duper Man'o Steelrama and everything else right? :P

  16. EXACTLY! Somebody even made that EXACT point! They were like, "Yeah, just like Final Crisis was supposed to be the last DC event, as evidenced by the word 'FINAL' in it!" I don't get why DC would even say something stupid like that, since like it or not, events sell. Fear Itself and Flashpoint are among the top of the charts month in and month out, why would you say something asinine like that since there's NO way DC would stick to that? If it sells, why wouldn't you do another event next summer? Do they hate money or something? Seriously, if Marvel has ANOTHER epic event next summer DC'd be crazy not to counter with an event of their own...

  17. They will, it's called talking outta your ass X, and DC is doing that. Haha, anyway, Tony Daniel claims he has a story for Detective Comcis which is ready for like the next two years and should lead to "I don't wanna call it a event" in 2012. Yeah... THAT Tony Daniel.

    Oh, did you hear the JSA news? If so how do you feel about that?

  18. HA! Exactly. My thought is, why even say anything like that? Anybody who's been reading comic books for more than like 6 months KNOWS you're gonna do another event, so why even say something that blatantly false?

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're not telling me that Tony Fucking Daniel is going to be the mastermind behind DC's next Don't-Call-It-An-Event, are you?! Because I'll stop reading DC books right now if that's the case! :P “Catgirl's Revenge!!! A six-part EPIC brought to you by fan favorite comic book writer Tony Daniel and comic book LEGEND, Rob Liefeld! Thrill as Catgirl leads an army of zombies across Gotham City! Become amazed as Wally West is killed, brought back to life, killed twice more and then raped by a polar bear! Watch in awe as EVERY SINGLE male character looks EXACTLY the same!! What will become of Batman and how will Barry Allen save the day?!? Coming to a comic shop near you Summer 2010!”

    I haven't actually. If you feel like sharing, shoot. Although I get the feeling my response to the news will be somewhere along the lines of "Meh" and "whatever" :P

  19. Yeah... I guess they... I really don't know why they would say that.

    Damn, that comic is so bad it went back in time to come out in 2010?! Lol, the polar bear line was so random that it cracked me up.

    There's more info here (Steph is mentioned as popping up in the DCU) but the JSA stuff was:

    “Should we tease?” asked O.M.A.C. co-writer and DC co-publisher DiDio. The rest agreed, and James Robinson confirmed that he is working on a new Justice Society project with artist Nicola Scott, and that the parallel world Earth-2 will make a return. The crowd erupted into thunderous applause.

    "We don't want them to just be cameos and then forgotten," DiDio said. "We've waited on JSA because we really wanted to get the details right. We were hammering out the characters as late as yesterday."

  20. HA!!! I love that you were gonna try to find a reason and were like, "Meh, screw it."

    HA!!! The fact that it's coming out IN THE PAST makes it EVEN better! Hell, DC is obsessed with the past anyway, why wouldn't they solicit something that happened last year and call it new! Poor, poor Wally... The sad thing is I could see that happening to him... It's like DC is now going out of their way to piss off the Wally West fans out there...

    Hmm... That could either be great or terrible depending on how they handle it... Kind of like the reboot as a whole. The real question is do we get the good James Robinson from the late 90's, or the Cry for Justice James Robinson? On the plus side, it's good to see DC giving Nicola Scott some work, you know I love her art. I wonder if that has anything to do with the shitstorm Didio stirred up at the San Diego Comic-Con about DC's lack of female creative team members?

  21. Lol, yeah, I tried but I honestly couldn't think of a reason.

    This isn't the first time Wally's disappeared, hopefully they'll realize Wally has a huge fanbase and bring him back. Hell, we helped get Jason a comic, maybe we can bring Wally back.

    I'm just happy Nicola is doing it, I don't really care for the JSA much, and I find it weird Mr. Terrific will be in the main DCU while their on Earth Two or whatever...

  22. The important thing is that you gave it a try. I respect you for that. :P

    True, he was gone for the entire year Bart was the Flash, right? It's just with Barry's return, coupled with the reboot as well as Geoff Johns awful determination to push Barry until a) Hell freezes over or b) Barry does actually somehow get over(which I doubt), makes it seem really unlikely that Wally ever appears again... Or that he does appear as a villain or something similar that discredits all of his years as the Flash. I'm all for using our TERRIBLE powers to return Wally! Just tell me how to do it and it's done!

