Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Comic Day! August 31st edition.

Good day all, it's Wednesday, which means it's time for a brand spanking new edition of New Comic Day! I am your gregarious host, the magnanimous X! When I start busting out the big words you KNOW I'm in a good mood! Before we get into the books I'm picking up this week, hows about we take a gander back to last week and see how things turned out... Last week I was most looking forward to reading Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt #4, and it did itself proud by coming away with a strong 8 1/2 out of 10 for a score. Sure, there were a few books that got better scores, but anytime my Pick of the Litter comes away with a score over an 8? I'm happy. On the other side of the coin, my Runt of the Litter, the comic I was least looking forward to reading last week was Batman: Gates of Gotham #5, which surprised me and came away with a nice, average 7 for a score. And after some fancy mathematics, it looks like last week's average comic score was 7.32 out of 10... That's only a few hundredths away from my best comic reading week ever, back on July 27th... Last week was interesting in that the Marvel comics I read were, for the most part, fantastic, while the DC books were lackluster to terrible. To prove that, I reviewed 10 Marvel books and they came away with an incredible average score of 8.45(!!) out of 10, while the 7 DC books were a dismal 5.71. That's kind of been the trend for me the past couple of weeks/months though... Marvel has been hitting the ball out of the park while DC hasn't even gotten off the bench.

That last remark leads me to this week's books, and why I'm rather happy about them... First, here's what I snagged earlier today at the comic shop. Invincible #82, Amazing Spider-Man #668, Fear Itself: The Deep #3, Iron Man 2.0 #8, Journey Into Mystery #626.1, Mighty Thor #5, Secret Avengers #16, Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #1 & Uncanny X-Force #14. That's right everybody, only NINE comics this week!!! After a summer that saw me blowing money left and right and picking up a good 20 comics every week, only buying 9 books is a bit of a relief... Now I can buy food! You'll also notice that 8 of those books are from Marvel, one is from Image, and NONE are from DC. Granted, DC is only putting out two comics this week(both written by Johns The Destroyer), but honestly? After how bad things have been on the DC side of the fence lately, I'm looking forward to a week in which I have no DC books to suffer through. Next week I'm picking up a decent number of rebooted DC titles, here's hoping DC gets their act together and this reboot isn't the debacle I'm half expecting it to be. Now, with such a small selection to choose from, this week's Pick of the Litter really isn't all that tough to choose. It's basically between two comics, Invincible and Ultimate Hawkeye. I'm going to go with Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #1 just because I'm an unrepentant Hawkeye mark, and whenever he has a series, be it the 616 version or the Ultimate version, I'm ALL over that. This week's Runt is a piece of cake to choose, it's Fear Itself: The Deep #3. I'm sure it's going to be bad, it's just a matter of HOW bad. And that's a wrap. At the rate I review things, I should be finished with all of my reviews by the weekend, which means I get to have some fun and flex my creative muscle before next Wednesday... That should be something... Anyway, here's this week's Random Scan as I bid you all a hearty X out!

The Random Scan of the Week!God do I hate Barry Allen...


  1. Well I must say, what will I ever do without a week of DC reviews from X!!!! The horror!! I think I may cry. :-(

    Okay since I know your high level of hatred for Johns, lol I understand. Hell, I haven't even read JLA yet and I was the main one excited for the issue lol.

    But I will be swinging by to read your Spidey review, as well as Invincible. Although I have some catching up to do, haven't attempted to crack open Vol. 14, lol.

    As always Happy Reading!!!

    Oh, what will you do with all the extra time you'll have since you only have 9 comics!! :-O let me know!!

  2. Definitely looking forward to Spidey and Invincible reviews, but also Hawkeye which I almost picked up today. So get that review up asap kid. Lol

  3. Blame that Johns the Destroyer for me not getting any DC books this week, Lisha! He is an evil, evil man...

    Man, have there been THAT many volumes of Invincible out already? Say what you will, but Image just keeps on pushing those trades out, unlike DC. As for what I'll be doing once I finish up those few reviews? I'm not quite sure yet... I have a few thoughts dancing around in my head, but nothing set in stone yet. Once I do figure it out though, you'll be the first to know, Lisha!

