Thursday, February 14, 2013

Walking Dead #107

One more review for the night.  That review?  The Walking Dead.  This comic is ALWAYS a good read, and I'm expecting more of the same.

Walking Dead #107: 

Summary: Rick attacks Negan, fearing that Negan had hurt Carl(or worse), which pisses Negan off, leading to a bit of a brawl between the two men.  After a while, Negan wants everybody to calm down and has Carl come over, alive and unharmed.  Negan explains that he's a reasonable guy, and that's why he didn't do anything to Carl, even after Carl blew away several of his men.  Negan then lets Rick and company leave with Carl, unmolested.  Rick returns to town and tells the group what had gone down, and that seeing that Negan hadn't hurt Carl has left him feeling optimistic about Negan and the Saviors.  In actuality, Carl tells Rick all about the Saviors base, which leads to Rick, Andrea and Jesus surmising that the Saviors weren't as unstoppable as they liked to seem.  This issue ends with Jesus telling Rick it was time to meet Ezekiel.

Thoughts: This was a set-up issue.  Plain and simple.  We moved Carl back to Rick, there were a few other things that came up, and it ended with Rick beginning to come up with a plan of attack against the Saviors.  Boom, simple.  As always, this was a good issue, but there really wasn't much to it.

Score: 7 out of 10.
rick negan walking dead #107
Who says you can't learn anything from zombies?


  1. I made sure this was the first comic I read on my break at work today and boy was I let down. -Smh- I told JT I was thinking Negan just did something horrible like cut off Carl's hand return him to Rick and say "Like father, like son" and boy was i wrong lol.

    I really didn't enjoy the comic after that. :\

  2. "Negan then lets Rick and company leave with Carl, unmolested." LOL

    On a serious note I don't know if it's just me but I feel like Kirkman has been losing his touch as of late, he doesn't seem to be the mastermind he was just a year ago. Maybe the ridiculous success of The Walking Dead tv show might be messing him up.