Monday, February 18, 2013

Superboy #17

One more review from me and I'm done for the week!  Huzzah!!  Tonight we finish off the week with DC and Superboy.

Superboy #17: 

Summary: We're reaching the end of the H'El on Earth storyline, as we have Superman, Superboy and Wonder Woman facing off against H'El and Supergirl.  The three heroes realize that their main objective was to halt H'El's machine from destroying the Earth, but before they can make a move, they are attacked by H'El himself.  H'El destroys Superboy and sends him flying, so Supes tells WW to check on SB before taking on H'El himself.  SB pulls himself up and heads after H'El's machine, but is intercepted by Supergirl.  Supergirl batters SB for a while, but he is saved by WW, who decides to deal with Supergirl herself.  With nobody left in front of him, SB makes a dash for H'El's machine, ending this issue 

Thoughts: Damn has this week been mediocre thus far!  Much like most of the other comics I've read this week, I can sum this issue up in a word.  That word?  Meh.  Once again, this wasn't a bad comic book.  Tom DeFalco knows how to write a good comic book(unlike a certain writer who used to do SB...).  This WAS an okay comic.  It just wasn't really for me.  I'm not interested in the H'El on Earth storyline, and I'm not following it at all.  I haven't read an issue of Superman or Supergirl, I haven't spoken to anybody about what's been going down in those books, nor have I read any reviews on those books.  I'm just not interested.  I do think fans of Supes and this storyline would enjoy this comic.  For me though, it was just meh.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
superboy superman wonder woman Superboy #17
Should H'El really be calling anybody an abomination?


  1. "Should H'El really be calling anybody an abomination?"

    Well, you know how people love to treat clones...

    I thought the issue was okay as well. I liked how Superboy was treated. What I (and apparently others) didn't like was how Supergirl has acted during most of the crossover especially this issue.

  2. Like I said in the post, I've only been following this x-over through Superboy, but yeah, SG seems... strange from what I've read. She seems to be smitten with H'El(or at least that's what I've gathered through SB), and blissfully unaware that H'El's threatening the entire Earth... I guess? I guess she'll end up turning on H'El when she realizes what he's really up to, at which point all will be forgiven? It's odd that DC is using her as 100% a villain here though.

  3. Yep. She's definitely unaware that bringing back Krypton will destroy Earth. Some folk complained because it really makes her look too naive and gullible, and I kinda agree.