Monday, February 4, 2013

Dark Avengers #186

First review tonight is the latest issue of Dark Avengers.  This series has been... interesting, is the word I'm looking for, I guess.  I just wonder how much longer this team is going to be trapped in the dimension they're stuck in...  I mean, damn, Moonstone has been traveling through time and alternate dimensions seemingly forever now!

Dark Avengers #186

Summary: This issue mainly takes place among the denizens of an alternate planet Earth, while the Dark Avengers make plans on how to get home.  Basically the heroes of this world have carved up Manhattan into their own little kingdoms.  Dr. Strange has captured Dark Avengers Skaar and Moonstone and used his magic on them to force them to fight for Thing and Iron Man respectively.  Strange's plan is to sit back and watch as Iron Man and Thing destroy each other, leaving him to pick up the pieces.  Oh, and Reed Richards ends up getting captured by Thing.  On top of all that, Namor and the Invisible Woman are the rulers of all the oceans and have had enough of all this surface-dweller nonsense and have decreed that in 24 hours they'd flood all of New York.  So basically, the Dark Avengers have to find a way to get Skaar and Moonstone back(which means killing Strange) and rescue Reed Richards  since he'd be the one person smart enough to return them to their own dimension.  Got all that?  Great.  We find out what they do next issue.

Thoughts: Eh.  I didn't love or hate this issue, it just kind of was.  We spent a lot of time dealing with the politics of this alternate Earth, which is weird since I'm sure the Dark Avengers will be off of it in another issue or two.  So we learned a lot about a dimension we'll never be seeing again...  That kind of made this issue... well, worthless.  I mean this was an okay read and all, but in the long run it's all going to amount to nothing, so it's hard to care.

Score: 6 out of 10.
trickshot dark avengers #186
Poor Trickshot...  He's even second best to Hawkeye in his OWN fantasy!!

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