Friday, August 26, 2011

Daken: Dark Wolverine #13

The last storyline wasn't exactly what I'd call a stellar work for this title, let's see if a new storyline brings some better results...

Daken: Dark Wolverine #13:

Summary: We get started with Steve Rogers telling Moon Knight(who seems to be a Hollywood producer now) to look into the Daken sightings in Los Angeles. As for Daken, he's arraigned a meeting with FBI Agent Kiel to discuss the “Claws Killer”. Daken isn't sure if he's the Claws Killer(while under the influence of the Heat drugs), and wants to get to the bottom of the killings, thus an alliance with Kiel. Kiel decides to trust Daken(who only killed like 6 cops last issue...) and takes him to the most recent Claws Killer crime scene. After a quick look around, Daken doesn't recognize the area, but still can't be sure he isn't the Claws Killer. Next Daken decides to take Kiel to some Hollywood party, since it had been all low-level Hollywood pseudo-celebrities who were being offed by the Claws Killer. While the two are looking around, Daken gets a whiff of a Heat drug deal going down, and as much as he tries to fight the urge, heads into the bathroom to buy some Heat. Daken takes half the pill(which is progress in his mind), but winds up losing a few minutes(or hours) of time before emerging from the bathroom. When he finally does come down from the Heat, Daken realizes that the party had broken up, and that Kiel was gone. Daken runs around looking for her, while Kiel herself is hunting the Claws Killer in some darkened room. This issue ends with Daken running into Moon Knight, who believes Daken to be the Claws Killer.

Thoughts: And the good comic reading streak continues! This issue was much better than the last issue, as Daken is FINALLY trying to fight his inexplicable addiction to the Heat drugs. Daken finally realizes that the drug was doing him more harm than good(such as screwing up his healing factor), and tried to avoid taking it this issue... He does wind up taking a hit of the Heat, but a lesser hit than usual. If I had a gripe, it would be that Agent Kiel decided to work with Daken here... I mean he DID kill several LA police officers last issue... You'd think that would be a deal breaker for an FBI agent, but apparently not. Next issue we get Moon Knight vs Daken, which should be a fun. While a non-drugged-up Daken should take Moon Knight out with no trouble, a drug addled Daken vs Moon Knight should make for a much closer contest.

Score: 8 out of 10.Yes, it does appear to be on now.


  1. It's always a relief and happy feeling to have a new story line starting off well. And you can't go wrong with a Daken comic, he's pretty awesome.Plus this issue sounds pretty good, lol. Since me and JT will only be picking up JLA next week, maybe I'll nab this issue. Then again, lol maybe I need to read the trades I have since my comics have been cut down lol.

    But we all know better! lol.

  2. Wow, you guys are only getting ONE comic this week, and a sucky comic at that? ;P I'm sure I'll be getting like twenty books... As usual. :/

    Yeah, this issue started off well enough, but the whole, "Daken on drugs" storyline is getting old fast for me. It's just SO out of character...