Saturday, February 9, 2013

X-Factor #251

Last review of the night is going to be X-Factor.  But you probably know that already, since the title of the post says "X-Factor"...  So yeah...

X-Factor #251: 

Summary: We kicks things off at the former site of X-Factor Investigations, where Monet beats the crap out of Darwin.  From there we head to the rest of the team, who are trying to figure out why the various Hell-Lords are trying to kill Tier.  Before the demons can attack, Madrox sends a mess of dupes out, misdirecting the Hell-Lords...  Momentarily.  Eventually, Mephisto gets his hands on Tier and is preparing to kill the boy, but is stopped when his daughter, Jezebel  stabs him in the back.  Literally!  With that, Jezebel teleports the team back to their former headquarters.  After separating Monet and Darwin, the group heads to Central Park.  Once there, Jezebel reveals that the Hell-Lords wanted to kill Tier because he was the seven billionth person born on the planet.  And whichever Hell-Lord kills him?  They'd be declared the top Hell-Lord and win a brand new car!!!  No, not really.  Well, the first part IS true.  Anyway, before the team can come up with a strategy, Pluto arrives and breaks Shatterstar's arm, warning the team that he'd do a whole lot worse unless they handed Tier over to him.

Thoughts: This was another strong issue of this series.  As usual.  I swear I say that every issue with this series...  But it's true!  This is probably the most consistently good comic I pick up.  So now we know why the Hell-Lords are coming after Tier, and the reason is perfectly plausible when it comes to Madrox and his unlucky group...  Of course Tier would be the seven billionth person born, drawing X-Factor in the middle of  massive demonic battle!  That's just their luck.  Now that we have the "whys" of this story out of the way, I'm intrigued to see how Peter David writes the team out of THIS quandary...  How in the world are they going to defeat some of the most powerful demons and gods in all of the Marvel Universe, all while trying to save the life of Wolfsbane's son?  Should be really interesting going forward.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
madrox mephisto wolfsbane x-factor #251
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  1. I was a little disappointed in the reveal. I mean, you're totally right, that it's totally their luck to have Tier just happen to be the seven billionth person born on Earth. But, it seemed way too simple for all the build-up. I also have no idea how they're going to win against Hell Lords, so I'm excited to see where David goes with it, even if I'm disappointed by the Tier revealtion.

    1. Yeah, I was a bit disappointed with the issue after this one even more, actually... I'll definitely be interested in reading what you thought about #252, because we get some answers in that one, but I wasn't really happy about those answers...