    The Mr. Terrific thing IS weird... I didn't even think about that. Same thing with Hawkman, who was a JSA mainstay for years... Huh.

  23. Haha, that's all that matters right?

    Hm... we can bitch about it, we can start some petitions, or we can go find Geoff Johns and Didio and whoop some ass A.P.A. style. I'll leave it up to you.

    Same with Power Girl too right? And Huntress? Meh... who knows.

  24. It is to me, chum!

    I personally like the third choice. That one seems the most satisfying... However, I get the feeling we'll probably wind up going with the first one. I actually went to a petition site and somebody HAD a "Bring back Wally as the Flash" petition started already! That made me laugh because there was hardly any comic related petitions, and yet that one was there!

    The Golden Age JSA had the old-timers(Old Flash/GL, etc), Hawkman/Hawkwoman, and I think WW/WW's mother depending on how DC is telling the story nowadays. Huntress was there before or after the first Crisis event, I can't remember which, and I have NO idea when PG was introduced to the team, although we know she was there... But that's because PG's history is so goddamn confusing as it is!

  25. Then all is well!

    But did you sign it is the question? Also, wouldn't hurt to throw up a link to it on the old blogski, si?

    Good point, I remember that Huntress was supposed to be Bruce and Selina's daughter before they switched it up and made her Bertinelli instead of Helena Wayne.

  26. I actually didn't sign it. I didn't really like the set-up of the site. Maybe I'll find it again and see how the petition is doing before I decide to sign it/post it.

    I think the Earth 2 Huntress WAS Bruce's daughter, but the regular DCU Huntress was always the Bertinelli version. I could be off though, because like I said, DC is always playing fast and loose with the facts. The reboot is just the most widespread example of DC altering their past. They really need to stop doing this shit. Yeah, Marvel will do the occasional reboot(Spidey comes to mind right away), but to redo your WHOLE company? And to do a variation of a reboot for the 4th time(the original Crisis, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis) in 25 years? That's overkill, and a good way to confuse/lose fans.

  27. For shame X, for shame! :P

    I agree, and that's a lot of damn reboots for 25 years. And the fact it came so soon after Blackest Night and a year long Brightest Day made those stories seem pointless. And that's another way to piss off fans...

  28. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll take another look at it later on tonight, just because you shamed me! :P

    Isn't it! And to a degree, there were smaller mini-reboots as well, like with Green Lantern Rebirth and even Blackest Night, since those comics majorly altered a smaller portion of the DCU. In a way, I think that's DC's biggest problem. The constant rebooting that began with the first Crisis. Comic book fans, for the most part, aren't retarded. They can follow stories and characters, even characters who have been around longer than their parents! Batman's been around for 70 years! He was only slightly rebooted after the first Crisis, and then was mainly left alone. Marvel has been around in it's current state since FF #1 back in 1961, so 50 years. Do you know how many company wide reboots they've done? None. They do the smaller reboots now and then(Heroes Reborn, Spidey), but for the most part they don't fuck with the ENTIRE company. And they've been the number one comic company for a long time now. Maybe DC should look at Marvel's example and follow it...

  29. The power of shame!!! :p

    Excellent point. Hell, if you're interested there's nothing comic-wise that can't be explained via Wikipedia, Google and the like, yet in an age where they want to make it so you can download comics digitally, they still think fans are too dumb or lazy to google something.

  30. HA! The power of shame... It gets me every time!

    EXACTLY!! That sums it up perfectly! Like you said, if you're confused about a certain character or something, there's Wikipedia, or go to Google and check out the zillions of fan sites out there to help you out! It's just a terrible arguement to be like, "Well, after __ years things are too confusing so we need to reboot them." If somebody really wants to read something, they will.

  31. Haha, I'll add it to my repertoire.

    Exactly. Shit we've been reading DC for a combined what... 8 years between us? And I'd say we probably know about 75% of DCU history right? Just from reading comics and using the internet.

  32. Blast it, I never should have told you about the terrible power of shame!

    Right?! Hell, I'd say between the two of us we know MORE than 75%! Add my sister and Lisha and that number has got to be around 85-90%! That's the thing, it's NOT THAT HARD to get into comic books! Especially nowadays! I mean look at the people who started reading comics before the Internet blew up(um, like me!)... I became a huge fan and dare I say quite knowledgeable by just picking up comics and reading them! New issues, back issues, trades, if you really want to learn about characters, there are ways to do it! That's why I hate the excuse that books are too complicated to get into/the character's histories are too far along. Yeah, it can be hard(especially if Grant Morrison is involved!) but it IS doable!

