Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Secret Six #32 & JSA All-Stars #17

Two more DC reviews to put up, as I continue being trapped in Bizarro World... What am I talking about? Well strangely enough, I've been enjoying pretty much all of the new DC books I've been reading these past few nights. However, that's probably because of the fact that I haven't read any Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, Batman or Brightest Day books lately. The moral to this story? Avoid the “mainstream” DC comic books, and you'll be a much happier person!

Secret Six #32:

Summary: Ragdoll explains to the rest of the Six that he was happy being in Hell, and that the bigwigs down under had made him into a prince. Ragdoll tells the Sixers that he didn't want to be on Earth anymore since he felt he was losing his edge thanks to the influence of Black Alice. With Ragdoll happy in Hell, the Six figure that he'd give them the Get Out of Hell Free card, but alas, he doesn't, which pisses off Scandal Savage, who wanted to use the card to free her girlfriend, Knockout from Hell. The team decides to attack Ragdoll and his Secret Six Hundred and Sixty-Six(HA!), but soon realize that Catman was no longer with them. Where did he get off to? Catman went off with Etrigan(man is he getting around lately!) to find his father. The Six take on the Six Hundred and Sixty-Six, but soon realize the futility of the battle. They then decide to attack Ragdoll, figuring if they could kill Ragdoll, Ragdoll's troops would hopefully fall into disarray. Scandal makes it up to Ragdoll and seems prepared to kill him(killing somebody in Hell? How does that work exactly?), when she is laid out with a punch from Ragdoll's bride-to-be, Knockout!

Thoughts: I'll be the first to admit, this series has REALLY fallen away quality-wise(for me at least) the past... Sheesh, I'd say 20 issues or so. Most of that was due to how tired Ragdoll's act had gotten, as well as my well documented hatred of Black Alice. This storyline actually seems to be trying to rectify BOTH of my complaints. Ragdoll turning against the Six is working extremely well, and Black Alice wasn't even IN this issue! I'm sure next issue Black Alice will show up, and Ragdoll will be forgiven and rejoin the team, but at least this issue was good.

Score: 7 out of 10."My name is King Shark. I'm a shark." Ah, NOW I get the name!

JSA All-Stars #17:

Summary: Man, I swear I must have missed an issue of this series, because I don't know what happened to end the last storyline... But whatever, let's move on to this issue! Power Girl and Sand head to an insane asylum and find out some guy escaped. We find out that Sand saw the guy escape in one of his dreams, and that the guy was really powerful and disturbed(sort of like me!). Power Girl looks around the cell and sees some tachyon particles, which makes her decide to go after the HIVE... Um, what? Anyway, the crazy guy heads to the All-Stars headquarters and finds Star Girl and Judomaster. He introduces himself as the Prince, shows that he knows both hero's real names, and then tells them a story where he was a member of the JSA, but that his arch-enemy, Dr. Hate(who's also his mother), had altered reality, creating the current DCU... Um no, that would be Chairman Johns. Needless to say the two women don't believe Prince, but don't want to provoke him. Eventually Power Girl arrives on the scene and doesn't care about provoking the Prince, leading to the Prince flying away, since he didn't want to fight his “teammate”. Power Girl pursues and the two get into a bit of a fight, with Prince still trying his damnedest to avoid PG. Eventually they crash on an island where they are both met by Dr. Hate.

Thoughts: Well, the fact that there actually WAS a Dr. Hate kind of gives credence to Prince's story that his was the “correct” reality and the current DCU was wrong. Personally, I agree with Prince that the current DCU is wrong too, but that's neither here nor there. This is another DC comic getting canceled soon, and much like Freedom Fighters, this series seems like it's going to go out on a high. There's really nothing else to say. This was, as they say, a perfectly acceptable comic book.

Score: 7 out of 10.The pornstar mustache should REALLY stay in the 1970's...

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