Saturday, February 23, 2013

Indestructible Hulk #4

Two reviews on tap for tonight, both of them from the awesome Mark Waid!  The first review is going to be Hulk, a character I've never been a fan of... (He's never been too fond of you either...) At least before Waid became the writer.  Now?  Now it's safe to say that I'm becoming interested in Hulk. (Jeez... buy him dinner first, X.)  There's a line I never thought I'd be typing!  So yeah, let's see if Waid can keep the magic up here...

Indestructible Hulk #4:

Summary: We find out that SHIELD has given Bruce Banner his own little town to live in...  Well, sort of, as it's a former atomic testing site in Nevada and is filled with mannequins instead of people...  And yes, that is a little creepy. (A little?! Wait til he starts dating one.) Bruce meets up with his science team, but is called away by Maria Hill, who needs the Hulk's help in dealing with Attuma, who has claimed the entire Pacific Ocean as his sovereign domain. (He must have an amazing realtor...) Bruce is loaded up into a missile and fired into the ocean, where he comes face to face(s) with Attuma and his sea creatures.  Unfortunately for Hulk, one of the sea creatures gets a hold of him and drags him deep into the drink, (The drink? Who are you, Davy Jones?) with no air, no light and crushing pressure. (That's how I feel when I read a Scott Lobdell comic.)

Thoughts: Eh.  This issue was solid and all, but it felt oddly rushed when compared to the first three issues of this series...  We bounce from Bannerville,(And he calls Tony Stark conceited.) to Bruce meeting his science team, to a Hulk mission at breakneck (Gwen Stacy, Never forget!) speed.  It was good and all, but I kind of wanted to see Bruce interact more with his science team. (You would, you nerd.)  Instead it was, "Hey Bruce, here's your team!  Say hello and good-bye, you have a mission!"  So yeah, like I said, a bit rushed.  But rushed or not, this was still a good, solid(if unspectacular) read.

Score: 7 out of 10.
hulk attuma indestructible hulk #4
Hope ya can swim, big guy!

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