    Ask and ye shall receive, JT! No more than 5 minutes after you posted that comment, the review for Ultimate Hawkeye is up! Damn am I good! :D Out of curiosity, what made you, a) contemplate picking that comic up, and b) what stopped you?

  4. Haha and Invincible, nice work! And yeah, I was interested cause I'd seen the solicitations plus you're always talking Clint up, but I didn't wanna take a leap and find out he's a heel in the Ultimate Universe or whatever. `

  5. Yes, I'm on a roll tonight! :P Just so ya know, in the Ultimate Universe, Clint is somewhat darker as his wife and two sons were murdered by some villains(I'm blanking on who). Besides being a member of the Ultimates(Ultimate Marvel's version of the Avengers), he's also a member of SHIELD, which he's been a part of longer than the Ultimates.

    I still say you should give a few Ultimate Marvel titles a shot, especially Ultimate Spidey(especially since you've already written a post on the character) and Ultimate X-Men(since it's written by your boy, Nick Spencer). If nothing else, that might be a way to learn about alternate versions of Marvel characters, which may get you interested in their regular Marvel counterparts! I am WORKING for Marvel right here! :P

  6. Hm... how long has Spencer been doing Ultimate X Men? I may jump into that if it's not too confusing, and you've sold me on Hawkeye, although those will probably just be leisure reads and not reviews.

  7. JT, the first issue comes out 9/21, he hasn't written a single issue yet, so you'd be getting in at the ground floor! And if you want I'll shoot you an e-mail or do a post detailing everything I know about the Ultimate Universe's X-Men/mutants before the 21st. As for Hawkeye, I'm glad to hear that. Even if you're not gonna review it, stop by my post on it and if you have any questions, fire away. I'll do almost ANYTHING to get you into Ultimate Marvel, as well as Hawkeye! :P BTW, are you planning on getting Ult. Spidey?

  8. Awesome, consider me in for Spencer's Ultimate X-Men, and I'd definitely appreciate that email. As for Hawkeye, I'll take you up on that offer as well. And I wasn't gonna get Ultimate Spidey at first but since Caz asked me and now you're asking me, ah why not? I've been reading so much BENDIS lately between Pulse and Alias, why not?

  9. Sweet! Here's hoping you enjoy Ult. X then! I shall endevour to do that e-mail by the 21st... Of course I may need a reminder as we get closer! :P

    Yeah man, once you give that issue of Hawkeye a read, drop me whatever questions you feel you need to drop and I'll do my best to answer them for ya.

    Huh, I thought Caz was a PURE DC fan. I'm kind of surprised he'd be interested in Ult Spidey. HA! Yeah, with you being such a fanboy of BENDIS now, that series should be perfect for ya! :D

  10. Haha no promises I'll remember, hell... without that email I may forget to pick it up...

    Will do dude, hopefully I enjoy it because I could use an archer now that I've passed on Ollie Queen.

    Yep, he's grabbing it, I saw it over at his blog too. But you guys have talked me into it, I'll pick up Ult. Spidey and read about Miles Morales, Viva la Spidey.

  11. Hmm, then I'd better keep it in mind! Who'd have ever thought I'd be reminding YOU about what comics to pick up!

    Yeah, it's sad that DC shit all over the archers they had. I mean Ollie's a good character and all, but there's just not much left to do with him... Connor? Speedy? Roy? Hell, even Arrowette, they had tons of stories left to tell. Ollie's pretty much done it all... What's left to spice up his character?


  12. Exactly! What topsy-turvy Bizarro world is this?

    Oh, Connor doesn't exist now since they claim it would age Ollie more than they want... so... there you go. And apparently Plastic Man and Green Arrow are in the JLI. Or at least in a teaser image.

