Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Mutants #28 & Ultimate Fallout #3

Okay, this week's comics have been brought, put in the order I want to read them, and are all set to go! First off this week is a look at my top pick, New Mutants #28, as well as the mini-series that's reshaping the Ultimate Universe, Ultimate Fallout #3. I'm going to try to get two more reviews up tonight after these, but I'm definitely not going to make any promises... Anyway, on to what I'm hoping will be two awesome comics!

New Mutants #28:

Summary: This issue kicks off with Moonstar inviting an old therapist friend of hers over to take a look at the mess that was her team. The therapist, Gus Grim, is led around by Moonstar, with their first stop being a look at Nate Grey in the Danger Room. Nate is cranky over the fact that Sugar Man's recent experiments had stripped him of most of his powers, leaving him with a minuscule amount of telekinesis. Nate demands that the Danger Room puts him into a battle scenario, but with his powers diminished, the Room had been programed to ignore Nate's requests. Our Lord and Savior Hope is also watching Nate in the Danger Room, pissed off that Nate was there and not old man Cable. Moonstar asks Gus for advice on Nate, and he recommends letting Nate battle some robots, since if he was to hurt himself he'd probably come to terms with his newfound limitations. From there Gus visits Cannonball, who's in a pissy mood over the whole lame Age of X crossover. After some talking Gus gets to the bottom of what was really bothering Cannonball, the fact that he was afraid to lead his friends and teammates into battle. Next on the hit list is Karma, who was working with Face, who comically has NO face... How clever....... *ahem* Anyway, Gus basically calls Karma selfish since she had made Face reliant on her. From there he heads to Magik's cell, and proceeds to vomit up some demons from Limbo... Man do I hate it when I do that... The demons tell Magik that they had hitched a ride in Gus and had gone to Crazy Mutie Island(Utopia) to free Magik. Magik explains to the confused demons that she didn't want to be freed, since staying imprisoned was the only way she'd ever regain the trust of her friends. With that she calls for Danger, who sends the demons back to Limbo. After that, Gus meets with Moonstar and she asks if he'd agree to meet with her team on a weekly basis. Gus explains that he went after the New Mutants he spoke to in a harsh manner(when he wasn't busy throwing up demons), and didn't think they'd want to hear from him again. Moonstar disagrees, telling Gus that some tough talk was just what the team needed to get their heads back on straight, so Gus agrees to return every week. This issue ends with Nate fighting(and losing) to some robots in the Danger Room. Before one of the robots could take his head off, Our Lord and Savior Hope arrives on the scene and extends the olive branch to Nate, offering to train him to protect himself now that his powers had left him, as Cable had trained her.

Thoughts: First the positive. Nate was still hanging around, which makes me think that he's going to be a regular in this title, which is great because that means Nate will be SOMEWHERE, which is better than nothing. Yes, it pissed me off to no end that Our Lord and Savior Hope had to come into the Danger Room and save Nate, but I'll deal with those little indignities in order to see my favorite comic character back in action again. Overall, I liked this comic. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning managed to make Magik(somewhat) likable, which is a minor miracle since I always saw her as a bit of a bitch. The therapist was kind of tough on Karma and Cannonball, but it made for a good read. As long as Nate is in this series I see myself enjoying it, since I know in my heart that Abnett and Lanning's work with Nate can never be as bad as the crap that used to go on in the X-Man series... The next few issues look to be Fear Itself x-overs, so we'll see how that works out.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.You know, Nate has always had a thing for redheads who may be related to him... Just sayin'...

Ultimate Fallout #3(of 6?):

Summary: We discover that Tony Stark's dead brother Gregory was a member of a group of self-made million/billionaires who had banded together to do what they thought was right for the world, even if that meant stepping on people to get their way. The group(which is called the Kratos Club) offers Tony his brother's spot, which leaves Tony with a lot to think about. From there we find Kitty Pryde acting like her regular annoying self, storming out of Peter Parker's funeral, complaining about the world in general. She bumps into Iceman in Central Park, who was crying over Peter's death. Kitty takes pity on her old teammate and reveals that she knew of a safe place for mutants, and she'd let him go with her if he promised that he wouldn't use his powers, draw attention to himself, etc. Iceman agrees, as long as they could bring the Human Torch with them... Well that's kind of weird... From there we head to Karen Grant(actually Jean Grey) who was mentally working with Bruce Banner in an effort to get Bruce to control his Hulk side. Karen manages to put Hulk/Bruce in a trance just as Nick Fury enters the room. Fury tells Karen that since he was offering to protect her team, he needed to know for sure that Karen could keep the Hulk under control... Since if she couldn't, Fury would have no reason to keep Karen and her team safe. When faced with a question like that, Karen timidly tells Fury that she could control the Hulk, which ends this issue.

