Thursday, February 14, 2013

Secret Avengers #1

Howdy X-Maniacs!  Today is an X day, so I'll have two reviews up and posted for you guys tonight.  The first is the premier issue of Secret Avengers.  Yeah, I know that there was a Secret Avengers series already, but this is the Marvel Now! version!  Complete with a new team line-up and a new writer!  All kidding aside, this series should be good.  Really, really good, judging by the writer and the team line-up.  Here's hoping this issue lives up to my very lofty expectations...

Secret Avengers #1: 

Summary: This issue begins in Budapest, with Hawkeye having been shot in the gut a few times and getting picked up by some Hungarian arms dealer named Andres Bertesy.  Hawkeye tells Bertesy and his goons that he had no idea how a) he had been shot, and b) what he was doing there.  Bertesy naturally doesn't buy that and tries a truth serum, a telepath and a demon, all of which tell him the same thing, Hawkeye doesn't know anything.  And then Black Widow arrives to help.  From there we flashback to a few hours earlier where Hawkeye and Widow are met by Agent Coulson, who wants them to take part in SHIELD's very own Secret Avengers program.  However, if they join they had to agree to have nanites put in their bodies that would wipe their minds clean of their missions.  Hawkeye and Widow don't want any part of that, but change their tune when Coulson says something(that we aren't privy to) that convinces them to join up.  From there they meet Nick Fury(the new, younger version) and learn what their mission is.  That mission?  Stop Andres Bertesy from selling teleportation tech to terrorists.  With that, Fury, Widow and Hawkeye head out.  Hawkeye ends up getting shot by a goon while working with Fury, at which point his memory of the mission is scrubbed, bringing us back to the present, where he is rescued by Widow.  While Hawkeye is recuperating in a SHIELD hospital, we learn that Fury was under orders to shoot Hawkeye(!), because SHIELD wanted to test the nanite tech out, and Hawkeye was the unknowing guinea pig.

Thoughts: This issue was okay...  I mean, it was a good read and all, but it wasn't anything special.  I enjoyed the twist at the end with Fury shooting Hawkeye and SHIELD erasing that from Clint's memories, but other than that, this issue just didn't do much for me...  I really don't have much else to say.  I will say that I think this will be a really good series going forward.  This issue though?  Perfectly mediocre.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
nick fury hawkeye black widow secret avengers #1
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