Monday, July 25, 2011

X-Factor #222 & Generation Hope #9

I've reached that point in the week where I don't have anything left to say for the introduction... So just think up your own intro while I get to the two comics on tap for today.

X-Factor #222:

Summary: This issue begins in earnest with Wolfsbane and Shatterstar making it back to X-Factor's offices having avoided all of the various demons that were hunting them down. Thanks to Layla erecting a mystical barrier, the team is safe and sound inside the offices... Or at least most of them are... While watching the various threats from the window, the team becomes somewhat confused as the demons all rush off into hiding, just as a taxi pulls up. As luck would have it, Guido and Monet, who were just on their way back from the hospital, get out of the car, which leads to the demons all charging out and attacking. Before the two are completely overrun, Siryn/Banshee/whatever she's calling herself nowadays heads outside to assist, but is unable to buy Monet and Guido the time needed to get inside to safety. Not wanting to see her friends killed, Wolfsbane heads to the roof and tells the demons to come after her since she was the one they were after. While the demons are distracted, Jack Russell(!!) charges out and attacks the demons, tearing into them. Once the demons are taken care of(for the moment), Jack heads up to the roof to tell Wolfsbane that she needed to go with him if she wanted to keep her unborn child safe.

Thoughts: With each passing issue, I find myself warming more and more to this storyline... But for me, the story wasn't the best thing about this issue... I've always said that Peter David is one of the BEST writers when it comes to writing dialogue, and man did he prove that again this issue! There were several moments when I found myself laughing out loud at some of the one-liners and quips that were being thrown around. Good story, good art, and hilarious dialogue equals a very happy blogger!

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Everything Longshot had to say here was hilarious!

Generation Hope #9:

Summary: This issue begins with Our Lord and Savior Hope checking with the Stepford Cuckoo who was manning Cerebra, since the Cuckoo was responsible for keeping an eye out for any new mutants who may pop up. From there we head to a university in the UK where three friends were playing truth or dare. While in the middle of the game, one of the guy's mutation suddenly kicks in, which results in his skin beginning to melt off. His friend decides to take a picture of the spectacle and uploads it online, which I find ALL kinds of weird... I mean, if MY friend's face suddenly started to melt, I doubt the first thing I'd do is reach for my cell phone... I'd probably run out of the room screaming like a banshee... Maybe that's just me though. Anyway, Our Lord and Savior Hope gets her team together and they head out towards the university, while the melty-faced new mutant, realizing that his life had been ruined, grabs a knife from the kitchen, runs into the bathroom and offs himself. Our Lord and Savior Hope and the rest of the team somehow mentally “feel” melty-face's death, and arrive on the scene too late. Shadowcat(the team's chosen chaperon), somehow figures out what happened, which leaves Our Lord and Savior Hope furious, but unable to do anything other than promise that the next time they'd be faster. From there we fast-forward a month, where Zero(the obligatory EVIL Japanese member of the team) returns to the UK in order to kill the guy who uploaded the video that resulted in melty-face killing himself. Before he can complete the deed though, he's met by Wolverine(of all people), who explains that he followed Zero because he knew what he was planning on doing and that killing the party responsible for melty-face's death wasn't going to bring melty-face back. Zero reluctantly decides to retrieve his weapon and the two head off for a drink.

Thoughts: Huh, you know what? This was probably my favorite issue of this series by a MILE. I mean, it wasn't spectacular or anything, but it was a well-told story that didn't continuously shove Our Lord and Savior Hope in our faces every single panel. It really didn't develop any of the Gen Hope members any further(well, except for Zero, but he's probably the only interesting character in this entire book already), but that's fine since I don't particularly like any of the characters in this comic anyway. They're all so bland and empty... That's probably why I enjoyed this issue though. It focused on melty-face, his “friend” and Zero, and stayed away from Our Lord and Savior Hope and her band of losers... That's actually a pretty sad testament to this series, that I like it more when the main characters aren't spotlighted...

Score: 8 out of 10."What's this? My friend's face is suddenly beginning to melt? I'd better grab my camera!"


    i know u stated that u wont buy the new justice league book cus of the writer but i damn well garuntee it will be better than this crap

  2. You know what's funny? As I was writing this review, I was honestly wondering how much longer I'd stick it out with Gen Hope... Maybe for Schism and then I'm out. I definitely won't be picking up JLA, but I'm sure I can find some other comic to spend my money on! :P


  4. I actually got that preview in a freebie mini-comic at my comic shop last week and it STILL didn't change my mind on JLA! There's just absolutely, positively NO way I'll buy a comic with the name "Geoff Johns" on the cover... That issue could get the BEST reviews ever, and my comic shop could be giving out free copies and I STILL wouldn't read it! :D I'm that stubborn!