Thoughts: Not great, but not bad. The Tony Stark stuff was interesting, as was the stuff with Fury and Jean, while, as usual, I hated every scene Kitty was in... I just hate her, whether it's in the regular 616 Marvel U, or the 1610 Ultimate U. It's sad but true... If the Ultimate X-Men comic was comprised of the characters from Ultimate X as well as Iceman and Human Torch, I'd be overjoyed. Add Kitty to that equation, and my enjoyment diminishes... A lot... Back to this comic though. It furthered a few things for the new Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men comics, but completely took a step away from the Ultimate Spider-Man stuff, which kind of sucks, since the Ultimate Spider-Man story was what got me into this mini-series to begin with!

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10. Huh, I didn't realize that Bobby and Peter were that close.


  1. same thoughts here on fallout loved the art on the jean/hulk/fury segment
    hey are u gonna get the upcoming four issue ultimate hawkeye series
    aparently this mutant squad (with hulk in toe) fury's puting togethor will apear towards the end of that
    and then on top of that hawkeye epscialy ultimate hawkeye is a badass

  2. Without a doubt, man! I've already got it down on my pull list at my comic shop. Seeing as that Hawkeye is one of my favorite characters, there's no way I wasn't going to be picking that mini up!

  3. Gotta love how they take every chance to make Nate Grey look like a chump, but then again most characters of great magnitude are being shat on because writers only venerate silver age & earfly 80's characters...Aggravating...
    & isn't Sugar man normally a fucking cannibal? shouldn't he have eaten these fucking brats?

  4. I'm getting frustrated with new mutants. DnA are more than capable of writing this storyline. However, things are moving wayyyy too slow. For one: Nate Grey just being depowered is so lame. I agree with what saidi said, but i will say the love for 80's/ silver age characters is mainly coming from DC. However, what the heck? when is Nate Grey going to do something. He can't be completley depowered, because if he were it would throw off the idea of M-Day being such a significant thing. So he needs to step-up up and do something already! the dialogue has been great and i have enjoyed the telling of it. But DnA need to show him do something! hes been bascially icapacitated for 4 issues! lol

  5. I can see where you guys are coming from with Nate, but I can kind of see why DnA did what they did to him. Nate as he was, would NEVER work on a team like the New Mutants because he would make the rest of the team obsolete. I mean powerwise, Nate was on par with the DARK Phoenix! That's how strong he was. In order to join a team, he needed his powers somewhat neutered. Does it bug me? Yeah, of course, because as I've stated repeatedly, Nate IS my favorite character comic character hands down. But I do understand why he's been downgraded powerwise. I think the door is still open for Nate to regain his powers, or at least some more of them, but for now, Nate with baseline TK is okay... As long as it isn't permanent, because then he's practically Cable from the 90's...

    I got to say Cap, I don't see things picking up too much with the next few issues of New Mutants since they're Fear Itself tie-ins... Maybe after that x-over though things will REALLY start getting strong like DnA's work in Nova and Guardians. I still trust DnA implicitly... Here's hoping my trust isn't misplaced...

  6. Oh don't worry cap, the silver age fetish also happens in Marvel! sure it's less apparent than DC who basically flaunts it, but it's here!
    Hey, some examples?
    - Quicksilver becomes a complete irredeemable asshole because he started as a villain
    - One More Day (please don't start me on this...)
    - Luke Cage horrifyingly promoted everywhere
    -Jean Grey dead for the fallacious reason that the big fat Q hates redheads & hated X-factor (& marriages don't have right to exist with him... Coincidence?)
    _ Wolverine losing everything that made him great in the past & replaced by whoreverine
    -Colossus brought back... doing nothing...
    - the sentinels are still being fucking used.... GODDAMNIT THEY SUCK!

    maybe i'll find some stuff later but trust me, there's a lot from marvel too, both companies are guilty of this...

  7. Idk, Saidi, I think it depends on what you define the Silver Age as... I've always thought of the Silver Age as starting around FF #1 and going through 1970, with the Bronze Age going from 1970-1985. But I've seen some people simply ignore the Bronze Age and say the Silver Age went from 1959/1961-1985. Now by the 1959-1970 definition of the Silver Age, DC is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more guilty than Marvel is.

    As a matter of fact, the more I think about it, the more I'd say Quicksilver was a hero for most of the Silver Age. Yeah he was a jerk, but he really started flip-flopping during the West Coast Avengers series and never really stopped.

    As for Luke Cage, I'll always see him as a C-list hero. I honestly believe if not for Bendis's bizarre fetish for him, he'd be where he belongs, on the Heroes 4 Hire, not leading the Avengers...

    Can't disagree with Spidey, they royally screwed him up and turned him back to Spidey circa 1975 or so.

    As a huge fan of Jean, I want her back bad, but if Magneto would have stayed dead, I'd actually have no qualms with her death. Her being killed by Mags and then Wolvie killing Mags in retribution was fine by me. But since she wasn't even killed by the REAL Magneto, I think it's WAY past time for Jean to return.

    And Colossus? Yeah, I agree with you 100% there... There was NO reason to bring him back... That was a return simply for the sake of trying to shock the fans. God did I hate Joss Whedon's X-run...

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