Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kick-Ass 2 #3

And now it's time for a little Kick-Ass! It's been a WHILE since the second issue of this series came out(April to be exact), so before I read this issue, I'm gonna take a look back at my review for Kick-Ass 2 #2, which can helpfully be found here! ......... All right, I'm all caught up, let's see what Mark Millar and John Romita Jr have up their sleeves for this issue.

Kick-Ass 2 #3:

Summary: We pick up from last issue(see, reading the review for issue #2 DID come in handy!), with Kick-Ass and his band of “superheroes” rescuing some girls from the house of a mobster. After beating the hell out of the mobster, his goons and his brother, the heroes give the girls a duffel bag full of mob money, and leave feeling fulfilled. From there, Kick-Ass and his Justice Forever teammates spend countless nights walking the streets on patrol, looking to halt any crimes they may come across. Needless to say though, when a band of costumed weirdos come walking through the neighborhood, the criminals choose other areas to do their business. So all is good in the land of Kick-Ass... Well, except for the fact that try as he might, Kick-Ass is unable to convince Hit-Girl to join his team. You see, Hit-Girl made a promise to her adopted father that she wouldn't do the whole, “costumed hero” thing anymore, and intends on sticking to that promise. Shot down by Hit-Girl yet again, Kick-Ass returns from school one day and discovers his father standing in his room holding the Kick-Ass costume... Kick-Ass is infuriated by this invasion of privacy, but his father figured his son was on drugs, and came across the costume while searching the room. In the end, Kick-Ass snatches the costume from his father and storms out of the house. From there, we head to the meeting place for Kick-Ass's team, Justice Forever. Colonel Stripe is setting up the meeting table when the Red Mist and his group of lackeys enter the room. Red Mist's goons have already killed Stripe's sidekick(his dog), and proceed to shoot him in the stomach at point-blank range. From there, Red Mist gets his inner super-villain on, taunting Stripe while he was kneeling on the floor bleeding out. Mist has his goons destroy Justice Forever's base, before decapitating both Stripe and his dog and putting the dog's head on Stripe's body. From there, Red Mist tags the wall with his new codename(The Mother Fucker), before leaving. This issue ends with the police discovering the grizzly scene, while Hit-Girl angrily watched the news reports begin to roll in from her home.

Thoughts: What do you want? It's Kick-Ass! You either love it for it's excessive violence, graphic language and awesome story, or you don't. I fall on the “love it” side of that equation. This issue had everything you'd expect out of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. Great art, funny dialogue, a great story, um, great everything. This issue heralded the return of the Red Mist... Excuse me, I mean the Mother Fucker, who should have a huge hand in the final few issues of this series. Other then that, Kick-Ass's dad learned that his son was masquerading as a super-hero(which lead to the laugh out loud moment that had his father stating, “Oh my god... You've lost your mind.”), Col. Stripe, who I could have SWORN was going to be revealed as a bad guy, was brutally murdered, and the slow burn to Hit-Girl's return to action continued. No complaints from me, only compliments. Here's hoping the next issue of this series comes out before the end of the year!

Score: 9 1/2 out of 10.Yes, that is indeed some fucked up shit!


  1. Honestly I am on the hate it side, But then again Mark Millar is a writer I DESPISE with every blood cell I have. The Gambit Fan I am flips off every POS Hack Millar has ever written

    1. Bigotry
    2. Racism
    3. The dark sides of nationalism
    4. Cruel and unusual is the norm and to be accepted
    5. Gore, gore, gore
    6. Captain America, who represented the 'ultimate' paragon of the American dream/way is now an A-hole
    and, finally, the worst is:
    7. Americans and their heros are portrayed as being no better than the Aliens (i.e. terrorists) they fight. Traditionally, rogue soldiers and commanders might be portrayed as homicidal maniacs - now ALL Americans are portaryed as lazy, cruel, sadistic, wife-beating, dishonest ... jerks.Jeesh I'm not even american & I feel insulted by this BS

    -KICKASS;A 10 year old (Hit Girl) could never kill without any feeling of remorse. Unless of course she was mentally ill, but that isn't the case here. Watching a guy get crushed alive, then her calling him a "douche". Just made me hate this character even more.
    Then there's Big Daddy.. Big Daddy is an idiot, and an extremely bad parent. In Vol. 6 Hit Girl reveals that her mother was murdered by mobsters, and they were fighting to avenge her. But was a LIE made up by Big Daddy.. towards the end of Vol. 7 we find out that Big Daddy blatantly LIED about all of that. His wife, Hit Girl's mother was never killed, and was in fact still alive. He LIED. Being a vigilante and risking his daughter's life, as well as giving her cocaine, was merely for "fun". To him It's fun to delude his daughter and use her to commit murder. The moment he revealed that the entire credibility of this novel was gone.

