Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gothem City Sirens #22 & Zatanna #12

Two female centric DC comics here, including the third part of the Judgment on Gotham storyline that doesn't matter to DC because Chairman Johns isn't attached to it... Man, for somebody I've never met, I really can't stand that guy...

Gotham City Sirens #22:

Summary: This is another part of the Judgment on Gotham storyline, although the cover of this issue doesn't bother telling us that much... Way to let people know this issue was part of that storyline, DC! Anyway, Azrael and Crusader are ready to test Catwoman to see if she is pure enough to pass their test and thus save Gotham City from destruction. Catwoman's crazy sister heads to Azrael and Crusader and tells them that she was sent by God to be Catwoman's test. Since Azrael and Crusader are also obviously insane, they happily accept Catwoman's crazy sister into their midst. Why not? The more crazies the better! CW finally catches up to Azrael and Crusader and is beaten by them and stabbed by Azrael's wacky sin sword. Upon waking up, Catwoman sees her sister, who tells CW that to save Gotham she would have to kill her. CW scoffs at the thought of killing her own sister, but her sister tells CW that she was sent by God for this very reason, and that killing her would free CW from the demon CW's sister was positive CW was possessed by. CW realizes that by killing her sister she would pass Azrael's insane test, but in the end, just can't off her own sister. With that, CW's sister leaves, as do Azrael and Crusader. This issue ends with Ra's confident that Dick Grayson(Batman) would fail his test as well, thus sealing the fate of Gotham City.

Thoughts: No complaints here. This was a good, solid comic, that continued the Judgment on Gotham storyline. I love that Peter Calloway managed to insert CW's sister into this storyline, because she was a perfect fit here. While I had no complaints about this issue in particular, I'm still a bit baffled by the Judgment storyline itself... Mainly why are these two goofs able to beat Gotham's various heroes with relative ease, and what the hell is Ra's playing at? Eh, I either forgot, or it'll be revealed in the next part of this storyline.

Score: 8 out of 10.Jeez, Azrael sure is stab happy...

Zatanna #12:

Summary: Some mook named Backslash has captured a fairy and has a magical sword that can rewind time when he swings it. Zatanna gets wind of Backslash after he kills some merpeople, and confronts him, but is stymied by Backslash, since with every swing of his sword, her backwards spoken words come out as normal speech... That's actually pretty ingenious... Anyway, since she wasn't able to use any spells on Backslash, Z charges him and tries to defeat him in hand to hand combat, but every time Z tries to hit Backslash, he simply rewinds time, causing her to miss him. Realizing she was out gunned, Z decides to retreat, but Backslash simply makes her return to him and knocks her out. Z wakes up tied to a statue where Backslash is rapping at her... Wait, what?! Z disses Backslash's sweet rhymes, which infuriates him. The captured fairy manages to tell Z that the only way to defeat Backslash was by using palindromes, you know, those words that are the same both forwards and backwards. Before Backslash knows what hit him, Z is saying palindromes like there is no tomorrow, eventually finding the correct combination of words to free her and defeat Backslash. With Backslash done for, Z takes the sword, calls the cops and frees the fairy, ending this one.

Thoughts: This was a fun, fast little read. The story was fine, and I had only one problem with it... Backslash... God was he annoying! He had the most annoying accent imaginable! Ugh. Besides that though, no complaints here.

Score: 7 out of 10.Trust me, this all DOES make sense!


  1. *sigh* Man, you and JT make it hard for me to look forward to reading some stuff you guys have completely different scores on lol.

    I have about 4-5 issue of Sirens sitting on the bookshelf I need to read and after seeing both you and JT's score, I'm really tempted to take that to work to read and see what I think about it lol. I think I will do that.

    Annnd as for Z, hm, 7 isn't bad, so I'm looking forward to reading Z. I actually miss the magical woman. Think I'll take a couple issues I'm behind on to work as well.

    Now I really hope it's slow at work today. I can get a lot of reading done before I dedicate my life to Invincible when JT brings the rest of the series over tomorrow. I'm so ready to jump into Vol. 3.

    But good reviewing. As always you leave me mixed on feelings about these two comics. You're the greatest. ^_^ lol

  2. HA! I know, JT and I usually agree on stuff, but we were WAY different when it comes to this issue of Sirens! Like night and day different!

    As for Z, it wasn't anything great, it was a good, solid little one and done story. You know the type, a comic that doesn't really take much thought to read.

    Ooooooo, I can't WAIT to hear what you think after reading the third Invincible trade!!!

  3. There have been a couple times you two have been way different on and I was the middle woman to decide how the comic was lol. I'm off work Monday, I think I'll be spending that time catching up on comics. Tomorrow is complete Invincible reading day lol.

    I feel this Z series has been coasting along the average line of things. Like issues aren't horrible but they aren't great, playing it safe. I just want some good issues like Power Girl *Which I think you should seriously get, like seriously, I HATED PG and now, love it. That goes to show you how great of a read it is, lol. Also, ya get to see lots of boobs on each page lol.*

    And you'll be the first to know what I think about trade 3 of Invincible.

  4. Monday sounds like a GOOD day for you, Lisha! While you're enjoying your day off and reading all of those sweet comics, I hope you'll spare a single thought for poor X, who'll be sitting in a classroom all day long... :D Then again, Sunday being Invincible day is pretty awesome too! I have to ask, did you read a few Invincibles today(or is it yesterday now?), and if you did, what did you think?

  5. Lol, you know X. I didn't get any reading done like I thought. JT came over after work yesterda (Sunday) and spent time with the family. And today JT and my best bud Thomas came over, so as of now I have about hmmm 3 hours to get some reading done before "Tough Enough". But outside of the first two volumes of Invincible I haven't gotten any reading done. But I will get some reading done one I do my rounds of checking e-mail and daily sites.

    I hope classes weren't too bad today! And I always think about you X. ;-)

  6. Yeah, I know the feeling. You plan on doing some reading, and something else naturally comes up! Well, whenever you get through a few of those Invincibles, I'll be waiting... Especially trade #3!

    "And I always think about you X." Mmmm-hmmm! That's what I like to hear! :D

  7. Lol, it's like I try to find a time to set aside for reading and never do like now. I'm annoyed/pissed off at some folks and really want to play MK. So I think I'll hold off on reading for now. Lol.

    And I'm glad I can put a smile on ya face hun. :)