Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3? Yes please!

Hawkeye's in the new Marvel vs Capcom game coming out in the fall?! That's all I need to hear... And it looks AWESOME! Plus Hawkeye's lv 3 attack features Hank Pym!!


  1. Well here's the roaster courtesy of IGN. I'd probably play as Phoenix Wright, Frank West, Hiryu, Hawkeye and Iron FIst.

    Strider Hiryu
    Phoenix Wright
    Frank West

    Ghost Rider
    Dr Strange
    Iron Fist
    Rocket Raccoon

  2. Also... HOLY CRAP, it's our boy!!!!

  3. Ah JT, I can always count on you for info! Mucho thanks! Needless to say, I know ALL of the Marvel characters, naturally :P but am clueless on the Capcom guys... Care to fill me in?

    Oh, and Hawkeye, GR and Nova made this a release day purchase for me!

  4. Wait, INERTIA?!?!? Really!!!???

  5. well let's hope they bring us the subtle mastermind Inertia, not the one note "I kill babies & twirl mustache" Inertia, you have no idea how Imiss Zoom!
    Hunter, Grodd, Abra Kadabra (the Waid version that hated wally of course!), Inertia & Captain Cold are my fav Flash villains & boy do I miss them...I 'm also mad about how Piper & James Jess has their redemption thrown in the garbage!
    I hope this'll cheer you up


  6. Yep, looks like Superboy Prime is bringing Inertia with him for those Teen Titans issues! And I know Strider from past games, he's a samurai. Frank West is the big burly photographer from the first Dead Rising game, and Phoenix Wright is a lawyer with an awesome series of games on Nintendo DS that you'd probably love.

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  8. Eh, I'll take whatever version of Inertia I can get, Saidi... As for the rest of those characters, as far as I'm concerned, they're all dead anyway. We know that it's gonna be Barry after the reboot, so I have NO hope that we'll ever get a)those characters that you mentioned back to the levels of awesomeness they used to be at, and b)any good Flash stories again ever. Thank you Johns and Didio, you've successfully killed the Flash.

    Thanks for the info again, JT. I've got to admit, I'm a bit intrigued to see how a lawyer is gonna fight everybody else in that game... I mean, please tell me he has powers... He isn't just going to like, I don't know, threaten to sue people onto submisssion, is he?

  9. No problem, and I'd assume he throws a briefcase and uses like, these exclamation mark things he has in his game to attack people with. I have no idea how but I'm interested in finding out now.

  10. HA! I was joking! So he really doesn't have powers?! That's kind of awesome!

  11. "Ah JT, I can always count on you for info! Mucho thanks!"

    jaja Nice to see you, Practicando el español amigo...

  12. HA!! Well sadly that's about the extent of my spanish, mi amigo! I still have a LONG way to go before I could hold a conversation en español! :D