    VIVA EL SPIDEY!! VIVA EL MARVEL!!! (I can only agree.)

  13. Jeez... I'm telling you, DC is run by a bunch of fucking monkeys... Seriously. I swear to you right here, right now, I will NEVER read JL or JLI EVER after hearing that. And as for the next DC event(which we ALL know WILL happen because, as previously stated, Didio is full of shit), I'd have to think LONG and hard before I pick it up.

    No Wally, no Connor, I guess I should thank my lucky stars that they didn't do away with Kyle too... So basically DC has eradicated EVERYTHING that happened in the 1990's because Johns the Destroyer and Didio hated that time period... Make Mine Marvel, because DC sucks.

  14. Yeah... I don't see why Bruce can have four Robins and a ten year old kid yet Connor can't be around... especially since he was an interesting character, an archer with super-strength that they shouldve used more.

    Yep, no Wally, no, Connor, no Steph or Cass, be happy Tim is still around...

  15. See, the Bruce thing is what blows all of Didio's other asinine arguements out of the water... How can Bats have gone through FOUR Robins(with one presumably being his own 10 yr old son!!), and NOT be considered old, but Wally and Connor CAN'T exist because that would make Barry and Ollie seem too old... Why not knock Connor and Wally's ages back to mid-late teens then? No, because those two jackasses don't like either characterm so they get the old fuck off treatment. Man, I'm telling you, for two people I've never met, I can't stand Johns or Didio...

    JT, ain't that the truth! Like I said, I'm kind of shocked Kyle's still around... Although god only knows what they're going to do to his character to make sure that everybody knows who the IMPORTANT Green Lantern is...

  16. The fact that Bart is Barry's grandson and Bruce has a son should blow every argument out of the water. Hell, Superboy was apparently clones from Superman and Lex Luthor in the span of five years.

    Well, I'm more interested in how they bring back Hal and make Sinestro evil again or whatever they end up doing.

  17. question..

    Do you guys think that those Green arrows are the same?

  18. Great point about Barry/Bart. How does having a GRANDSON make Barry Allen seem younger!? See, there's just so many little holes everywhere I can't help but think this reboot was a spur of the moment money grab. And when comic companies do that, they usually end up falling on their faces.

    JT, with all due respect, I could give a shit about Hal, Sinestro, or any of Johns the Destroyer's favorite jerk-off characters. So far as I'm concerned, Hal should still be dead after saving the Earth from the Sun-Eater, not returned to life with an asinine space parasite...

    The hair seems the same, Damian, the only difference is the GA teaser image has GA with some facial hair, while the other image doesn't. If I had to bet, I'd think they were the same characters. They actually seem like they're drawing him to look more like Connor Hawke, I guess in an effort to piss me off even more! :P

  19. To make things even more confusing, they're saying at the DCU blog that Barry and Iris aren't married or have never dated.. so... yeah. Not that I care but that makes the Bart thing even more odd.

    Haha, yeah but I actually like Sinestro every since the Sinestro Corps storyline so that character still interests me, and I've pretty much lost interest in all the GL's now, I don't even care about Kyle now taht he's running around with the less important characters of each color corps.

  20. The problem DC has created for themselves is that Barry Allen is a boring character. It's as simple as that. I don't care what the fanboy marks say, he's boring as all hell. Unless they decide to turn him into Wally or Bart, he's always going to BE boring. It doesn't matter if he's married, not married, trans-gendered, whatever. We all know that he'll eventually court Iris in the most boring way imaginable, have a boring marriage, and then live boringly ever after. Bart being around is PROOF of that!

    Speaking of Bart, I'm curious to see how they introduce him... Remember, he came to the past because he needed WALLY's help with his speed powers, so it should be interesting to see how/why Bart is in the present and not the future.

