Friday, August 5, 2011

Thunderbolts #161 & Heroes for Hire #10

Back to Marvel we go with two Fear Itself tie-in issues... Man does Marvel love their Fear Itself tie-ins!! I mean damn, we're at the halfway point, and there have been like 100 FI x-overs already! Overkill much?

Thunderbolts #161(Fear Itself tie-in):

Summary: After Serpent possessed Juggernaut's temper tantrum last issue, the T-Bolts are laying around in varying states of consciousness. Juggy, who apparently remembered that he had to get to the Uncanny X-Men series to exhibit a mess of new powers, flies up into the sky Thor-style and leaves this series. The T-Bolts dust themselves off and get up, just in time to see a massive missile careening towards Chicago. The T-Bolts figure the government was planning on nuking Chicago in order to stop Juggy and didn't realize that Juggy had flown away. Back at the T-Bolt's base, the Fixer realizes what the missile really was and secretly contacts Baron Zemo(FINALLY!!!). Zemo complains that the missile was based on his work(or something along those lines) and states that Sin had stolen his missile tech to use for her own ends. Fixer tells the T-Bolts to stop the missile at all costs, which leaves it up to Moonstone since Songbird was tapped-out power-wise, Mach-V's armor had been destroyed, Ghost didn't have the capabilities, and Satana was trying to coerce Man-Thing to rejoin the T-Bolts. Moonstone flies up to the missile, and manages to alter it's course, sending it skyward. Unfortunately, the warhead has disengaged from the missile itself and continues it's trek to Chicago with nobody left to stop it. Before hitting Chicago, the missile makes an adjustment and falls into Lake Michigan. Fixer realizes that was a bad sign, and decides to head out to the lake with the Beta-Bolts. As for the T-Bolts, Satana manages to convince Man-Thing to rejoin the team(so much for that Fearsome Four mini-series...), and Man-Thing teleports the T-Bolts to the shore of Lake Michigan, where a mess of mutated fish creatures emerge from the sea to attack the T-Bolts, and anything else in their path.

Thoughts: Meh. With Juggy gone, I don't really get why this series is still bothering with the Fear Itself x-over stuff. I mean I was only interested in the T-Bolt's Fear Itself books because I wanted to see how the team would react to the sight of their powered up, Serpent possessed teammate. Unfortunately though, Juggy had to go to San Fransisco to deal with those pesky mutants, leaving the T-Bolts to battle mutated fish monsters... Seriously, what more needs to be said? Just to end this review on a positive note, I will say it's nice to FINALLY see Baron Zemo pop up somewhere, especially since he was screwed over by Sin in that Book of the Skull one-shot leading up to Fear Itself. So much for Zemo having a role in Sin's downfall in the main Fear Itself title as I was hoping though...

Score: 5 out of 10.Up, up, and away!!!

Heroes for Hire #10(Fear Itself tie-in):

Summary: The Shroud and Elektra are trying to quell a Purple Man created riot at the Raft, while Paladin and the Gargoyle are being battered around Yancy Street(or the remains of Yancy Street) by some creature that was created when a chemical lab exploded on some guy. Misty Knight decides to head out to Yancy Street to help any survivors of the Serpent possessed Thing's attack, completely unaware of the status of Paladin and Gargoyle. As for Shroud and Elektra, Shroud uses his powers to send the room they were battling the crazed convicts into darkness, giving Shroud and Elektra a huge advantage. Not liking that turn of events, the Purple Man reaches a hand into the darkness and is able to gain control over Shroud and Elektra with his pheromone powers. With that, he orders Elektra to murder the Shroud, ending this issue.

Thoughts: Once again, meh. We didn't get a member of the Worthy in this issue, or even a single Nazi mech. Instead all this issue really dealt with was the fallout from the attacks on Yancy Street and the Raft. I don't get why this Monster guy is running around the remains of Yancy Street, since it doesn't add anything to the Fear Itself story, while the Elektra/Shroud portions were okay, even though I couldn't help wondering why the Purple Man didn't simply take control of the two heroes right from the start... Supposedly he wanted to torture them before killing them, but come on, at least escape prison before you decide to start torturing heroes! Like T-Bolts #161, this issue was a Fear Itself tie-in in the loosest sense imaginable.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.Yes, several pages in this issue had Elektra and the Shroud battling criminals in the dark. Fun, fun, fun...


  1. i think i'll pass on this H4H Fear its Self issue since i wasn't crazy about #9 and this doesn't sound any better. i'll look into picking up this series again once the whole Fear thing is done and H4H goes back to what was making it such a fun read since issue #5. thanks for the review Nate.

  2. Now see when I saw Elektra on the cover, I was hoping that this issue would be awesome. But fighting "monsters" in the dark just does not sound too cool. :( And I really wanted to get the Heroes for Hire trade. :\

  3. I don't blame you, Dave. If I wasn't a complete completest, I'd probably do the same, but since I've already picked up the first two FI x-over issues I'll stick it out.

    I'd still get the H4H trade, Lisha. It has a pretty good Birds of Prey kind of feel, with Misty Knight playing the role of Oracle. With DC messing up the BoP series come the reboot, this series might be the ideal series to replace Birds with.

  4. well i appreciate your sacrifice Nate which means i can save my money and just read your reviews instead. by the way the Dire Wraiths are supposed to make an appearance in FF # 10 & 11 for some big show down. hopefully we'll be treated to some more "tongue action". just got done watching the 2nd episode of the new Thundercats cartoon tonight at upon someone's recommendations. it sucked as i suspected it would. now Young Justice on the other hand, there's a cartoon that captures the spirit of comic book stories of today. it's the best cartoon since the JLA Unlimited.

  5. Huh, I just dropped FF an issue ago because the story just wasn't doing it for me. When I'm at the shop I'll have to flip through those issues to see if Hickman can pick up again, because the past few issues of that series have sucked the big one...

    No shock with Thundercats, most of those modern remakes tend to suck. Man, I haven't seen that cartoon in YEARS... I used to watch it all the time as a kid. As for Young Justice, I just couldn't convince myself to watch it because of how DC messed with the characters(Robin=Dick Grayson & Kid Flash=Wally West is ALL wrong!). On the other hand, I've been LOVING the Avengers cartoon. The depictions of the characters have been pretty dead on, and the Ultron episodes were awesome.

  6. Oooo X, you know how to persuade a woman. And since I do miss reading Birds, knowing me I'll end up buying Heroes for hire, lol. I'll do some looking around see when it'll be released.

  7. Yeah, if you can, I'd flip through the trade at the comic shop if they have it in stock. The story before the Fear Itself stuff was pretty solid, and like I said, Misty Knight is kind of like an Oracle, but without the wheelchair.