    - CIVIL WAR: we raped the Avengers with Disassembled! We raped x-men with Morrison+Decimation! Now how to give a good burning coloscopy to the rest of your heroes, from Tony to Peter!

    -WANTED: Can poison be better if you drink more of it?

    -SPIDERMAN: You know X, THat I am a huge Venom fan? When I say "VENOM" I mean Eddie Brock and the Venom Symbiote, not somebody else and the symbiote. Eddie/Venom just have one of the coolest combined minds ever, and they're so much fun to watch in action the way they act together. The REAL Venom's gone, and I didn't enjoy watching him leave & for that fuck millar & the BFQ

    here is why Hack Millar definitely owns a platinum member card in my shit list & why I'll never bother with anything he writes.
    Liefeld may be bad (well he is harmlessly mediocre) But Trust me when I say Millar is far worse.
    Next time we shall bash Bendis, If you don't mind of course....

  2. Well... I'll have to respectfully disagree with almost everything you've said here, Saidi. I think Millar is a great writer, and saying that he's WORSE than Liefeld??? Impossible. Liefeld is probably the most untalented "artist"(and I use that term as loosely as humanly possible), and an even worse writer/plotter(did you read that Shatterstar mini-series?!). Plus he seems to be an all around delusional asshole, as evident by his words on Stan Lee. So yeah, I'm going to disregard the Liefeld comment.

    I will agree with you on Wanted, I was never able to get into that trade, it just seemed excessive for the sake of being excessive, and the story wasn't anything special. Civil War was just a horrible idea no matter WHO wrote it, and I mainly blame that storyline on Quesada, who obviously wanted to show his displeasure with American politics during that time period. I love Millar's Ultimates, especially in comparison to what Bendis was doing with New Avengers at the time. With the exception of the over-the-top way Wanda and Pietro were portrayed, I can't really point back and say, "I hated this..." or "This offended me." It always had a very epic feel to it.

    Spider-Man? Eh. I didn't really like or hate making Gargan the new Venom. It's moot now anyway with Flash having the symbiote(as well as a really good series), and Eddie still doing his thing as Anti-Venom(a pretty good character). If anything taking the symbiote off of Eddie actually created two good new characters, so while the story with Gargan didn't blow me away, the outcome(a few years later) was pretty good. And Kick-Ass? I enjoy it for what it is. An over-the-top, bloody, profane romp. The story is solid, and the action is funny. I can't complain about any of that. But yeah, as much as you seem to hate Millar, I like his work, so we're going to be in opposite camps on this one.

  3. of topic.. dont forget to buy Hawk and Dove by the most talented artist on earth!!!

    joke.. how is possible that DC could do something like that, because you know, made Hawk and Dove and ongoing series isn´t enough for a Bad comic

  4. Sorry if I seemed harsh, It' s just that some subjects really produce so much bile that I have to let it out.
    About Anti-Venom, here's the problem coloring & cure powers aside he's exactly like the real Venom, tearing muggers to bloody pieces & helping old ladies & kids to cross the street. It' not changing hosts that pissed me off, it' s that writers never give Brock's character developpment potential .Hell the Symbiote loves Eddie they're basically a couple! Eddie at that time deserved rightfully a place in thunderbolts. But instead, Millar shits on Eddie , makes the symbiote TALK & make EEEEvil speeches & then kiss Norman Osborn's ass, UNFORGIVABLE!
    & trust me Civil War was a group hackjob & Millar was as much responsible for this shit as Bendis & BFQ.
    Don't think I'm defensive of Liefeld actually, I just give the devil his dues but other than that I don't give a damn about him. I'm more corrosive towards the ones I mentioned before since they actually managed to piss me off & you really have to try in order to get my spite & they succeeded.

  5. HA!! Yeah, I almost forgot to pick up that Hawk and Dove series, Damian... NOT!! Giving Rob Liefeld ANY comic in today's day and age, when there are probably like 15,000 more talented comic artists out there without a job is just puzzling... If you really want a laugh, when you google rob liefeld, the second suggestion google brings up(after his name) is "rob liefeld worst"... God is he awful...

    I can't dispute the fact that Millar was just as involved with the Civil War mess, Saidi. It wouldn't surprise me, but I can't help but feel that based on what I know about Quesada, that was ALL his idea, and Millar was the puppet he picked to parrot what he wanted. And I hear you on Eddie/Venom, but it could be worse... They could have killed Eddie off like I thought they were gonna do. Now he's basically Venom, but with some different powers and a different color scheme. But yeah, Liefeld... Woooo... Mention that name and watch me get fired up! There are few people I dislike in comic books as much as Liefeld. There's a guy who thinks he's WAY more important to the business than he actually was.