Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Few Thoughts on... Some random comics!

Okay, here's the deal guys and gals... I still have a few comics from last week to get through, and I just picked up about 15 comics or so(plus a trade) from the comic book shop yesterday, meaning that once again, I am falling behind in my comic reading. Add the impending end of the school year, and yeah, I'm pretty busy. So in order to try to blitz through a few of last week's books, I'm going to try something new here... I'll be doing this post like a 10 Thoughts post, just with WAY less than 10 Thoughts per comic. Let's give it a shot and see how it goes!

Generation Hope #6.

Synopsis: The Gen Hope kids head to Germany after a new mutant pops up on Cerebro(or is it still Cerebra?). Upon getting there, everybody in the hospital is either unconscious or acting crazy, and we discover that the new mutant registered was still in its mother's womb.

-So now instead of Rogue serving as Hope's liaison, Lord Summers the First has decreed that Shadowcat would be the new liaison between himself and Hope... God, that's like trading an old shoe for sack of dead rats...

-This comic is SO much worse than any other teen-oriented series I'm currently reading from the big two right now(Teen Titans, Avengers Academy, Children's Crusade) it's not even funny...

-I can't believe that we're FIVE issues into this series now and the kids STILL don't have codenames! They finally have costumes, but if you want people to be able to talk about these kids and know who they are, you NEED codenames!It's Hope! And random mutants #1-5...

-Sticking with that train of thought, I'm not sure if I've ever read something from Kieron Gillen that I've truly enjoyed...

-So basically I'll probably give this series until the Summer, and if it doesn't pick up substantially, I'll be dropping it.

Score: 5 out of 10.

X-Factor #218.

Synopsis: Guido's been shot, and the three female assassins who shot him have targeted Mayor Jameson next. Luckily for Jameson, he's being protected by the rest of X-Factor and the Black Cat. The assassins flee, but are being tracked by Black Cat, while X-Factor gets Guido to the hospital where he is pronounced dead, and then recovers(?!).

-I love me some Black Cat, so it was great seeing her in this issue. Yeah, I know she's not a mutie, but it sure would be awesome if she joined the team full-time.Black Cat showing up is a BIG plus!

-I can't say I know what's going on with those three metal female assassins, or why they targeted Jameson, but I trust Peter David's writing, so I'm sure this will all work out for the best... Probably...

-I have NO idea what was up with Guido dying, and then suddenly being healed... No idea whatsoever!

-This was definitely not one of my favorite issues of this series(nor is it one of my favorite storylines), but Peter David's writing(and the inclusion of Black Cat) at least make this one readable.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Supergirl #63.

Synopsis: Supergirl has been trapped at Harvard University by some crazed nerd. While SG is trying to figure a way out, Fake Beetle, Robin and Miss Martian are being mentally probed by the nerd. Eventually SG gets free and confronts the nerd, who reveals himself to be... Dubbilex?!

-The fact that Dubbilex could break through th mental defenses of both the Fake Beetle and Miss Martian, but NOT Damian made my day...

-...Until he DID break through Damian's mental defenses...Come on, Damian is stronger mentally than that!

-The stuff with SG figuring out how to break free from Dubbilex's robots did nothing for me.

-To be honest, pretty much everything about this storyline isn't doing anything for me!

-And speaking of Dubbilex, who thought THAT was a good, exciting reveal?! I mean I read the entire Superboy series from the 90's, so I know the character pretty well, but most other people? Maybe they should have foreshadowed that reveal a bit better...Um yeah, I doubt many people cared about this reveal...

-Much like Gen Hope, I can see myself dropping this title pretty soon...

Score: 4 out of 10.

Justice League of America #56.

Synopsis: Eclipso has taken over several shadow-based characters and has attacked Alan Scott's Emerald City, managing to put Alan's daughter, Jade, under his thrall. Some members of the JLA(and Saint Walker) try to take the battle to Eclipso, but his forces overwhelm them and they are captured by Eclipso's ally, Obsidian.

-Hey look, Obsidian is a bad guy again! Wow, what a SHOCK!!! In case you can't tell, I'm being VERY sarcastic...

-Man, I really hated a lot of the characters that were in this issue on the JLA... Saint Walker(one of Chairman Johns' idiotic creations)and Congorilla(a damned talking monkey) in particular.And there's the damned talking monkey...