  33. Bwahahaha now I'll shame you to doing my misdeeds.

    Couldn't agree more, you pick a point and jump in. First comic I read was Joker by Azzarello and thats not even in continuity, then I read Long Halloween, first non-Bats comic was Identity Crisis. From there I read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on, the good, the bad, whatever, because I enjoyed reading stuff I hadn't read, and THAT'S the biggest selling point. There's ALWAYS stuff to read, but when you say, oh nevermind that stuff doesn't matter anymore, it just discourages everyone from going back and looking for those hidden gems.

  34. You are the most dastardly dastardly villain I have ever come across, JT!

    "Couldn't agree more, you pick a point and jump in." Boom. Couldn't have said it better myself. The first DC book I read was Young Justice #7, which I found in one of my boxes of comics in my closet. I probably got it in a grab bag back in the day but never read it back then because I was a pure Marvel guy. I enjoyed it enough to want to learn more about the main characters which led to me snagging the rest of the YJ series, which led to the SB and Robin series', which led to Supes and Batman, which led to the JLA, which led to WW, you get the picture.

    "From there I read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on, the good, the bad, whatever, because I enjoyed reading stuff I hadn't read, and THAT'S the biggest selling point" JT, you are on a ROLL tonight, my friend! I agree completely. You remember when I picked up all those early Jason Todd comics a few months back, right? Some of them were BRUTALLY bad, but it was something new to me so it wasn't a total loss. That's what you do. You find a character who you like/can relate to, and then read up on them. Or, if you're DC, you just reboot the company every couple of years so those STUPID, STUPID fans :P can have easy jumping on points.

    Speaking of STUPID, STUPID, I was checking out some links sent to me by somebody and saw that comicbookresourses had an early review of JL #1 up already, and I skimmed through it. JT, the writer didn't sound very happy about that comic... I'm not gonna lie, reading that it was pretty lackluster DID put an evil grin on my face! :P

  35. That's me, I'm like 2000 HHH, 2001 Austin and pretty much any heel Jericho all rolled into one.

    Man, all that from Young Justice, that's crazy. No wonder you love YJ so much, it was your gateway to the DCU.

    Why thank ya X, and kudos on the Orton reference. I agree 100% though, I mean once you connect with a character you're gonna wanna read all you can. There's a reason I still skim Batman Inc at the shop when I dont wanna read it. Because I'm connected to Batman so I'm ALWAYS gonna be curious with what that character does, past present and future. Same with Jason, Steph, Dick, Tim, Bart Allen for sure. Hell, you told me about Impulse, and that led to me reading his Flash run and he's STILL my favorite Flash. I'm in the minority I know, but I loved that run (no pun intended) and I connected with Bart moreso than any other speedster because of it.

    Hm... let's just say one of your favorite bloggers has also reviewed JLA, and to be quite blunt with you he gave it a 7. He just so happens to be one half of the Tagteam Blogger Champions of the wooooooorld! Yeah... we're the New Age Outlaws now.

  36. HA! That's you in a nutshell. You dastardly heel you!

    Yup, who'd have thunk that YOUNG JUSTICE was what turned me into the DC fan I am today... Or the DC fan I was a year and a half ago! :P Before that, it was ALLLLLL Marvel for me.

    God do I love that "stupid, stupid" line... That'll never get old... I loved Bart's Flash run(pun intended!), but I just can't call Bart my favorite Flash because a) I loved him as Impulse, a character he should STILL be, especially post-reboot, and b) knowing the way it ends just kills the enjoyment in it for me. But seriously, that run was damn good, while it lasted...

    Wait a minute, how the hell did you accomplish THAT!? And if what you say is true, I'd post that review as a stand-alone post on your blog, 'cause I guarantee you you'll get a sweet amount of hits off of it.

  37. You know it! Uber heel.

    Interesting, so say you didn't read YJ that day, and you had your Marvel fallout you had about two years ago, would you just have stopped reading comics?

