Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wonder Woman #613 & Wolverine: The Best There Is #8

Two more comics today as I inch closer and closer to the bottom of my new comic pile... In other words, we're starting to get into the comics I'm not all that keen on reading. But when you have really low expectations of something, it could always give you a pleasant surprise! Unless we're talking about Brightest Day, which just plain sucked...

Wonder Woman #613:

Summary: As of the last issue, teenage Wonder Woman has come face to face with the threat that's been plaguing her these past 13 comics, regular Wonder Woman... Or is it??? It turns out evil Wonder Woman is actually the real Wonder Woman, but possessed by Nemesis, the Goddess of Retribution. Nemesis managed to get her agents, the Morrigan to lure Wonder Woman to her lair, where she was able to possess Wonder Woman with the intention being to use WW's awesome powers, coupled with her own godly abilities to wipe the world clean of humanity, since humanity makes murder, and all of the souls of the unjustly killed cry out to Nemesis. However, while Nemesis was in the process of possessing Wonder Woman, the gods managed to sneak away a small piece of Wonder Woman's essence, which became Wonder Woman: The Teenage Amazon, the best weapon against Nemesis possessed WW. Unfortunately for teenage WW and the gods, Nemesis WW is basically Wonder Woman WITH the added power of a god, which is something teenage WW is unable to overcome. The two battle, and after some spirited scuffling, Nemesis WW manages to impale teenage WW with her sword... But wait! That's exactly what teenage WW wanted, as she wraps the strand of WW's life given to her by Clotho a few issues back around herself and Nemesis WW, combining herself with WW and expelling Nemesis from their body. Now whole again, with Nemesis turned to stone, WW gloats about how Nemesis's evil plot had failed... Or at least she does until Nemesis turns back into flesh and blood and attacks WW anew with an army of souls crying out for vengeance.

Thoughts: Man, this is so weird... I mean I absolutely hated the beginning of this storyline, and with good reason... It was Wonder Woman, listening to an Ipod, carrying on conversations with a talking cat for god sake!! It was horrible! And then something happened halfway through the story... J. Michael Straczynski moved on to other projects and left Phil Hester to finish out the storyline from his notes. And from that point forward, the story really picked up. I don't know if it was Hester who should be credited with the turnaround, or if JMS would have done the same if he had stayed on the series, but I'll be damned if I didn't start to really enjoy this storyline! That just goes to show you, even when you're reading a storyline and have zero hope for it, it MAY just do a complete 180 and surprise you! Unless we're talking about Brightest Day, which, as we all know, sucked throughout.

Score: 8 out of 10.See, THAT'S why you don't piss Wonder Woman off!

Wolverine: The Best There Is #8:

Summary: We kick things off with Wolverine trying to battle a giant Phalanx-like spider that popped out of some woman while Monark Starstalker and some guy named Paradox(who I have zero knowledge about) stand back and watch. Monark and Paradox say helpful things like, “You need to make the spider smaller...” but do little. Eventually the spider becomes as large as the apartment building the woman was in, consuming Wolvie... I guess... I honestly don't know what the hell happened here and am basically guessing at this point... Monark and Paradox attack the giant spider as Wolvie cuts his way out of the wreckage that was the building. Paradox shouts to Wolvie to make the spider smaller, which Wolvie does with repeated slicing. From there, Monark tosses a space grenade at the smaller spider and, um... captures it in some fancy space metal. Paradox, who was infected by the spider, manages to burn the infection out of his system(as well as his clothes), and Wolvie realizes he was dealing with spacemen, which pisses him off.

Thoughts: My god, this comic was nearly unreadable! I mean, it was one of those deals where instead of actually understanding the story you're kind of making things up as you turn each page. I have NO idea if that review I typed up is even close to what was actually happening, but I am about 43% confident that I managed to describe(most) of what I read... In other words, this was a big mess. On the bright side, the first storyline of this series started off similarly, with me not comprehending anything, but by the conclusion, I was really enjoying it. Here's hoping something similar happens with this storyline.

Score: 2 1/2 out of 10.And on this page, stuff happens...


