Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quick Hits: Fear Itself: Deadpool #2, Iron Man 2.0 #7, Uncanny X-Men #541, Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #2

Another day, another Quick Hits post. The four comics I'll be taking a look at today are all Fear Itself tie-ins, and to be completely honest, they ranged from not that good to out-and-out terrible... I mean reading these books took some real willpower from yours truly! Well, let's get this cavalcade of comic crap out of the way... As always with these Quick Hits posts, I'm only spending 5 sentences or less on the actual review before heading to my “Thoughts” the score and the scan. If you want to know more about one of these comics, feel free to inquire about them in the comments section, although after reading these comics I can't imagine ANYBODY would want to talk about them...

Fear Itself: Deadpool #2(of 3):

What Happened: Deadpool's plan of having the Walrus terrorize a small town(in disguise), moves along smoothly, so Pool readies the second phase of his plan, defeating the Walrus and reaping the rewards from the town. Pool basically has his way with the Walrus until nightfall, when we find out that the hammer Pool gave to the Walrus to attack the town actually had some sort of bizarre werewolf/healing factor negating powers, which helps the Walrus take Pool down and out.

Thoughts: You know what the sad thing is? Out of the four comics I read for this post, THIS was the best one of the bunch! Things only go downhill from here! Honestly, the best thing about this issue was the cover, which was hilarious. I mean this issue had it's moments, I did enjoy Pool in a VERY lame disguise directing the idiotic Walrus's attack on the town, but the story has practically nothing to do with Fear Itself, except that Pool got the idea to give Walrus that hammer because of the Serpent and his Worthy. If you're following the whole FI event, this is a very easily skipped mini-series.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.Deadpool's Serpent disguise = Awesome!

Iron Man 2.0 #7(Fear Itself tie-in):

What Happened: The Immortal Weapons try to close the gate to Hell which opened in Beijing thanks to the Serpent's hammer tearing reality asunder. Before they can shut the portal, Iron Fist winds up getting possessed and attacking the rest of the Weapons. Luckily, War Machine is also there, and he takes on the possessed Iron Fist. The battle rages for WAY longer than it should(I mean War Machine is a frigging tank!), but War Machine manages to defeat Iron Fist with some mystical help from Dr. Strange from afar, who was spying on events. The Weapons then close the portal, nobody seems to know what the problem with Iron Fist was, and War Machine's part in Fear Itself thankfully comes to an end.

Thoughts: I am so glad this issue ended this series involvement in Fear Itself. I barely care about Iron Fist and hate the Immortal Weapons. I mean I like War Machine a lot, but he was almost a second thought these past few issues... Instead we get those damned Immortal Weapons and their completely asinine names(The Handsome Monkey King, The Bride of Nine Spiders, The Prince of Orphans... Are you kidding me?!), nothing really happening involving Fear Itself, and War Machine, who happens to be wearing a state of the art suit of armor, having difficulty defeating Iron Fist, a guy who kicks things... Yeah, this was pretty brutal.

Score: 4 out of 10.Apparently, you should always bet on the guy who kicks things instead of the guy in the multi-million dollar suit of armor.

Uncanny X-Men #541(Fear Itself tie-in):

What Happened: Lord Summers sends out a few waves of X-Men to probe the Serpent possessed Juggernaut for weaknesses, which only leads to his most powerful X-Men making a tiny crack in Juggy's helmet. So naturally, Lord Summers sends out Our Lord and Savior Hope, who manages to pull the Juggernaut's helmet off... Typing that line leaves me SO pissed I can barely finish typing this up... Anyway, Emma Frost tries to enter Juggy's mind to shut him down, but can't, and this issue ends with the X-Men unsure what to do next.

Thoughts: You know, this issue started off well enough. Lord Summers actually enacted a plan that made great sense all things considered, since he was dealing with an old foe with vastly improved abilities... And then Our Lord and Savior Hope showed up... Seriously, Kieron Gillen HAS to get away from the X-books, because his obsession with Our Lord and Savior Hope is bordering on the unintentionally hilarious! I mean every goddamn issue of this goddamn comic book lately has revolved around goddamn Hope!! And do you know what that's doing to me? It's making me hate her with a passion I usually reserve for Barry Allen... THAT'S how much I'm starting to hate Hope! I'm comparing her to the character who singlehandedly destroyed most of my interest in DC comics! Hope has got to go, and Gillen has got to go with her, because once again, he ruined what could have been a very good comic book.

Score: 5 out of 10.Next up for Our Savior Hope, defeating every super-villain in the Marvel Universe simultaneously while explaining the finer points of the Negative Zone to Mr. Fantastic...

Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #2(of 4):

What Happened: The Man-Thing defeats Frankenstein, She-Hulk, Howard the Duck and Nighthawk(collectively known as The Worst Team Ever) before moving deeper into NYC. When the ragtag group regain their senses, Frankenstein gives his origin story(REALLY!?! Was that necessary?!) before the team continues after Man-Thing. It turns out the Psycho Man is also after Man-Thing, since he sees Man-Thing as a weapon he could use to further enhance his emotion control abilities. With the Psycho Man on one side, and a crazed Man-Thing on the other, who should show up but the infamous New Fantastic Four(Wolverine, Spider-Man, the gray Hulk and Ghost Rider) from the past. Sure, why not.

Thoughts: What can I say? The story was barely coherent, the artwork was done by two or three different artists, giving this comic no sense of cohesiveness, and Howard the Duck was here. What did my poor, darling She-Hulk do to deserve inclusion in THIS awful mini-series? And to make matters worse, there wasn't a single appearance by the Serpent or his Worthy, thus breaking my first rule with calling something a Fear Itself tie-in. Sure, Man-Thing going crazy is a direct result of the Fear Itself events, but that's not the same as an appearance by one of the main Fear Itself threats. This is another FI “tie-in” that should definitely be avoided...

Score: 3 out of 10.Ever wanted to see a duck talk to Frankenstein? Then you're in luck!!


  1. Hey have you seen this,

    Do you think, maybe are some hint about the post Shism teams ?

  2. I actually hadn't seen these yet, Alien, so thanks for the links! Hmm, it's kind of tough to tell who was who in that Wolverine cover... Nightcrawler seemed certain(although he's dead...), possibly Beast(the big guy with the glasses?), maybe Jubilee(the girl at the end with the shortish hair?)... I can't place the guy with what appears to be the mohawk on his head though, which should be easy!

  3. Well, I'm sad to see a Deadpool title get such a low score!!! Deadpool is like THE funniest and best character lol. I'm also shocked to see the low scores for these Fear Itself titles, the other comics were getting some good ratings from you. :( What is going on!!

    Oh and just a random question for you, has the Fear Itself comics been tying in together nicely?

  4. I don't know, Lisha... Maybe I was in an especially bad mood when I reviewed these comics or something. To be honest with you though, it probably has to do with the second part of your comment... These comics, for the most part, HARDLY tied in to the Fear Itself story(Deadpool, Iron Man 2.0, Fearsome Four), or when they did, didn't do a very good job(Uncanny X-Men). Leave it to Marvel to simply slap a Fear Itself label on EVERY comic they can...

  5. After last issue of Iron Man 2.0 I decided to drop the book for good. I was disappointed with the tie-in to Fear Itself, but I was mostly unsatisfied with the little amount of face-time given to Rhodey.

    It looks like Rhodey finally gets to do some actual fighting and what not, but for me it's too late to care. I feel like I've been reading "The Adventures of Palmer Addley and Iron Fist" for the last 6 issues.

  6. Honestly I love me some Howard the duck! Goddamn do I LOVE Howard the Duck. If I were a comic book character,theres no doubt that's who I'd be (well that or one of the Joker or one of the epic threats you've seen me listing...). I have mad love for the original Gerber run, his generation x apparition ( him teaming up with Skin & Chamber in a bar fight ...BADASS!)& trust me the Gerber MAX mini series is a 5/5 more than ever,society needs the musings of a misanthropic , bitter, cynical cigar-smoking duck!
    So I'm more disappointed with the fact he isn't being used well now...
    Since I spat on the main x-men comics a long time ago & find schism as lame as utopia, as long as :
    - Nate flips off Douchelops & tells him " Go suck my Sinister engineered ballsack , you hypocrite & your whore WAS a man all along actually!..." (subject for the next "great" X-over)
    -Gambit will run away after stealing Douchelops 's Credit cards
    _ this entire Idea is moronic & can be broken with one thing, the others have enough of this bull & follow Nate 's example
    -Bishop , Jean & Cable kill Hope for ruining their careers , Nightcrawler, Iceman ,Banshee & Emma Frost KILL the diamond whore ,Havok , Polaris & Cyclops rip Douchelops nads(if he has some..)& put them in his eye sockets.
    & I , your humble fellow fan , will go back to draw some fanarts or write fanfics since it brings more joy than what the Big Fat Q is shitting on us now...


  7. & Magneto is in Team Douchelops ?!
    I imagine him at the bar
    Erik " Look at me , I used to be the MASTER OF MAGNETISM & I'm now a lackey to the most unlikeable young cretin I've ever & Remender makes me unable to kill a little nazi, I THE MAGNETO, The man who ,wants to protect my people from those who want to harm them CAN NOT KILL A DECREPITE SINGLE NAZI!...Now I wish I stayed a drooling vegetable after Charles harmed my brains, Life don't talk to me about life..."

    Let's admit it Magneto IS THE tired villain in the x-men gallery...Nur , Stryfe , Essex, Creed & Brent Jackson are better & DO have more STORY JUICE to them. As a constantinesque anti-hero however, there is hope...