Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Titans #34 & Superman #710

Titans #34:

Summary: Drago predictably betrays Junkie Roy and Cheshire once this issue gets started. Drago has Junkie sent to his mad scientists so that the Junkie's eyes could be plucked out... Sure, why not. As for Cheshire, he wants to boink her so she'd provide him with an heir. While that “great” scene is playing out, Osiris is trying to deal with Isis, who was intent on destroying Philadelphia. When asked why she had gone loco, Isis complains that since Osiris brought her back to life using evil acts, she was tainted, and thus insane. Oookay then. During a moment of lucidity, Isis tells Osiris to kill her, since that would be the only way to halt her rampage. Osiris refuses, so Isis decides to commit suicide... Wait, if she was going to kill herself anyway, why ask Osiris to do it in the first place?! *sigh* Isis flies into the sky, says a prayer and is about to be struck by lightning when Osiris flies into her, getting them both struck by lightning. They land and Isis is suddenly sane, proclaiming that her gods had cured her... However, she is worried that Osiris is still evil.

Thoughts: Wow, this was horrible! Like shockingly bad. The stuff with the Junkie, Cheshire and Drago was bad, but the Osiris/Isis stuff was just mind blowing! I mean first she tells Osiris to kill her, he won't, so she prays, and then tries to kill herself. Osiris stops her, which SOMEHOW leads to her becoming sane! What?! Really?!? Why the HELL did the White Lantern ring want Osiris to bring Isis back if it was going to lead to her going crazy and trying to destroy the planet? God, the more time I spend thinking about this comic the worse it seems!

Score: 3 1/2 out of 10.I didn't even bother to mention this scene in my review... You know why? Because I DON'T CARE!!!!!

Superman #710:

Summary: Superman meets up with the second Batman on his tour of America, this time Bruce Wayne. The two reminisce about an early mission they shared from before they were Supes and Bats. Basically the mission involved the duo saving some town from Vandal Savage and the Chinese army. After the flashback is over, Bats tells Supes that he can see that Supes was still hurting over the death of Pa Kent as well as the loss of New Krypton. Bats tells Supes that while the pain of the loss won't get better, he needs to learn how to function with loss better. With that, the two shake hands and part ways.

Thoughts: This was actually one of the better, and possibly my favorite issue of Superman during this Grounded storyline. Now granted, that's not exactly saying much, but hey, by this point I'm frantically searching for ANY reason to like this storyline! I think the reason I enjoyed this issue was because the brunt of it was a flashback from before Supes began to aimlessly wander the country... If only ALL of the issues of Superman would step away from this horrible storyline, I'd be a happy camper!

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Check Bats out striking a pose!

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