    I think If I'd read more of him as Impy I'd probably feel that way but Bart's was the first Flash series I'd read. I've read a few Wally trades but Bart's was great and the way they built up his friend turned enemy as well as Inertia and the way Bart went out like a hero... I loved every bit of it.

    The internet is your friend X. Plus since I'm buying it tomorrow I didn't mind grabbing it to check out a few hours in advance. And my review is mega short, I doubt it'd be worth a full standalone post.

  38. Nah, I'd have continued reading Marvel books, but at a diminished capacity. I'd have dropped a few books(like I did at the time), but there were still books coming out(Captain America and X-Factor to name two) that I wouldn't be able to part with... But then again, who knows. Maybe after dropping a mess of Marvel books, and not having anything to replace them with, I'd have kept cutting back until there was nothing left to read....

    Yeah, it would probably be tough for you to get into Bart as Impulse since you connected so strongly to him as Flash. Adult Bart and Impulse Bart were like two different characters, but in a good way, since it was natural for Bart to act grown up in the Flash series. That's what always pissed me off about the way the Impulse-->Kid Flash transformation happened. One minute there's Impulse, with all of his eccentricities, and then literally all of a sudden, he's a totally different character! But yeah, as a huge fan of Bart, that Flash series was just SO bittersweet for me... On the one hand, it WAS really good. But on the other hand, it kind of gave us a glimpse of how awesome Bart as the Flash would be, only to tear it away from us.

    "The internet is your friend X." Gotcha, wink-wink, nudge-nudge. Say no more. Still, I'm telling ya dude, small post or not, you get that review up and posted by late morning/early afternoon tomorrow and you'll have hits galore! I'd go so far as to say that you'd be pulling down X-MAN numbers for your blog! :P If I were buying it tomorrow? It'd be the first thing I read and I'd have it posted by 1pm at the latest as a standalone issue complete with an extended thoughts section.

  39. Hm... that's weird how that works out. So when you started back is that how your sister got interested or did you start selling her on certain things and characters?

    I definitely get what you mean. I liked Bart as Kid Flash but the transformation was so weird. I liked him being knowledgeable but at the same time he could've joked, it was like he got shot in the knee and suddenly he was a curmudgeon compared to the old Bart.

    Well, I took your advice broseph, let's see if you're right!

  40. Actually? SHE was the one who got ME into DC! Like I said, I found that issue in a box in my closet, while she was visiting and I showed it to her. She took it and wound up giving it a read and either the next day, or somewhere around that time, she brought it back and said it was pretty good and that I should give it a read. Since I was fed up with Marvel, I figured why not, and that's what happened!

    First off, "curmudgeon" is ALL kinds of awesome. Just so ya know! :P Exactly. I mean you didn't read as many Impulse comics as I did, but I know you read a few. Just compare the BArt who took on Joker in Impulse #50 to the Bart who was on the Titans the past few years and tell me thet aren't two completely different characters. That's yet another case of Johns the Destroyer striking again though.

    I'm quite curious to learn the results, for a few reasons...

  41. Interesting. Who would've thunk it. So at that point I'd assume she was already in comics right?

    Haha I figured you'd like that. You're a mark for rarely used words, as am I. Goddamn it I loved that Joker story. It was SO good. That two issue story holds up with everything I've ever read. I mean the jokes were fucking ON. Everything about it was great. Excellent issues.

  42. Oh yeah. She got into them right after I got BACK into them. Growing up, I was WAY into comics, but my sister never read them(for whatever reason). She did watch the Saturday morning cartoons with me when we were kids and played the video games, but that was the extent of her comic knowledge.

    When I got back into Marvel, I lent her a Uncanny X-Men trade, a Morrison New X-Men hardcover, and an Avengers trade. Like I said repeatedly before, Morrison's New X work was just fantastic, she liked the more laid back style that Uncanny was at the time, and became a HUGE fan of Hawkeye from the Avengers trade. From there, she was hooked and reading most of the comics I pick up monthly, as well as a few that I haven't even gotten into reading yet. But yeah, she was the one who pretty much got me into DC. Well, that and Yost's New X-Men run, which left me wanting to read a comic about teenage heroes, which was filled by YJ and then Teen Titans. So there ya have it!

    Yeah man, I couldn't agree more... Hell, maybe I'll review those books for the blog later on this week when I run out of new comics just for the hell of it. Bart's interactions with Batman and Joker were just PERFECT. You're right, those were some excellent books.

