Saturday, February 2, 2013

Avengers #4

Two reviews on tap for tonight.  The first one is a book that is hanging on to my pull list by an absolute thread...  If I give this comic a score under a 6?  I'll be dropping it next week.  Plain and simple.

Avengers #4:

Summary: *sigh* The Avengers are still dealing with the "origin bombs" The Father/Ex Nihilo/whatever the all powerful, god-like entity Jonathan Hickman ALWAYS has to add to his stories, attacked the Earth with in issue #1.  Hyperion manages to puzzle out that there was a sixth impact sight from the "origin bombs", in the Savage Land.  A group of Avengers head there and find out that AIM was already there.  AIM has fooled around with the cocoon that was created by the "origin bomb" and unleash some sort of creature which attacks.  The Avengers take the creature down and apprehend AIM, and leave Hyperion behind to watch the cocoon...  I guess...  I honestly don't know, nor care by this point.  This one ends with AIM revealing that there had been a seventh "origin bomb" crash site(naturally), a site only AIM knew about.

Thoughts: This issue also had Hyperion's origin, but it's basically a retake on that mess Hickman did in the Ultimates, he even uses the SAME terminology, Father and Children and junk.  As for this issue?  I'm done. I'm not going to spend $4 on a comic written in gibberish.  I was honestly hoping that with Bendis gone we'd actually see the Avengers fighting super-villains again.  Not Norman Osborn and random street level villains. Instead, Hickman has decided to go uber-sci-fi, with "origin bombs", weird cocoons, ANOTHER Father and his Children taking over the world(although to his credit, for ONCE he didn't use Reed Richards!), in other words, the same old nonsense.  So yeah, end of the line for me...  And think about this, I suffered though YEARS of Bendis and never dropped Avengers.  In 4 issues, I'd say Hickman is WORSE than Bendis!  Next week I'll switch this title with Avengers Assemble, and add Secret Avengers(once the Marvel Now! reboot begins).  At least then I'll be able to read some REAL Avengers stories again...

Score: 4 out of 10.
avengers #4 hyperion
Is there some unwritten law somewhere that says Jonathan Hickman MUST have gibberish in everything he writes?!


  1. Absolutely. Hickman's approaching this like he's writing a Ph.D. thesis in mythology, not a comic book. It's an interesting approach, but not one I'm interested in paying almost $8 a month to read!

    1. Ugh, I forgot I picked this issue up... Yeah, THIS was the issue I dropped Avengers with, not issue #3. After this one I truly gave up... I still can't believe I was able to suffer through YEARS of Bendis and his antics but Hickman lost me in four issues! Crazy... Like you said, for $8 a month(at least!) this series had to be at least readable, and since it's not, I'll wait for a new writer to take over.