Friday, April 22, 2011

10 Thoughts on... Invincible #71-78

Not that long ago I posted a 10 Thoughts post for a Y the Last Man trade and I admitted that I REALLY wasn't pleased with the way these 10 Thoughts posts were coming out. I mean I was basically reviewing the damn trades, just in bullet format, and I didn't want to do full reviews for those trades... It takes too much time, and I've always disliked the way I review trades... What can I say, that's just me. So I'm going to try to change the way I do these posts. First I'm going to do a QUICK little synopsis about what the trade/comics I'm looking at are about, then I'll list 10 random thoughts about them. As always, drop me comments about the post, what you like/didn't like, how smart/handsome I am, etc. Consider this 10 Thoughts version 1.5, not quite what I want yet, but getting closer...

Invincible #71, 73-78. Yeah, I could never get my hands on issue #72...

Synopsis: Invincible, his brother Kid/Young Omni-Man, his dad Omni-Man and Allen the Alien have collected several allies and are now ready to take the battle to the Viltrumites. However, the Viltrumites aren't going to go down without a fight. Can Invincible and the Coalition of Planets finally end the Viltrumite menace and free the universe? Well I know because I read the story, and if you read this post, you'll know as well!

-Man, Invincible's dad(who I'll be calling Nolan since that's easier to type than Omni-Man) has some set on him, no? I can't believe he decided to pay his ex(?)-wife a visit before leaving Earth with Invincible and Young Omni-Man(who will now be know as Oliver because, well, you know why!). Once you call a woman no better than a pet, it's going to be hard to win her back... Trust me...

-I've got to admit, once Nolan decided to take Oliver with him and Invincible, all sorts of warning bells were ringing in my head...

-I am SO pissed that I don't have issue #72, since that's the issue Invincible finally kills that pompous ass, Conquest! Dammit!!! If anybody wants to send that issue my way, I'll send you... um, my best wishes?

-Never trust a fat alien. Those are my key words to live by.The Viltrumite leader has one sweet cape...

-”Your balls are inferior”... Oliver is awesome!Jerk face!

-Which is why I was so pissed when I thought he was dead! Blast you and your mind games, Robert Kirkman!!! Seriously, if he wouldn't have been revealed as alive later on, I'd have been VERY angry!

-The Viltrumite leader “killing” Nolan had less of an impact on me. Sorry Nolan, but you were a jerk. AND you don't wear shoes!I don't know why Nolan's lack of shoes bothers me so much, but it does...

-I totally brought that the Viltrumites had headed to Earth and destroyed everything. When Cecil Stedman died, my heart... It almost didn't make it... Luckily though, Cecil's death was simply a figment of Invincible's overactive imagination. Because if it wasn't...No, not Cecil!!!

-The swerve with the Viltrumite's deciding to live on Earth and interbreed? GENIUS!!!

-Okay, so Atom Eve put on some pounds while Invincible was away. Now he was gone for 10 months, and we know she was preggers before he took off... Obviously(or at least I think it's obvious) that extra weight is baby weight. So, did she lose the baby, did she have the baby and give it up for adoption, or did she have the baby and hide it?

Score: 9 1/2 out of 10. The ONLY thing keeping this from a perfect score is the way almost EVERYBODY no-sold dying! Invincible, Nolan, Oliver, it's like, unless you see somebody's head fall off, they're almost definitely NOT dead!


  1. Lmao, these were bloody issues. And yeah, EVERYONE no sold the old Death, but I still enjoyed every minute of these. I'm actually gonna buy the trade next week too. Oh and Lisha started Invincible and already finished the first two trades. She hasn't read 3 yet with the big swerve.

  2. Dude, weren't they?! But then again, this is a surprisingly bloody series! Lisha mentioned that you were gonna buy the tarde, and I was a bit puzzled by that, but hey, the more money you put towards supporting this series, the better, I guess...

    HA! The fact that Lisha read through the first two trades that fast is awesome, because I was talking to my sister earlier today and she told me that she just read the LAST two trades between today and yesterday! Weird!

