Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ultimate X-Men #22

First of two reviews tonight is Ultimate X-Men.  Here's hoping this is a good one...

Ultimate X-Men #22:

Summary: Many of the world's governments are mistrustful of the mutant seed the citizens of Utopia came up with, and aren't interested in using it, basically because it would put all of the farmers of the world out of business.  Third world countries welcome it though.  On top of that, Husk returned to Utopia, much to the delight of Iceman and the chagrin of Kitty.  After Iron Man halts another attempted attack on Utopia, he comes up with a plan with Kitty to make the world think the mutant seed was destroyed  while Tony worked behind the scenes to get the seed accepted by the world's governments.  This one ends with Mach Two leaving the main Utopia area with her group of miscreants (now including Husk and Iceman), Iron Man finally leaving the reservation, and a shadowy group of government types plotting against Utopia.

Thoughts: Yeah, needless to say, I was not feeling this comic at all...  It just never grabbed me...  I'm honestly not all that interested in Kitty vs Mach Two(who would be?!), and couldn't care less about those two having a power struggle.  I guess that's probably my main problem with this comic in a nutshell actually.  The only character I care about at all is Jimmy.  I don't like 616 Kitty, Ultimate Kitty, any Kitty!  Add the fact that this series has been kind of stagnant since the mutants arrived in Utopia, and I can easily see myself dropping this series after another issue or so.  Here's hoping something interesting happens soon.

Score: 6 out of 10.
jimmy hudson ultimate x-men #22
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  1. I'm a little behind in this series still, but I'm glad that finally we're seeing Mach 2 and her faction split from Kitty's side. It made no sense for Kitty to share supplies and live with a group of mutants who are openly hostile to Kitty's side. Now Mach 2 can go and do her mutant terrorist thing, and probably get her ass kicked (which I will be all too happy to see).

    1. I don't like Mach 2 and I don't like Kitty, but at least Mach 2 leaving the rest of the group SHOULD lead to something happening here...

  2. I will say that this incarnation of Kitty is one of the more interesting characters in the Ultimate U. Tough as nails, yet still young at heart and idealistic. I really like her character, and how Wood is describing events largely from her perspective. She just might be the best thing about this book.