  43. Well that's pretty cool, comics, cartoons, vidya games. She's gonna make some nerdy dude a great wife lol.

    You always talk up Morrison's X run, I wanna read it but I feel like knowing Morrison I'll need crib notes just to recognize Wolverine.

    That'd be pretty awesome. You should definitely do that, hell what else do you have to do? :P

  44. I'll say this about Morrison's X-run. I'd been out of comics for about 8 years when I picked the first hardcover up, and when I read it, I was hooked back on comics again. The thing about Morrison's run is that it's VERY polarizing.... Longtime X-fans who read everything through the 90's into the 2000's mainly seem to hate it because Morrison, in true Morrison fashion, simply did whatever the hell he wanted with the characters, which made it easy for newer(or in my case, lapsed) fans to get into. I'm pretty sure Alien has talked up that run too, and has said it was like the only X-run he's ever read... I think it was him who said that... But yeah, I'd definitely give it a shot if you've got some spare money and time.

    "hell what else do you have to do?" HA!!!!!! That legit made me lol... It's sad, funny AND true! :D

  45. Alright... my wallets calling you a S.O.B. by the way, but do you know the exact vols. or how many trades it is? So I can see how much I'll be spending?

    Lol really though. I don't think you're playing any games, hell if I was you I'd go to (cheap plug) spend ten bucks to download the first two vols. of 5 dollar wrestling, and enjoy brother! :P

  46. Okay, it looks like 7 trades, but the seventh was set in the future and was AWFUL, so I wouldn't really try to get a hold of that one! :P There were also 3 hardcovers I think... I have the first two hardcovers, two trades and then some singls to finish out the run. I'd try at least the first two or three trades and see what you think. There's some wacky Morrisonism in there, but the editors at Marvel seemed to rein him in better then the editors at DC do.

    I'm actually STILL playing Ultimate Alliance 2! I JUST beat the game on Legendary today(the hardest level) and have to beat it again on Legendary playing on Iron Man's side.

  47. Alright, then I'll have my shop pull the first trade for me and I'll grab it on Wednesday. So New X-Men Vol. 1 by Grant Morrison, si?

    I love how you had to say Legendary was the hardest level like I'm your grandma or something. I'm aware X, I had the game the day it came out. :P Lol

  48. Yes. Make sure you add that it's the Morrison series, because after Morrison left, Marvel started up another New X-Men book(the full title was New X-Men: Academy X), which was good(until Yost fucked it all up), but isn't what you're looking for. Specify that it is the Morrison series, although I'm sure they'd know that.

    HA!! What an ass... I only added that in case you forgot or something! :P

  49. Gotcha, gonna go over to their facebook and ask them to hold it for me.

    SUUUUURE you did X, :P Haha, you jabroni. Oh, so you finished up with ME2?

  50. Cool. Here's hoping you enjoy it... I mean it IS Morrison, but I think it was the good Morrison, as opposed to the bat-shit insane Morrison. I shall be eagerly awaiting your thoughts on that trade whenever you get it.

    I actually didn't finish the evil playthrough of ME 2. But ME 2 seems like the type of game that you could leave for a while before going back to it and enjoying it as much as you did before. I figure after one more playthrough of MUA2, I'll fire ME 2 back up again.

  51. Awesome, I already posted on their fb so if they have it it'll be in my pullbox, if not they'll give it a order for me.

    Truth be told that's what I did. I beat it on my original playthrough, then did my perfect one, then waited like... 7 months and did my evil one, and I'll finish my fem shep before March when ME3 comes out.

  52. Damn man, you are on the ball! :P

    Cool. I mean it seems like the type of game you could put down for a while and then pick back up again down the road, which is exactly the plan!

  53. And you KNOW this X! Oh, this is random but long story short I was reading WWE Are we there yet and SHow was supposed to play a Pimp like Godfather on an ep of SD and kiss a ho, and his wife was backstage so Vince had her play the ho since Show didn't wanna kiss another chick. long story short, Show's wife has HUGE jugs. Lol, Lisha and I were just talking about it cause I came across the ep on my Smackdown 2000 run, hence my randomness. If you're interested hit up 7 mins on this vid.

    Yep, that's exactly how it is imo, and after you come back you forget some stuff that happened so that's interesting. Also... are you gonna try to mess up or lose some people to see how it affects game 3?