Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Comic Day! August 17th edition.

Hey again X-Maniacs, it's another Wednesday, so it's time for another New Comics Day. As usual, I picked up a bus load of new comics this week, and as much as I hate to say it, they aren't books I'm THAT keen on reading... But before I get into this week's mess, hows about we take a look back at last week and see how I faired with my predictions and comic reading. Last week we had two Picks of the Litter, and both of them came away with very good to great scores, with Fear Itself #5 getting a 9 out of 10 and New Mutants #29 coming away with a solid(if a bit disappointing) 8 out of 10. Last week's Runt of the Litter was Ghost Rider #2, which came away with a respectably mediocre 6 out of 10. Unfortunately, that score wasn't good enough for me to keep GR on my pull list as I dropped it earlier today. Last week's average comic score was a 6.76 out of 10, which is actually pretty depressing... Last week started off spectacularly for me, hell, I even gave out a perfect score, but I guess those REALLY bad comics I read to close out the week(I'm looking at YOU, New Avengers #15 and Batman and Robin #26!) seriously hurt the average score. That's too bad, because at the start of the week I honestly thought I'd have a new best comic reading week...

Okay, that takes care of the pointless babbling about last week, let's take a peek at this week's books and see what I managed to snag... Fables #108, Hellblazer #282, Batman #713, Justice League of America #60, Superboy #11, Superman/Batman #87, Titans #38, Zatanna #16, Avengers #16, Avengers Academy #18, Captain America #2, Captain America Corps #3, Daredevil #2, Fear Itself: The Home Front #5, Invincible Iron Man #507, Journey Into Mystery #626, Thunderbolts #162, Ultimate Fallout #6, Uncanny X-Men #542, Venom #6, X-Factor #224, X-Men: Schism #3... So 22 comics this week... Really? That's ridiculous... With the whole, “That's ridiculous!” thought in my mind, I actually DID leave a few books at the comic shop, as for ONCE, I showed some self-control. I was going to pick up Generation Hope #10, Fear Itself: Deadpool #3, and Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #3, but managed to force myself to put them back on the rack, as I'm sure I wasn't going to enjoy ANY of them, so why bother picking them up? I ALMOST didn't pick up Uncanny X-Men #542, but I decided to keep my copy... But I'm telling you, I was thisclose to passing up on that issue too. Not only that, but I finally dropped Generation Hope from my pull list after reading 9 mainly horrible issues of that series. So yeah, good ol' X is FINALLY starting to show some self-control! Once the Fear Itself event comes to an end, as well as the X-books being shaken up, and the DC relaunch, I'm hoping to be down to a more reasonable pull list come October. As for this week's Pick of the Litter, comically, there aren't any books here that I'm REALLY psyched to read. I guess I'll go with the always entertaining Avengers Academy #18 as this week's top pick. This week's Runt of the Litter offers me more choices, and after some thought I'm going to go with Uncanny X-Men #542, which has sucked the big one since Kieron Gillen took over. I can't say I understand why Marvel went with a relatively unknown writer to take on one of their main franchises, but here we are. And that's it for this week. A few comics I'm looking forward to, with the majority of the books middling at best. Hopefully some of those middling books will prove me very wrong and will be quite good. With me having so damn many comics to read, and not being all that enthused about them, there's a good chance I won't bother reviewing some of them. It all depends on how my week progresses and how bad these comics are... I'll leave you all with this week's random scan, and for me? It's time to say X out.

The Random Scan of the Week!What a flatterer that Daken is!!


  1. Ahh my favorite time of the week, Comic Day. And before I start, 22 Comics? Yeaaaaaah you're insane Mr. X, but I love it, lol. Plus, you graduated and you deserve to treat yourself. Lol, see how that excuse still works!!

    I'm sad to see you put back Generation Hope, lol. I grabbed it since it was going along with Schism. Speaking of which, real quick, know anything about Idie? Her character interests me, so I'm all about finding out about her, lol. BUT enough of my blabbing on to what I'm looking for from the suave X.

    Let's see: Fables #108 (Even though, I think by the time you get to this review, I may be caught up, lol.) Zatanna #16,Venom #6,annnnd X-Men: Schism #3.

    And I know I say this like every week, don't overwhelm yourself with the reviews!! I mean it, lol, can't have you going over load.

    And always, happy reading!!

    Oh before I go, JT and I went to see Captain America today, amazing movie. I so love Captain America now, Steve Rogers Capt, lol, Bucky is okay. So don't be too surprised if I come to you asking for some good Captain reads. :) You're my go to guy. :)

  2. HA! You're right, that excuse DOES still work, Lisha!! :D

    Let's see, if memory serves me right, she has the ability to control both heat and cold, when her powers first manifested she accidentally killed her parents, which led to a paramilitary group going to kill her until she was saved by Our Lord and Savior Hope. She's from Africa(I'm blanking on which country), and considers her mutant powers to be sinful and evil. There ya go, hope that quick rundown helps.

    Let's see, who knows when I'll get to that Fables review... Schism is already up, and Venom and Zatanna should be up around Saturday, depending on how quickly I read this week's books.

    I've actually read a few of this week's books already and a few of them have been worse than I expected... :/ So there's a good chance I might not even review them and will just do a quickie post with the score and some fast thoughts, because there's NO way I can get through 22 mainly sucky comics in 6 days without going crazy! :P

    That's great to hear! JT already has a few great Cap stories in trades he picked up, so you should hit him up for those. Most of Ed Brubaker's Cap run has been fantastic. That's the #1 place I'd recommend starting.

  3. Lol, ahh I can't believe I still use it after so long.

    That rundown was good enough for me. :) And that must've been real hard on her killing her own parents. Can't wait to see ya Venom review, I plan on reading that tonight, we'll see how that goes. Especially since I seem to get sidetracked a lot. And if you didn't enjoy them enough to share the greatness with us followers, I wouldn't rack your brain to review them in detail. That only just adds to the frustration of how bad of a read it was.

    And I'll definitely raid JT's bookcase for some Captain America, lol. Not like he would stop me anyways. >:-)

  4. HA! And using that excuse still makes me feel better! :D

    Yeah, the main thing with Idie is that she was really quiet and withdrawn from the rest of the Gen Hope team. She was the one who felt like being a mutant was a curse, while some of her teammates thought it was a blessing/a good thing.

    That's exactly the way I'm leaning, and now with you saying it, that's good enough for me! I'll do a few reviews for the major books from this week, as well as any requests, and then I'll just lump the rest in some sort of Quick Thoughts post. That way I don't have to drive myself crazy dealing with those really bad comics!

    HA!!! Everything about that was awesome, especially that evil smiley! >;-)