Friday, April 29, 2011

Teen Titans #94 & Superman/Batman #83

I'm just about to run out the door for round two of my classes today, but I wanted to post these reviews just to get them out of the way. Two more DC books and I'm finally done with last week's books, meaning I can get to this week's stuff. Instead of talking about it, let's get to it!

Teen Titans #94:

Summary: So apparently some ancient Hindu legend has kidnapped Wonder Girl, her mother and the parents of Solstice. The Hindu legends beat up WG while Red Robin figures out a way to get to... Um, Hindu legend world. The Teen Titans arrive in Hindu legend world and can't find WG, but do find her lasso. They decide to go searching in a group instead of splitting up, and end up being attacked by a mess of weird creatures. Raven goes crazy because she can't stand being around Solstice(I agree!), and blasts everybody in the area, Titans and weird creatures alike. When the Titans get up, Red Robin is gone, and one of the weird creatures has shape-shifted into Ravager while the other creatures kidnap the real Ravager. With Red Robin gone, Beast Boy takes over the leadership role(I'd personally rather listen to a tree than him...) and sends Kid Flash out to scout the area. This one ends with Red Robin and Ravager being taken before some evil blue Hindu guy in a throne chair.

Thoughts: Zzzzzzz... Wait, I'm awake... Um, what's going on... Oh yeah, Teen Titans. This issue was pretty bad. On the plus side, Nicola Scott did the artwork, so even though the story blows, the art is good. But yeah, the story does indeed blow. I literally have NO clue as to what's going on, except that JT Krul is desperate to try to get Solstice over as a Hindu/Indian hero. That's all fine, good and dandy, but the whole weird Hindu world story? It's really boring, and the explanation was just confusing. I don't see why he couldn't just add Solstice to the team in a simpler way, and THEN get into her religion/heritage, but whatever I guess. This story just isn't doing it for me, and sadly, that's causing me to resent Solstice...

Score: 4 1/2 out of 10.What is it, Barty? Is Wonder Girl in trouble, boy?

Superman/Batman #83:

Summary: Superman is trapped in a magic-ruled, apocalyptic, future world, where he is trying to help future Batman prevent this future from existing. Supes meets up with a few JLA members(including Klarion... Bum.. Bum... Bum... The Warlock), and they tell him their plan... Bats and the future JLA want to stop the evil sorcerers in control of the world from sending an evil demon back in time to stop younger Batman and Klarion... Bum... Bum... Bum... The Witch Boy from halting the evil magician's original plan for world domination. In the present, Bats, Klarion... Bum... Bum... Bum... The Witch Boy, and the Shadowpact attack the evil sorcerers, but as the heroes are beginning to triumph, a portal from the future begins to open, which will send the demon that turns the battle and lead to the evil sorcerers winning. In the future, Supes decides to help future Bats and the JLA stop the evil sorcerers from completing the spell that would completely send that demon back to the past, knowing that doing so would right the timeline, and eliminate the horrible future.

Thoughts: You know, I actually liked this issue, and this storyline is really winning me over... Go figure! As I've stated repeatedly, I'm a sucker for alternate future/alternate reality stories, and this one is slowly pulling me in. Yes, there's a talking monkey here(Detective Chimp), but besides that, I'm enjoying this. I like the duel story with Supes trying to fix the future while Bats tries to hold down the fort in the past/present, I really liked just about everything here. I wasn't that fond of this story when it started, but what can I say, it grew on me!

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Bum... Bum... Bum...


  1. Wonder Girl should've got kidnapped and murdered. Lol. Geez, was that harsh? Meeeh naaah! I want to get into Teen Titans sooo bad, but I seriously can't stomach WG and Beast Boy. Those two just piss me off. They seriously don't need to be on the team. They need to re-do the Teen Titans lol.

    And it seriously is a plus to have Scott do the artwork.

  2. Well she was kidnapped at least, but not killed... I don't want to infuriate you or anything, Lisha, but I have to admit, WG doesn't really bug me that much! :P Now Beast Boy... If he died and never came back, I'd be overjoyed! It's probably the whole talking animal aspect of his personality that I hate...

  3. X! What happened?! You broke our WG hating bond!! Lol. JK. But seriously, maybe the newer WG isn't that bad. I know the few wonder woman trades/issues I read with her in it, she was a complete jerk, for nicer words. lol.

    And you know what? I think you're right. I think I read something with him being an ape/monkey and talking, and well you know how I feel about that, lol.

  4. You know what's funny? I like WG when she's AWAY from WW then when she's around her, Lisha! She just bothers me when they get together. But away from WW? She doesn't bug me as much... Go figure!

    HA! Exactly! A talking monkey of any kind is bad news to me!

  5. Maybe I should give her a try...naaaah. Lol. My dislike for her runs too deep to give WG a chance lol.

    Lol. A talking monkey is even worse news to me!

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  7. Thanks for stopping by, I definitely will. With a name like The Reviewer(which would make a great super-villain name!), I'd be a fool not to go!