Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fantastic Four #4

This is going to be a rather speedy review, because(spoiler alert!) nothing really happened here!  Onward!!

Fantastic Four #4: 

Summary: Reed and company visit an alien planet and discover that there were cave paintings depicting the Foursome well before they arrive.  Sue decides to let the aliens treat her like royalty for a while, while Reed heads back to the spaceship.  Eventually Sue feels guilty about the way the aliens doted over her and heads back to the ship where she confronts Reed, telling him she knew he was hiding something.  After that we learn that Reed had painted the cave drawings himself with the use of a time machine...  Reed promises to come clean with her to end this one.  Oh yeah, and Franklin has some more nightmares.

Thoughts: Meh.  That, in a word, sums up my feelings for this issue.  Much like Ultimate X-Men before it, this is a series that just isn't doing it for me...  It's okay and all, but there's no one character here that I'm a fan of...  I can't stand the two kids, and the other four are just plain boring.  There's nobody for them to interact with, its just the Four, and nobody else.  And that is already starting to get tiresome for me.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
mr fantastic fantastic four #4
Reed Richards: Father, scientist, artist.

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