Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Uncanny X-Force #7 & Captain America #616

Hey, X here, but just barely... My laptop's power cord finally crapped out all the way on me last night, meaning I have NO way of charging my computer until the new one gets here from Amazon. The new one that hasn't even been sent out yet... Luckily I was able to type up a few reviews yesterday when the cord was still holding on by a thread, so I should be able to throw a new review up for today and tomorrow. There IS some potential good news though. My sister is willing to bring her laptop cord to me tonight, and if that's compatible with my laptop, I'll at least be able to do a few more blog related things(respond to comments, type up a few more reviews, etc). Of course that's all dependent on her laptop being compatible, so I'll have my fingers crossed!

Uncanny X-Force #7:

Summary: Fantomex takes X-Force into the World, searching for the Father, who was behind the Deathlok program. The X-Forcers split up and as luck would have it, Deadpool is the member of the team who finds the Father first. The Father manages to get into Deadpool's head, and plays on his feelings that the rest of the team was against him, telling Pool that he was there for him. Pool seems content with this knowledge, and happily stays by the Father's side while his teammates are ravaged by the Deathlok versions of X-Force. Eventually two Deathlok X-Forcers confront Fantomex, who was trying to defend a certain room in the World. The Father lays it on thick with Pool, promising to feed him cake and tuck him into bed, at which point Pool begins to sour on the whole idea and decapitates the Father since he had become too creepy for Pool's tastes. With the Father dead, all of his evil Deathlok's vanish and X-Force leaves the World at Fantomex's urging. This issue ends with us learning that Fantomex was growing an Apocalypse of his own in a secret hidden room at the World.

Thoughts: So that's what the Deathlok's were looking for! I also guess this is how Rick Remender is going to try to fix the fact that Fantomex killed a child... By having Fantomex now inexplicably save Kid Apocalypse... I'm not sure how I feel about that revelation, I don't think I liked it, but it is still early on, so I'll give Remender a shot before I blast the idea too much. What I will blast is this storyline, which I didn't enjoy at all! I've never cared about Deathlok at all, so I am VERY glad that this storyline has concluded. Hopefully we'll be moving on to bigger and better things.

Score: 6 out of 10.Whoops! There goes your head!

Captain America #616:

Summary: Bucky's been shipped off to the gulag in Russia to serve time for his crimes as the Winter Soldier. Needless to say Steve Rogers is doing everything he can to get a release, but until then, Bucky'll be doing hard time... Russkie style. The warden let's Bucky know right off the bat that he doesn't like him, and while eating dinner one night Bucky meets up with the forth(?) Crimson Dynamo, who had been in prison for a over a decade thanks to Bucky(back during his Winter Soldier days). It turns out that Dynamo had pretty much taken over the prison, had his own posse, as well as most of the guards in his pocket, bad news for poor Bucky. The night after meeting Dynamo, a few guards come to Bucky's cell and tell him to follow them. With no real choice Bucky follows, and is led to a giant caged in area where a bunch of inmates and guards were standing around watching. Dynamo tells Bucky that since the guards couldn't kill Bucky, and he didn't want to dirty his hands with Bucky's blood, they had another inmate who was willing to take care of Bucky, the giant bear-like Ursa Major!

Thoughts: This was the 70th anniversary issue of Captain America(wow, SEVENTY years! Amazing...), so besides the Bucky story, there was like 6 or 7 other stories as well from writers other than Ed Brubaker. To be 100% honest, most of the non-Brubaker stories really weren't impressive, with a few being actively bad! Brubaker himself penned a back-up story about Steve Rogers and his conflicting feelings about retaking the Captain America mantle with Bucky currently in prison which was great(naturally!). The only other back-up story that I liked was written by Frank Tieri(who should be doing WAY more mainstream work!), and had to do with Steve Rogers running into one of the Hitler/Hatemonger clones. The rest though? Meh. I based my score for this issue solely on the main Brubaker story, so there you go.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Bucky vs a giant bear... My money's on Bucky!

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