    It doesn't matter to me. He's one of Johns the Destroyer's characters, therefore I won't read about him. So far as I'm concerned, Sinestro had his neck broken by Hal Jordan after Hal flipped out when Coast City was destroyed. Period, end of story. Fuck it, if DC can have company-wide selective memory, so can I! :P

  21. Lmao, that was sad because it's SO true. I can see a whole Barry comic about him picking out which tie he wears to go on his date with Iris...

    That is a good point.. he'll probably just be a clone of Barry. That'd really piss you off.

    "Fuck it, if DC can have company-wide selective memory, so can I! :P" Well played X-Man, well played.

  22. "They actually seem like they're drawing him to look more like Connor Hawke, I guess in an effort to piss me off even more! :P"

    Actually, i can imagine, Didio an Jhons, thinking the way to piss you off more, Like..

    Didio: hey what if we change Steph into a male character and Tim Drake into a Gay,

    Jhons:, hey that would piss off X-man for sure!! let´s do it ;)

  23. I see the Flah like a legacy,
    in the beggining Jay Garrick was the Flash, then Barry Allen came out , but his presence did´t discredits Jay, and barry could learn from him, when Barry died, Wally Become the Flash but again he continues a legacy and Barry is still a big reference to Wally

    But the problem comes with Bart, DC fails, and not because Bart didn't deserves being the Flash just they couldn't tell good history with him as The Flash, and instead of trying to tell good stories, calling a good writer, they decides going backwards, and Killed Bart, for the return of Wally, and then comes the return of Barry, and if DC continues in that way, they will kill Barry and put Jay as the only Flash ever again

  24. "I can see a whole Barry comic about him picking out which tie he wears to go on his date with Iris..." The scary thing, JT? Geoff Johns can also see that scene play out...

    Oh man... A younger clone of Barry... *shudders* Because one boring speedster isn't enough, DC decides to have TWO boring speedsters! But yeah, how they approach Bart will be very interesting... Maybe he won't even be from the future anymore or won't be Barry's grandson... Maybe he'll be like his cousin or something dumb like that.

    I can see the SAME conversations playing out Alien... I can see Johns and Didio just sitting at some large table coming up with ways to make me angry... And you know what? It's working!! :P

    I COULD NOT have said it better myself! The Flash character worked so well because it WAS a legacy! Barry took the mantle from Jay and tried to live up to Jay's heroic legacy. Wally took the mantle from Barry and tried to live up to the legacy of both Jay AND Barry. When Bart took over(he didn't even want to at first because of the pressure), he had to live up to the legacy of Jay, Barry AND Wally. It all worked so well and made each progressive Flash interesting. But now, just like you said, DC seems to be going backwards, erasing Flashes from existence... At this rate soon there won't BE any Flashes!

  25. Legacy.. Hey I´m happy that at least the JSA has a plece in the new DCU but putting them in another universe left a lot of characters without that feel of legacy, come to my mind, Green Lantern, or Flash, for some of them the legacy was a big thing in their life, For example what would be of Black Canary? without his mother as a member of the JSA, as a background i´m think that totally diferent, even she was trained for the some of the JSA members

    another example, in Batman Hush, by Loeb and Lee, Alan Scott has a second in that history but is really relevant for the litle Bruce and Tomy..

    So.. there is another thing to blame DC the Legacy

  26. Oooo... That is a FANTASTIC point, Alien! That's great! It DOESN'T make any sense to put the JSA in another dimension, because that means those characters never inspired the characters who came afterwards(Alan Scott-Gotham characters, Jay Garrick-Barry Allen, etc). The JSA characters were supposed to be the trailblazers, the first heroes. Now they're just a random bunch of characters from another dimension... Since that's the case, why should we, or the characters in the mainstream DCU, care about them? If anything, DC should have taken the JSA book and set it in the more distant past(like say 20-30 years ago) and showed that they were indeed around first. The JSA series SHOULD be a flashback comic... There's something else DC screwed up.