Thursday, February 21, 2013

Captain America #4

One more review from X tonight, and it should be a good one.  I'll end the night with one of my favorite Marvel Now! titles, none other than Captain America.  Here's hoping this issue is as good as the past two have been...

Captain America #4: 

Summary: This issue picks up 11 years after the events of the last issue.  Yes, 11 years!  Anyway, Cap and Ian are out hunting for the rest of the tribe that took them in all those years ago.  It seems that Cap has become the head of the tribe, which is no big shock.  He's also been trying to fight off the ever growing influence of the virus Zola injected him with.  However, Cap and Zola's memories have been mixing, and Cap fears that Zola was trying to use his mind to get at Ian and the rest of the tribe.  While out on the hunt, Cap and Ian come across a bike with an operational map, which Cap hopes will lead him to Zola and Earth. Unfortunately, Zola's virus overpowers Cap and knocks him out, at which time we see a lengthy flashback from Cap's past.  When Cap comes to he's horrified to hear the Zola face in his chest talking to Ian.  The Zola virus has told Ian all about his heritage(that Ian was actually Zola's child), and was claiming that Cap was a crazed thief.  Cap wraps the face up in a sheet to quiet it(HA!) and tells Ian that it was true that he had come from Zola, but insists that the two of them head to Earth and get the Avengers, who Cap hopes will end Zola's threat once and for all.  From there we head to Zola himself and find Ian's sister, Jet Black.  Unlike Ian, Jet Black, having been raised by Zola is ruthless and murderous.  This issue ends with Jet Black having learned that Cap was still alive from a captive and swearing revenge on his.

Thoughts: As usual, this was a strong comic.  Rick Remender can almost do no wrong here!  I love Cap's plight, I love Ian, and I love the whole setting of this comic.  My only complaint was the rather long flashback sequence, which was good and all, but I'd have preferred to remain in the present with Ian and Cap.  Anyway, this issue seems to be slowly bringing us to the end of this storyline, and I for one am REALLY intrigued to see how things shake out...  Will Ian become the next Bucky?  Will Ian even leave Dimension Z with Cap at all?  And what will happen when Cap comes face to face with Ian's twisted reflection, Jet Black?  Good stuff here, with more good stuff to come!

Score: 8 out of 10.
captain america #4
Damned gabby face!!

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  1. Dude, seriously, I have no idea where he's going and I can't remember the last time I said that about a comic. I mean, it doesn't feel like the Otto/Peter stunt in Spidey. After all, if Ian comes with Cap fully grown, then doesn't that mean Cap will have aged 12 years? It seems unlikely that they'd do that, but, if they don't, will they really abandon Ian in Dimension Z? The fact that I can't tell where they're going shows how strong of a series this one has been so far.