Thursday, February 7, 2013

Iron Man #6

And we're already up to our final review of the night!  Man, that was sure fast, no?  We'll end things with the latest issue of Iron Man...  In space!

Iron Man #6:

Summary: So Iron Man defeats some space pirates and gets rewarded by the princess of an alien world, who throws a big ol' alien shindig.  Tony and the alien hit it off and she ends up taking him back to her room, where he removes his mask and the alien throws up...  Huh.  It turns out that facial hair is a big no-no on that planet and the alien throws poor Tony out of her room.  While he's walking down the hallway, he's attacked by a pair of robots who accuse him of deicide.  Tony defeats the robots, but allows himself to be taken into custody since he knew this was a charge he wasn't guilty of.  This issue ends with the aliens accusing Tony of killing their god, the Phoenix.

Thoughts: This was a pretty good comic.  Kieron Gillen seems to have a good feel for Tony's voice, which is a good thing since most of this comic was just Tony and the alien princess chatting.  The story looks like it has some good potential, as it makes sense that some civilizations WOULD worship a cosmic force like the Phoenix.  It'll be interesting to see how Tony beats this particular charge.

Score: 7 out of 10.
tony stark iron man #6
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  1. I loved this issue, the bit at the end with the Phoenix force surprised me, and that story looks to be pretty interesting. I laughed at her being disgusted by Tony's facial hair...then I rubbed my own facial hair and got sad...Lol.