Friday, April 15, 2011

Booster Gold #43 & Justice Society of America #49

Two reviews here, and they're both comics I won't be reading in the coming months. I've been really unimpressed by Marc Guggenheim's JSA run, and with this issue of JSA being the last one on my DC subscription, I just can't see myself adding it to my pull list. Maybe when a new writer takes over I'll come back to this series, but for now, I'm finished with the JSA. As for Booster Gold, the next issue starts Booster's Flashpoint tie-in, and as I've stated before, I absolutely refuse to support Flashpoint in any way, shape or form. So come this Wednesday, I'll be dropping Booster Gold from my pull list. Once Flashpoint is over though, if Booster hasn't been canceled, I'll start picking it up again.

Justice Society of America #49:

Summary: While Mr. America, Blue Devil, Mr. Terrific and Flash(Jay Garrick) are trying to contain Scythe, pretty much everybody else in the JSA and JSA All-Stars(except for Power Girl) are unable to stop Dr. Chaos... Sad. Alan Scott arrives on the scene to lend a hand to Jay, and is able to defeat Scythe with NO trouble whatsoever, even though Scythe broke Alan's neck a few issues back and pretty much fought the JSA to a standstill for several hours. Somehow Alan was able to tap into the Starheart to become more powerful than ever before, and seems prepared to murder Scythe. Before he can though, Jay manages to talk his old friend down... Barely. As for Chaos, Power Girl arrives on the scene and downs him with one punch, which makes me wonder why the rest of these chumps are even on the JSA? Why not just have a team consisting of Power Girl and Alan? Anyway, with the two villains defeated and taken into custody, the JSA(as well as a few other heroes) go about rebuilding the city of Monument Point. It takes them three weeks, but by that time, everything is back to normal and running smoothly in Monument Point again. Alan is still acting creepy and kind of aloof, and Mr. Terrific is still suffering from his brainpower having been diminished, but other than that, everything is back to normal. Jay gets called into the office of the mayor where he is told that after the death of the deputy mayor of Monument Point a few issues back, the city council called an emergency meeting and decided to elect Jay the mayor of the city.

Thoughts: Well, this issue was about 500 times better then the last several issues were, but it still wasn't enough to save this book from my own personal chopping block. I haven't enjoyed Marc Guggenheim's run on this series in the least, and although this issue was a step up, I just can't fathom wasting my money on a writer whom I have zero confidence in. So yes, after 100+ issues with the JSA, from the prior series started by James Robinson, to this one, to the JSA All-Stars, this is my last JSA issue for the foreseeable future. Adios.

Score: 7 out of 10.So now Alan Scott is literally wearing a lantern... Strange...

Booster Gold #43:

Summary: We start this comic with Rip Hunter telling Booster Gold that if he wants to find out how he escaped from the end of the universe with the Perforated Man, as well as how he was cured of his Chronal Leprosy, his best bet was to head to the 30th century. Booster does as he's told and appears right in the middle of a fight between the OLD Legion of Super-Heroes and some big goon named Validus... Once I see that, I start skipping pages and quickly realize that the OLD Legion is the focal point of this comic, at which point I stop reading.

Thoughts: Sorry, but I absolutely REFUSE to read about the OLD Legion. The Threeboot Legion(or even the reboot Legion) is the ONLY Legion I'll ever read about. I hate that my Legion was tossed by the wayside so the OLD Legion can, once again, be thrust into the spotlight. What IS it with DC replacing older characters with oftentimes far superior modernized characters, and THEN running back to the old characters again... It's just depressing. So in good conscious I can't read this comic, so for the FIRST time ever, I won't finish a comic I promised I'd read. Therefore, I have to borrow a page out of my good friend JT's book and give this issue an...

Score: N/A out of 10.This was actually the first and last page I read from this comic...


  1. Lol props on the N/A and that comment cracking me up. Booster may be the only thing I read for Flashpoint then since I'm not reading the series or those million tie-ins.

  2. JT, I HAD to drop the N/A rating for this issue... I mean I read the first page, turned to the next page, saw the OLD Legion, flipped through the rest of the book and was like, "Nope. Not gonna happen!" :D Well, I'll be getting my Booster fix from you, because I'm DEFINITELY not buying Booster. I'll be DAMNED if I spend ONE red cent on ANY Flashpoint comics! BOOM, there it is, right here for the world to see. If I buy ANY Flashpoint issue/tie-in/mini/anything, you can call me a filthy story teller, despot, liar, thief, braggart, buffoon, usurper, monster, ignoramus X, old scoundrel, perjurer, swindler, tyrant, field-butcher, land-pirate... Because that's what I'd be! :D

  3. Wtf.... did you go from a English Author to a pirate to some type of... angry young Insane Clown Posse fan? Man... that was... one heck of a description. And I may just call you that anyway, like Jericho with the "Filthy, dirty, bottom-feeding...." line. :P

  4. HA!!! Man, what was I on when I posted THAT?! I'd be fine with you calling me that... rather long string of insults, JT. I'd almost definitely have deserved it!

  5. Lol you were hopped up on goofballs or sleeping pills or something :P And don't think I won't!

  6. I actually can't take full credit for that epic rant... I was reading an article on Lincoln(you know how I loves me US history) and some magazine article called him most of those things. I made a few changes, but yeah, that was directed at poor old honest Abe!