Monday, February 25, 2013

X-Factor #252

And we've made it to the final X-typed review of the week!  Huzzah for that!  We'll be closing the week out with the most recent issue of X-Factor.  If this issue is anything like the prior issues of this series, the week should end on a high note.

X-Factor #252

Summary: The team(as well as Jezebel and Tier) are attacked by Pluto, who intends on being the Hell-Lord to kill Tier and become the biggest and best Hell-Lord ever!!  The group is having lots of trouble dealing with Pluto, due to him being a god and all, but are assisted by Darwin, who figured he'd help out since it was too late for him to avert the Hell on Earth War.  Unfortunately, Darwin doesn't do any better than anybody else and is taken down, Madrox and Jezebel and seemingly killed and Pluto winds up against Tier.  Pluto moves in to make the killing stroke, but is surprised by Tier, who goes feral and literally tears Pluto apart, killing him...  Or at least killing Pluto for the time being, since he was already returning to his realm by the end of this one.  Anywho, with Pluto's threat ended(for the moment), the team decides to take off and regroup.  The other Hell-Lords come across the Pluto's corpse and Mephisto decides that there was no sense in working with the other Hell-Lords and attacks them.  From there, the skies begin to bleed and Mephisto returns to his realm where we discover he had taken Jezebel and Madrox.

Thoughts: I have to say, I wasn't really blown away by this comic.  It was okay and all, but it wasn't as impressive as some of the other issues had been.  I think some of what bugged me would have to be Tier (kind of/sort of) killing Pluto...  Before this issue, Tier was an innocent kid, and X-Factor was being tasked with defending him from the various demons that were trying to kill him.  Now all of a sudden Tier can take care of himself(as well as kill beings who have god-like power!), which ratchets down the excitement of this storyline a bit for me.  I'm not as worried for Tier because I know he can kill the Hell-Lords if push comes to shove.  Plus, I didn't get how Pluto seemingly killing Madrox and Jezebel caused them to end up in Mephisto's domain...  Ah well, here's hoping things pick back up again come the next issue.

Score: 6 out of 10.
x-factor #252
If you can't trust Mephisto, who can you trust?!?

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  1. Yeah, I just don't get why we're getting "Inferno"-lite. Like, couldn't Tier just be a werewolf? Did he have to be Tier the Demon Slayer? Also, I'm kind of over Jezebel. Isn't she conspiring with the Isolationist to kill all mutants? Why is she suddenly the humanitarian? As you've said before, X, this whole arc is a weird miss for this title.