Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wolverine #7 & Secret Avengers #11

The past few reviews I've done have been from the DCU, so I think it's way past time for me to jump back into Marvel waters. Can Marvel continue the solid streak of books DC has been giving me? Only one way to find out...

Wolverine #7:

Summary: As per the orders of Lord Summers the First, Magneto goes to tear out Possessed Wolverine's adamantium, but is halted by a mental assault by our Possessed hero. God do I love Possessed Wolvie. Anyway, before Possessed Wolvie can finish off Mags, Namor flies over and grabs Possessed Wolvie, driving him into the water, hoping to drown him. But simple water can't stop Possessed Wolvie, as he burns Namor and then comes walking out of the water. Because he's awesome. Lord Summers tells The Whore to contact the Dr. Nemesis and tell him to switch to plan B. I'm hoping plan B involves Possessed Wolvie decapitating Lord Summers and then using his neck as a toilet, but that's probably just me. Wolverine's girlfriend arrives on the scene(for those interested, she's the right color here) and tells The Whore not to try to kill Possessed Wolvie, since Wolvie was still trying to regain control of his mind... Um, isn't The Whore the mindreader here?! Anyway, The Whore threatens to do things to Wolvie's girlfriend's mind if she doesn't drop the gun, but Rogue, Storm, Shadowcat(boo!) and Vampire Jubilee walk over and tell The Whore that they wanted to enter Possessed Wolvie's mind to see if they could help Wolvie retake control. Wait, why is Vampire Jubilee walking around in the daytime exactly? I mean, her name IS Vampire Jubilee, isn't it? Meh. With no real choice, The Whore agrees to the plan, and tells Lord Summers what she was up to, which he isn't very happy about because that wasn't HIS plan B, dammit!!! Storm blows Possessed Wolvie to an uninhabited island and keeps him off balance while The Whore and the other four women enter Wolvie's mind. What do they find you ask? Wolvie and all of his various versions(including mid-90's noseless Wolvie!!!) trying(and failing) to fight off the demon horde. Meanwhile, in another part of Wolvie's subconscious(did I really just type that?) Nightcrawler decides Wolvie needed some help and enters a room with a Phoenix symbol, which ends this issue.

Thoughts: All right! Hope is going to save Wolvie!!! What, she's the frigging mutant savior and does the Phoenix thing now, so I could be right. God, imagine if it IS Hope and not Jean that Crawler pulls out of that room? I think my mind would literally explode. Not figuratively, LITERALLY! Back to this issue though, I liked it. I liked it a lot actually. Anytime Possessed Wolvie is around, kicking ass and taking names, I'm a happy camper. Somehow, someway, Jason Aaron NEEDS to make Possessed Wolvie a reoccurring character in the Wolverine series. Possessed Wolvie, you are my hero!

Score: 8 out of 10.Kill him... Kill him!!!

Secret Avengers #11:

Summary: This issue starts off with Steve Rogers and Beast going through the memories of the captured John Steele using some sort of experimental machine. Steve and Beast are trying to pinpoint exactly when and why Steele joined the Shadow Council, but the machine basically only gives them glimpses of things, before moving on. Steve spots a memory he recognized in Steele's mind, a mission he and Steele took part in during WWII. Steve tells Beast to focus on that memory, but Beast reiterates that the machine was experimental and couldn't do as Steve asked, since it couldn't capture the entire memory. Steve decides to hook himself up to the machine as well, hoping that between the two of them, they'd be able to see the entire scene. So it's off to flashback land, and nobody tells a Captain America WWII flashback as well as Ed Brubaker does, so this should be good! Steve and Steele break into a Nazi occupied castle and find a bunch of bizarre freaks inside, the result of Nazi experiments... Or are they Nazi experiments? There are a bunch of cloaked figures inside the castle, people who Steele begins to recognize as the ones behind the experiments. However, before Steele is able to say anything more, he becomes aware of Steve's presence in his mind and bumps Steve out. Steve and Beast discuss what just happened, but before they could figure out how Steele threw Steve out of his mind, Steele wakes up and grabs one of the scientists as a hostage, which ends this issue.

Thoughts: See, it doesn't take much to make me happy. Just give me a Captain America WWII flashback sequence and it's all good as far as I'm concerned. This comic read more like an issue of Captain America, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. Even though I am a HUGE Ed Brubaker fan, I'll be the first to admit that his Secret Avengers run hasn't floored me like his Captain America run does month in and month out. This issue cut out a lot of the inferior Secret Avengers(I'm looking at you Antman and Valkyrie!), left us with my favorite Secret Avengers members(Steve and Beast), AND told a good story! What more could I ask for?

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.I could read Captain America WWII flashback stories all day!

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