Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #20

Hey comic crew, JT here with my last review of the week, Ultimate Comics Spidey. We left things off with Miles' dad, Jefferson, face to face with a monstrous Venom, so enough jibber-jabber, let's do it!

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #20

Summary: We start things off with Venom about to kill Jefferson, referring to himself as the "Angel of Death", because he thinks Jefferson is Spider-Man. He's clearly surprised when he's attacked by Spider-Man, since Miles heard the commotion and headed outside, but not before getting some web fluid from Ganke, since he's learned how to make it from Pete's old designs. Spidey distracts Venom as well as he can, but considering he doesn't know how to face someone like Venom, and Ganke's web-fluid doesn't work the way it should, he doesn't fare too well. Jefferson knocks out the nearby cameraman that's recording the fight and takes his video camera,  throwing it at Venom to distract him and give Spidey some time. Venom, obviously pissed at Jefferson's interference, backhands (back-tendrils?) him into a nearby vehicle, causing him to lose consciousness, as Miles' mom watches on and cries. Seeing his dad get hurt amps Miles up, and he takes the fight to Venom, and also leads him away from his house so the paramedics can get to Jefferson and try to help him. Miles eventually remembers his Venom blast and zaps Venom, causing him to screech and fall apart, but he escapes through a sewer drain. Spidey tries to pursue him but the Police want him to surrender, and when he doesn't, they open fire and he escapes using his speed and his camouflage ability. Miles arrives back home and changes clothes, then comes outside just in time to see his Dad being loaded into a nearby ambulance, and one of the paramedics says he may not make it. Miles' mom tells him to go over Ganke's house, as she cries and gets in the ambulance with her husband, and the issue comes to a close with Miles crying to Ganke that this is all his fault.

Thoughts:I had mixed feelings on this issue, I enjoyed seeing Venom but him slinking away through the sewer was weird... is he no longer a person, is he just all symbiote now? I also wish Miles' mom had a bigger role, so far all she ever does is calm Jefferson down, cry, cook, or ask Ganke to go home...A few questions were presented in this issue though, as Venom spoke about the Spider that bit Miles and the "others", so we're left to wonder if he meant other spider or other people that'd been bitten by different spiders. Also, we're to wonder if Miles dad will make it through, which i think is pretty obvious he will, if only because he hates Mutants and masked heroes so much, you know he eventually has to find out Miles is Spidey. Other than that stuff, I enjoyed seeing Miles and Venom face off, but him thinking about how Peter beat Venom instead of just trying to beat him kinda annoyed me. I did like the line he said about how when Peter fought someone in front of his house it leaded to his death though. All in all this was a pretty average issue, It wasn't bad but it wasn't perfect either.

Score: 6/10

Spider-Man: I just reminded myself that fighting super villains in front of his house is exactly how Peter Parker ended up dead. I have to get this away from my house.

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