Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Invincible #82

Next up is the ONLY non-Marvel comic I picked up this week, Invincible. So while I didn't pick up any DC books, I did pick up an Image comic... How weird is that?! Anyway, Invincible is usually a great read, let's see how things turned out this month.

Invincible #82:

Summary: We get started with a suddenly older Robot meeting up with The Man himself, Cecil Stedman... Um, what the HELL happened to Robot!? Sheesh! I get the feeling I missed and/or forgot something... Anyway, Cecil tells Robot about all the bad stuff the villains have been up to as of late, including destroying Las Vegas and Paris(two cities that were also ravaged by Marvel recently... What do comic book companies have against those two cities!?). Cecil tells Robot that the world's heroes were too spread out and that he wanted Robot to try to coordinate the heroes in the event of a major villain attack. Robot, who seems rather preoccupied, agrees to do whatever he could to help. From there we head to Invincible, who meets up with Universa in jail. Long story short, Invincible understands why Universa attacked the Earth(to save her own world), and offers a solution... He'd see if the government would give her some energy, which she could return to her own world with to help her people. Universa agrees, and Cecil allows Invincible to take Universa to various power-stations to power-up. Once she has an adequate amount of energy, she says her thank yous and good-byes to Invincible before heading off world. Invincible is pleased to have solved a problem with his brains instead of his brawn for a change, and Cecil asks to meet with him at the Pentagon in the White Room. Cecil asks if he could trust Invincible to help the world if there was major trouble, and Invincible says that when needed, he'd respond. With that out of the way, Cecil tells Invincible that he wanted to tell him that he was keeping things from Invincible that might upset him, at which point he shows Invincible the Invincible-reanimen the government created.

Thoughts: Not bad, but not exactly great either... The funny thing about this series is that even when it's not off-the-charts amazing, it's still very good. Now, nothing really happened here... Invincible spoke to Universa, Cecil spoke to Robot, Dinosaurus's human form turned himself over to Cecil, Eve had a lunch date with Dupli-Kate, and Invincible talked to Cecil... I like all of these characters enough that even a comic filled with them simply talking to each other was enjoyable, but since the Viltrumite War ended, this series has kind of been in cruise control... I'm not sure if Robert Kirkman is slow-burning another awesome storyline, if he's taken on too many projects and the quality of Invincible is suffering slightly for it, or if he's simply run out of stories to tell, which would be understandable, as writing 82 issues of a series is nothing to scoff at. Regardless, I do enjoy reading my (sometimes) monthly copy of Invincible, and will be interested in seeing if things begin to pick back up again with the next issue.

Score: 8 out of 10.Sweet! A conversation about salad!!

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