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  2. dude ok on wolverine
    its really very simple as to what happended
    driver had beem infected with a biomechanical virus (presumably by contagion) and in this issue the virus got loose its circuitry eating up the aparments materials
    feedin the virus witch caused is to grow and is why the apartment colapsed
    and pardaox and monark where corecct in that they needed to make it smaller or else it would spread out to other bulidings and consume them an continue to grow

    no matter ur opinion on the story do you agree that the art in this series is amazing

  3. Okay, I guess it could have been Contagion behind that virus... I mean that does seem to make sense. There just wasn't any real set up for it. Last issue Wolvie was talking to Dazzler(I think) about clothes or something and this issue he was fighting a giant Phalanx-looking robot. And Starstalker and Paradox were just sort of hanging around shouting advice. I'm still hopeful everything will come together, but yeah, I can't say I really enjoyed this issue. Totally agreed on the art though. I mean the page I posted says it all art-wise. The art was a definite plus.

  4. hey man on uncanny x-force
    if u could pick one of the AOA Characters to come back thru in to the main universe who would it be

    jean or kirika would be my
    first 2 choices but i doult they would on ether of em dew to
    well bringing Kirika would be kinda pointless dew to wolve alredy having a daughter like figure in X-23
    and wolverine couldnt really be with the Aoa jean if she came back dew to him being with Mitlita right now.........
    i would like to see a new Aoa mini series taking place right after this saga ends showing where the Aoa chracters go next
    hopefuly by the same creative team
    what do u think

  5. That's a great question, Movieartman, especially given my almost fanatical love of the original AOA storyline. Hell, I should just do a full post on that question! I'd probably go with Jean or Nightcrawler personally. It would have to be a character who either doesn't exist or is dead in the mainstream Marvel U, so that rules out a few people(like Mags or Wolvie). Kirika was one of the first names that came to mind for me, but like you pointed out, she'd be redundant with X-23 around.

    I like the Jean idea because that would allow Marvel to finally bring Jean back, plus it would keep Jean separate from Cyclops, since Marvel seems happy letting Emma and Scott stay together. Jean would be kind of a lost soul trying to find her place. Wolvie would be off limits, what with him dating Melita, she never really had a real relationship with Scott in the AOA, hell, she basically only interacted with Wolvie in the AOA. Plus there'd be TONS of things to do with AOA Jean in the 616 Marvel U! Scott laying eyes on her for the first time, Wolvie's feelings for her, her meeting Hope, even Nate, since she's Nate's actual mother. I know I'd buy a "Jean Grey: Phoenix" series in the blink of an eye!

    Nightcrawler would be my other choice... I've always preferred AOA Crawler to 616's more calm, kind of boring Crawler. AOA Crawler would actually be a PERFECT fit on the X-Force squad, since he has no qualms with killing. So those would be my two picks. Jean's my sentimental pick, because I've always been a fan of hers, while I think Crawler would be the better choice, since he'd automatically have a slot on X-Force.

    And I'd definitely pick up an AOA mini spinning out of these issues of X-Force with the same creative team. I mean it can't possibly be as bad as the last AOA mini...

  6. cools cools
    hey do u recall what was happening in this scene

  7. HOLY CRAP!!! That scan of WW really just made my night. I've been having a pretty crappy day but this review totally turned that around. I'm glad to see this storyline is getting better. Especially since I have a few issues to catch up on, lol. This is exciting. You know how to make a woman excited X, ;-).

  8. Hmm, I don't remember that scene, Movieartman... I know that's not how Jean "dies" but I can't place that scene, which makes me think I should pull those AOA comics out and give 'em another read!

    Yeah, this issue of WW was a real treat, Lisha. I've actually enjoyed the past few issues which is kind of funny since it'll be getting rebooted in a few more weeks... :/

  9. about WW I think that Phill Hester should be credited, just look what happens in superman JMS is gone and and in my opinion the history still sucks

  10. Yeah, I've got to lean towards Hester as well... I mean the issues that we know JMS did, both Supes and WW, were horrible. Supes picked up a little, while WW got WAY better when JMS left. I'd read that the writers who took over Supes and WW when JMS abandoned ship were working from his notes, but I'd have to think they had a lot of leeway to do their own thing, thus the better stories.

  11. Wow. Teenage Wonder Woman good. Wolverine bad. Who'd have thunk it.

  12. HA! Exactly! Things were weird last week...