Monday, April 18, 2011

Journey Into Mystery #622 & Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier Annual #1

Hey all, X here on his buggy computer with two new Marvel reviews! My power cord is still on the fritz, so until the new cord comes from Amazon I'm still not sure if I'll be able to keep up my regular posting schedule. I'll try to keep posting new reviews daily, but as I said last night, if I miss a day here or there, blame the computer, not me!

Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier Annual 2011 #1:

Summary: Blastaar announces to the Earth that he had captured their “spies” meaning Lord Summers and Hope. Blastaar demands Reed Richards heads to the Negative Zone to grovel for their release or else he'd kill the two mutants. However, Reed isn't available, so Steve Rogers tells the President that he'd head to the Negative Zone and see if he could convince Blastaar to release the two. Steve heads to the Negative Zone, and when Blastaar sees that it wasn't Reed, he tells his forces to kill Steve. Steve manages to outsmart Blastaar's forces and disappears into the prison, in search of the two X-Men. By this point, Hope has freed herself(she IS perfect, you know) and frees Lord Summers. The two sneak into the ventilation system and try to figure out what to do. Steve manages to reach the prison area, and after hearing Lord Summers and Hope talking in the vents, hooks up with them. Lord Summers wants to search for Dr. Nemesis and Namor, but Steve thinks it would be prudent to just get out of the Negative Zone for now, and then come back later for the other two. Steve leads Hope and Lord Summers to the room with the portal back to Earth, and finds Blastaar waiting for them. Blastaar blasts Lord Summers and is prepared to do the same to Steve when a water deprived Namor crashes through the wall and trounces Blastaar. Hope rushes over to thank Namor and he smashes her in the face before turning to face Steve, ending this issue.

Thoughts: No problems here for me. This story moved along nicely, was pretty action packed, and I've slowly turned into a fan of Blastaar since his appearances in the old Nova comic. Plus it had Steve Rogers in it, and Lord Summers didn't really do anything, so I'll be looking forward to the final part of this story in the Namor annual, as crazy Namor tries to kill and(hopefully) drink everybody.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.You'd be surprised if you knew how often that same thing happens to me when I enter a room...

Journey Into Mystery #622:

Summary: Man, I've really missed a lot in the Thor comics... So apparently Loki's spirit is in the body of a 10 year old boy that Thor found, but doesn't have Loki's memories. Needless to say, the other Asgardians hate Kid Loki, as they recall how Loki directly caused the fall of Asgard during Siege. Being pretty isolated, Kid Loki runs into a bird that explodes, revealing a key... This key leads Kid Loki on an adventure where he continues to discover other clues, leading to a book telling the story of Asgard. Kid Loki studies the book and winds up falling into a pocket dimension where he meets an illusion of Loki himself. Older Loki tells Kid Loki why he needed to die during Siege(he had become too predictable) and pledges to assist his younger self in any way he can. Older Loki also reveals to his younger self that a great peril(the events of Fear Itself) was eminent, and that he could assist his younger self when things get their worst. Kid Loki decides to turn Older Loki into a bird named Ikol(Get it? Loki spelled backwards!), which would give him advice when he needed it. From there we head to the events at the end of Fear Itself #1 where Odin takes the Asgardians off Earth with Kid Loki feeling content in the knowledge that Ikol would feed him any knowledge he needed.

Thoughts: Hey, I actually enjoyed this comic a lot! First things first, I stopped reading the Thor comics after Siege. I've never really been a fan of Thor, but I've ALWAYS been a fan of Loki, which I why I decided to pick this comic up. Naturally, I was pretty shocked to see that Loki was a) alive, and b) a child. So initially I was turned off of this comic from the start. However, as the comic moved along, I found myself really liking Kid Loki and enjoying his adventure to discover what the mystery of the key held. The stuff when Kid Loki met Older Loki was a bit confusing, but I think I figured out what the main point of that was(Kid Loki getting Ikol the bird). All in all, good stuff, that will have me adding this comic to my monthly pull list.

Score: 8 out of 10.HA! Even Thor knows that Tony Stark talks too much!

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