Sunday, July 24, 2011

O Captain! My Captain!

Here's a quick look at the 4 comic book movies from this summer, as well as how they fared during their respective opening weekends...

#1. Captain America: The First Avenger... $65.8 million.
#2. Thor... $65.7 million.
#3. X-Men: First Class... $55.1 million.
#4. Green Lantern... $53.2 million.

Yep, I couldn't be happier about the way this year's summer movies turned out. 'Nuff said.Take THAT, DC!


  1. I honestly didn't think the Cap movie would a) touch Thor's numbers, or b) dethrone Harry Potter. That's got to be considered a big success for Marvel, especially with a budget of $140 mil. Considering how well this movie and Thor did, you've got to think that the Avengers movie(with the addition of Iron Man) is gonna be HUGE.

  2. looking forward the Captain America & Thor movies , but FUCK first class...


  3. First class was amazing imo. Better than xmen 2, 3 and wolverine origins.

  4. I haven't seen any of 'em... Although I do plan on catching Cap some time this summer. I hardly watch any movies nowadays, but I WILL see that Cap movie.

  5. First off: Loved the film! it wasn't perfect but what is? I have a few little quips about it but being a HUGE cap fan it was awesome seeing it brought to life. It was light in tone which I loved. I'm not going to start a debate but not all superhero characters and their movies have to be dark and brooding and so grounded in realism (nolan's batman's which i enjoy also). So the tone was perfect. The scenery was incredible all done in the 40's. My only MAJOR complaint? i wanted more! it was too short. If transflippinformers can be 2:45 min long why cant the captain!? my only other real complaint was that the movie moves along well until one particular part that throws off the pacing and then it feels a bit rushed. SOme nice easter eggs for comic fans and some possible future storylines. Theres my spoiler free take!
    -Oh and it looks like we may be getting what we asked for, only in the from of a one shot
    Captain America: Shattered heroes: Steve deals with the death of his partner and best friend, bucky barnes!

  6. Awesome, Cap. You're the second big Captain America fan who saw the movie and told me it was quite good. With the Captain being one of my favorite comic heroes, I'm SO looking forward to seeing this movie. This is probably the most psyched I've been for a comic movie since X-Men 2. I can't wait to look out for those easter eggs, they'll have me acting like a complete squealing fanboy when I see them! :D

    From what I've read, Brubaker isn't writing that one-shot, which is just baffling to me... I mean, no offense to whoever is doing the writing(Fraction/Bunn/Yost), but come on, Brubaker HAS to write that issue!

  7. If you do go to see Cap, make sure you stay until the end of the credits. ;)