Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hey X-Maniacs, it's the original Comic Book Malefactor here to give the people what they want! You see, it looks like I'll be picking up a lot of comics tomorrow... No wait, let me rephrase that... It looks like I'll be picking up A LOT of comics tomorrow. Seriously, wait until I post the New Comic Day post tomorrow! It's insane! Anyway, the next week should be chock full of comic reviews, but alas, I have no new books to review today... I've been spending my free time reading Witchblade(which is REALLY good, and makes me want to buy more trades), the SHIELD mini-series from last year(it has Leonardo da Vinci in it, of course it's good!), as well as rereading the Young Avengers series for the first time since 2006, and yes, it's still as fantastic as I remember it being! But I really don't feel like doing a trade, mini-series or back issue type of review... So then, what kind of post should I do? Well, why not do a post on one of my favorite Marvel characters, the Dark Wolverine himself, Daken! So yes, this post will be full of Daken goodness! I mean, there's lots to like about Daken...

He has a way with women...

He has a way with men...

He has a way with words...

And he's funny to boot!



  1. I bloody love Steve Dillon's art. What Wolverine stuff has he drawn? Is it worth checking out?

  2. He did a lot of the early issues of Wolverine: Origins. I thought they were just okay, but X and JT both liked them a good deal so maybe they're worth revisiting.

  3. Agreed on Dillon's art. His art, coupled with Dan Way's storytelling, is a wonderful thing! I'm pretty sure Dillon did the art for Wolverine: Origins #1-25. So the first half of the series. And as Marc said, I loved that entire series, but then again, I'm obviously a fan of Daken(as evidenced by this post!), which may color my opinion a bit.

  4. Well as someone who didn't know much, if anything about Daken when I started reading the Wolverine Origins series (which had like four issues left when I started) I loved it. Everything in it was interesting and even the villains I'd never heard of were introduced in a way newbies could catch up or long-time Wolverine fans.

  5. ^^^^^^^ Is why it was such a great series!!

  6. man im sorry i HATE steve dillons art
    its so bloody simple and undetailed
    anyways glad your likeing witchblade :)
    hey heres some more non spoilerific stuff on the new ghost rider series

  7. Huh, I think one of the things I enjoy the most about Dillon's art is how distinctive it is. He's one of the FEW artists whose work I can look at and be like, "Oh, that's Steve Dillon's work!" So many artists nowadays don't really have their own style, it all looks so similar, so it's nice to see a guy with his own style.

    As for GR, I'm really not very optimistic... I HATE it when Marvel goes and changes the sex of a male character, because it NEVER works out! Just create a NEW female character! I was glad to see that my favorite GR, Danny Ketch may be showing up, but unfortunately, I doubt I'll be sticking around long enough to see it happen. I'll probably just check out the Fear Itself x-over issues and then drop it.

  8. But thats the thing it is a whole new character she is just gonna be a host for the ghost rider witch itself is technicly genderless and if they where doing somthing like they did with loki and sinister and making a actual male character female like making jonney blaze jenny blaze now then id agree that would be horrible
    i mean they have had 2 main male ghost riders and vengence who was male its time for somthing diffrent
    thats just my thoughts on it
    hope ur weeks going cool also hey r u gonna get detective comics this week i belive it gonna continue the story that gordons son could be a killer?

  9. Eh. I'd have preferred it if they would have brought in a new female GR kind of like Vengeance was... That is to say not a complete copy. I mean from what I've seen, it's basically Ghost Rider with breasts... At least radically change up the look and/or change the name! But then I'm still miffed that Danny Ketch didn't get the lead role in this series. Honestly, I'll be shocked if this series lasts over a year... Ghost Rider books have never really lasted that long(the last series only went what, 3, 4 years tops?), and with a female lead? I don't know...

    Yup, I'll def be getting that issue of Detective, along with a mess of other comics tomorrow! From the looks of it, this week's comic pull may be one of the biggest I've ever had!

  10. Daken is all kinds of awesome.

    And I'm glad to hear Witchblade is really good. Lol, you got to it before I did but when I get there I know I'll enjoy it.

    Also, I'm looking forward to seeing this New Comic Day post. Lol. I can't wait to see what all the X-Man has managed to buy! Lol.

  11. I really did enjoy Witchblade, Lisha... A lot actually. Unfortunately, I'll probably be waiting a bit before I get the next trade, because I'll be buying out the comic book shop tomorrow!!

  12. Lol @ buying out the comic shop. I think the guy will be very pleased when he checks your order out. lol. I'm curious as to how many comics you can snatch up lol.