Monday, August 29, 2011

Deadpool #42

It's the latest issue of Deadpool!! After 14 reviews over the course of the last 5 days, I've run out of opening lines... Um, enjoy?

Deadpool #42:

Summary: While Deadpool is peacefully dreaming that he's married to Death, Foolkiller is preparing to do what his name entails... Kill him some fools! Having instigated a riot to get at Deadpool, Foolkiller attacks Pool and bludgeons him, but gets no reaction from Pool. Angry that Pool wasn't reacting, Foolkiller goes to take off Pool's mask, which snaps Pool back to consciousness. Now coherent, Pool beats up most of his fellow inmates, before getting pinned down by and strangled by Foolkiller. It's at this point that Foolkiller reveals that he was in love with Dr. Whitby, and saw Pool as a rival for Whitby's affections. After Pool arrived, Whitby signed off on Foolkiller's parole, furthering his belief that Whitby loved Pool and was spurning him. Seeing a way out of prison, Pool convinces Foolkiller to switch places with him, which leads to Foolkiller(wearing Pool's mask) being locked up in solitary for causing the prison riot, while Pool(in Foolkiller's bandages) being released from the prison. Whitby goes to talk to “Pool” and learns that it was actually Foolkiller, at which point she runs outside and catches Deadpool making good his escape. Instead of turning Pool in or anything, Whitby declares her love for Pool, ending this one.

Thoughts: Um, okay... I guess... I liked the way Pool manipulated Foolkiller into switching places with him(it all made perfect sense in a wacky, Deadpool sort of way), but the reveal at the end, that Whitby loved Deadpool, really left me kind of flat. I mean seriously, what does that lead to? Pool and Whitby living together? Pool trying to leave Whitby? We just had a Deadpool “romance” story(back when Wade was married to his space-wife), so I don't get the Whitby angle here. I trust Dan Way implicitly, but this ending definitely didn't leave me eager to read the next issue...

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.Just for the record, I'd watch this sitcom.


  1. You know Death would have to sound like Bea Arthur for this show to work right? Lol

  2. All the better, JT. All the better.