    Oh, I gotta ask, what did you think about 10 Thoughts version 1.5? Better than the prior posts, worse, etc? Gimme input dammit! :D

  3. Yeah, I already have trades 1-13 plus the Atom Eve/Rex Splode one, I may as well get the new one for my collection, plusw I can always sell the single issues on ebay or something.

    Yeah, she'd be further but she's waiting til Sunday when I bring her the 3-13 trades and that Eve/Rex one. That is funny though, they both love Invincible!

    Haha, I enjoyed it. It seemed like once the story was already touched on, it made it easier for you to say what you liked without having to be too descriptive, plus all the pics helped as well. Happy? :P

  4. So are you gonna keep collecting the trades and not picking up the singles, or are you gonna pick up both? In other words, did you get Invincible #79(I notice you didn't review it) this Wed, or are you trade-waiting?

    My sister is up to the Viltrumite War stuff. I'll def be interested in hearing what she has to say about THAT.

    Cool. Would you believe that I did this entire post in like 20-30 minutes, scanning and all? The older 10 Thoughts were too much like straight up reviews for my tastes. This went WAY quicker, which is always a plus! The only downside is if somebody hadn't read this trade, they'd be lost... And I'd be happy if you would have called me smart AND handsome...

  5. What I'll probably do is pick up the issues and the trades, I figure I can but the issues, read em, sell them as a pack before the trade comes out for like 15 bucks, and that way the trade only runs me five bucks.And yeah, I did pick it up but I think I'm gonna just start reviewing Invincible at the next arc.

    Haha, as will I. Tell her to make a blog :P

    That's awesome, quick reviews are always fun. I finished that R&R Wednesday night and just waited to post it til today. And you're smart and handsome, happy? Lol, btw, I mentioned you in the R&R line of the issue for GL.

  6. You are an evil genius, JT. An evil genius. Why evil? I don't know, just go with it.

    She NEVER would. She looks down her nose at us bloggers! :P

    Yes, now I'm happy. And I saw that, and actually commented on it too! :D

  7. Haha, I'll take the evil genius claim. Feel my wrath eBay, Bwahahahaha.

    Haha, does she call us nerds and whatnot behind or backs? Or in front of our faces?

    Glad I could help, and I just saw your reply actually.

    OH, I read the first three vols. of Outsiders, were you referring to the backstory behind Grace's tattoo? Because if so I know what you mean now. And God that series makes me miss Arsenal and Lian.

  8. "Feel my wrath eBay" That ALMOST made me do a spit take, JT... That was AWESOME!

    No, at least I don't think she does... :/ She just claims she has NO interest in blogging, reading my blog, etc. I know she secretly does though! :D

    Nope. You're getting closer to it though. God, I read the Titans series that came out before Outsiders(from the late 90's, the Titans team with the original members and a few younger members like Damage) Lian was all over that series, and it really just killed me reading about her and Roy. Yet another reason my hatred of DC is reaching record levels.

  9. You know me X, I bring so much awesome that The Miz bows to me.

    Haha, why do you think she secretly reads it? Has she let it slip or something?

    Damn where the hell is it. Falisha just ordered Vol 4. and that Teen Titans/The Outsiders - The Insiders arc and I'll be buying Vols. 5,6,7 but I think there's only those few. I wanna know what the hell it could be.. damn I wanna wiki it now.

  10. I can't really dispute that...

    No, but I've mentioned it enough, so you have to figure that she's at least curious enough to give it a quick read... I mean I know I'D be curious to read it!

    It's not exactly something that's gonna blow your mind... At least I don't think it will... But like I said, you'll almost definitely sit up and go, "Wha-Huh?!?"

  11. Why no, no you can't. :P

    Just incase she's reading now, Heyyyy X's sister! How ya doing? Why does your brother have no face? :P

    Wha-Huh?!? Now that I know, I am FLABBERGASTED!

  12. Well I could, but I won't... :P

    She's not, and shut up! :D

    Seriously? Flabbergasted? Huh...

  13. That's what they ALL say :P

    Lol you don't know!

    Yep, "Straight up flabbergasted, yo!" Well, you told me if you recall, I didn't really read it.