Tuesday, July 5, 2011

X-Men: Prelude to Schism #4 & Uncanny X-Men #539

These are the last two new comics in my pile(well expect for Silver Surfer #5, which I STILL haven't gotten to!), which works out perfectly, since tomorrow I'll be picking up a nice new batch of comics from the comic shop!

X-Men: Prelude to Schism #4(of 4):

Summary: Okay, I'm not really going to recap this issue since it's basically the SAME thing as the first three issues, just told from Wolverine's point of view. We get some snippets of Wolvie's past, find out once again that there is some HUGE, MAJOR, and still unnamed threat fast approaching Crazy Mutie Island, and that Lord Summers was going to stand and battle this HUGE, MAJOR unnamed threat, much to Wolvie's approval.

Thoughts: Yeah, that's about all I have to say about that one. If you missed the first three issues of this mini-series then I'd recommend snagging this issue, since it'll fill you in nicely leading into Schism... I guess... But for me, this issue quickly got on my nerves as it was more of the same. I KNOW there's a big threat approaching Crazy Mutie Island! I KNOW Lord Summers is going to keep the X-Men on the island to try to fight it off! What I don't know is what this threat is! Still!! According to Namor, whatever it is was prophesied thousands of years ago, so I doubt it's a wild Sentinel invasion(ala Genosha), which was my initial guess. What more can I say? I'll be picking up Schism in the coming weeks, but no thanks to this mini-series.

Score: 5 out of 10.Look at that, Lord Summers even stands like a dictator now!

Uncanny X-Men #539:

Summary: Oh goody, this issue stars our Lord and Savior Hope!!! I was JUST thinking to myself, “You know what I need more of? Our Lord and Savior Hope! One monthly self-titled book is nowhere NEAR enough of Our Lord and Savior Hope!!” Yeah, that's sarcasm. *sigh* I might as well get this over with fast... Our Lord and Savior Hope goes shopping with some of her useless teammates. They get jumped and Our Lord and Savior Hope gets abducted by the Crimson Commando... REALLY?! Wow... It seems the Crimson Commando heard that Our Lord and Savior Hope can give mutants their powers back with a touch(wait, no she can't!), and he wants some of that. Our Lord and Savior Hope, being the toughest thing this side of Wolverine himself, tells Commando to shove it with strawberries, so he wanders away to figure out a way to make her help him... Or something... I really don't care. Anyways, Wolverine decides to hunt down Our Lord and Savior Hope, and finds her, sneaking her out of Commando's stronghold. Naturally Commando figures out what's transpired and heads out with his goons to recapture Our Lord and Savior Hope. After blowing Wolvie up with a missile(or something), Commando decides that NOW was the best time to try to torture Our Lord and Savior Hope into helping him. Our Lord and Savior Hope is too tough to cave to Commando's torture tactics, and holds out long enough for Wolvie to patch himself together and behead Commando and kill his goons. From there Wolvie tells Our Lord and Savior Hope that he doesn't want to get too close to her because if she ever goes crazy he'd be the one who'd have to kill her... Or something.

Thoughts: Well, this issue made it official. Kieron Gillen hates me... Yep, after suffering through several issues of Breakworld, Colossus and Shadowcat, we now get an issue starring Our Lord and Savior Hope, who, you might have noticed, I hate with a blinding passion. I hate this whole asinine, “Hope is our mutant messiah!!!” garbage, but unfortunately, Gillen loves it, and since he's the guy writing Uncanny X-Men, we get Our Lord and Savior Hope in this issue, as well as her own comic. I can't wait until Jason Aaron gets his own X-title, because it HAS to be better than this crap...

Score: 1 1/2 out of 10.Pfft, like a simple gun could scare Our Savior Hope!


  1. Jeesh this one took me a fucking long time to do but here you go! (sorry if my coloring is crappy, I 'm quite the mediocre colorist...)

    & next time I'll put the fanart for the battles of Apoc in the fanfic I'm collecting Ideas for :"Apocalypse Now!"
    as I said I'm open for propositions ,Deviations you people just ask!
    Of course Douchelops acts like a little prick!If anything I Wish the 90's cyclops, the AOA one & the evolution one team up & beat this Douchelops within an inch of his life, like Emma Frost should gun down the poseur the scottich hack created like she did her sister! Hell the crazy mutie island as you call it only serves to decorate Apocalypse living room as I showed you!The ones I'll spare are Gambit, Rogue,X-23,Storm,Jubilee & others I like.Oh & Bishop shoots Hope, because fuck Hope that's why!
    A really weird question here pal, I hope it won't surprise you but what song do you think fits Nate Grey? Here are the ones I thought would fit some other characters:

    -Cable (All along the watchtower by Jimi Hendrix)
    -Gambit(Down in new Orleans)
    -Bishop (here's the link , can't find the name ,sorry, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GShVTelS_EU&feature=relmfu )
    -Mr Sinister(the angel of death by ozzie osbourne)
    -Deadpool(Lights out by Mindless self indulgence)
    -Apocalypse(street fighter shadaloo theme whenever HE enters the scene, The end of all hope by Nightwish)
    -Carnage(Carnage rules by green jelly or such horrible things by creature feature)
    -Venom(I hate everything about you
    by 3 days grace)
    -Wolverine(Animal I've Become by 3 days grace)
    -Sabretooth(Ultra by KMFDM)
    -Chamber(Insecurities by Borialis)
    -Jubilee (God Is A girl by Groove Coverage)
    & for couples, since yes I have OTP & actually love married superheroes like Spidey/MJ, Scott/Jean, Gambit/Rogue (the cartoon did it perfectly!),Destiny/Mystique,Emma/Banshee
    this one:Michael Buble "Everything"
    anyway, hope you'll like them guys , don't forget to give your opinion!


  2. Ahhhh... Awesomeness, thy name is that picture! Man did that artwork bring back loads of great AOA memories... It actually made me want to pull out all of my AOA books and read 'em in order... Again! :P

    "Oh & Bishop shoots Hope, because fuck Hope that's why!" HA!!! As far as I'm concerned, that's all the reason you need!

    As for which song fits Nate... I guess that would depend on the version of the character, because pre-Shaman Nate and post-Shaman Nate were REALLY different... Off the top of my head, I don't know... I'd think something kind of melancholy. Hmm, I'll def have to think about that one...

  3. oops Silly me! I forgot to add these theme songs:

    -Stryfe (People hate me by Murderdolls)
    -Exiles up before HOM (The Swan Song by within temptation) , god do I miss this series...
    -Magneto (Requiem for a dream)