-So this issue gives us a battle between Zauriel(or “Zaurel” as the comic spells the name... Idiots...) and Eclipso. Now Zauriel is an angel. A real angel, complete with holy powers. And yet he winds up defeated by Eclipso with relative ease. On the other hand, Saint Walker is more than able to hold his own against Eclipso... Thus proving that it's way past time for somebody to get James Robinson away from this series, because he obviously has NO idea what he's doing anymore...Eclipso takes Zauriel?! Really?!?

-You know, speaking of Robinson, I LOVED his Starman work, but other then that, I really can't say any of his other work has wowed me. He just can't seem to write mainstream characters at all...

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.

Action Comics #899.

Synopsis: Lex Luthor assembles the rest of those black globes in space and learns that Brainiac had manipulated him into assembling the globes for him... But wait! Lex reveals that he knew what Brainiac was doing and defeats Brainiac in single combat. He then uses the globes to summon a god-like creature from the Phantom Zone, defeats it and bonds with it, turning into Lex Luthor: God.

-Why does everything have to be so complicated?! I mean, was I just really tired when I read this last night or something? We have Brainiac telling Lex he manipulated him, to which Lex reveals that he was aware of Brainiac's influence. Then they fight. Then Lex somehow defeats somebody who Supes himself had difficulty beating. Then Mr. Mind shows up and begins to try to explain what the deal with the black globes were. Then some god shows up. Then Lex fights the god. Then Lex BECOMES the god... Sheesh...

-I have no clue why Mr. Mind was here. Much like talking monkeys, I also hate talking bugs...Great, a talking bug...

-I'll admit, Lex snapping Brainiac's neck? Super cool... Although it probably shouldn't have been possible...Should it have happened? No. Was it cool? Hell yeah!

-Lex Luthor: God, actually has some real potential. You KNOW Supes is gonna be in for it now!

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.


  1. Wow. The scores on these were pretty low. It's almost a good thing you were doing a quick post on these, lol.

    And that scan with Lex....epic. Gave me flash backs of Wonder Woman and Max Lord. Lol.

  2. I actually realized the low scores AFTER I put the post together, so yeah, it was probably for the best that I didn't waste time doing full reviews for most of these books, Lisha! As for that scan? Agreed! Once I saw it, I KNEW it would be going on the blog, especially since I posted this a while back...

  3. OMG!! How could I have missed that scan? Lmao that is wonderful.

  4. my personal suggestion drop all dc comics for your own good
    have you ever read any of the newer witchblade comics
    there great :)
    the art covers and interior is normaly done by Stjepan Šejić pure incredibleness

  5. Lol, I like his thinking X.

    And I agree. Witchblade is good, well, lol I haven't read the three trades I have but the art is awesome lol.

  6. Yeah, Lisha! That was probably like my favorite thing from this comic, especially since Lex got some sweet, sweet revenge from Brainiac's earlier actions.

    Hmmm... Well, although I'd like to drop all of my DC books, I know I never will... I keep holding out hope that one day it'll get better again... Yep, one day... Now I've never heard of this Witchblade before you mentioned it, but after checking out that link, I see it's written by Ron Marz, whose 90's DC & Marvel works I REALLY liked... Thanks for the recommendation, Movieartman, I think I'll look into this. With how bad DC has been, I'm always looking for books outside the Big Two to branch out to.

  7. Wait, you have those trades, Lisha! When/if you give 'em a read, let me know what you thought!

  8. better than Max Lord's neck being snapped. Lol.

    And yeah, lol, was at Borders when it was closing and picked up a trade for 60% off. As you can see I'm a bargain shopper, lol. I ended up picking up some other Witchblade trades at the comic shop. I have to figure out the reading order.

    It'll be something I read after Invincible, so I'll definitely let you know what I thought. Oh speaking of, Vol. 3....X, OMG, I've never felt so betrayed reading a comic. Ohh I was pissed!!!

  9. there is also a book going called artifacts that witchblade is a major part of
    i believe marz writes it also
    here is the full prelude to that book free
    it points out a bunch of primary things about that universe and important chracters and items in it

  10. Man, you snagged some sweet deals, Lisha!

    HA!!!!! I'm SO glad you finally got up to that HUGE Invincible reveal, Lisha!! Did that come out of nowhere or what?! I mean the series is rolling along all fine and then WHAM, that happens! If I hadn't been hooked before that stuff happened, THAT issue would have done it!

    Thanks for the link, Movieartman. I'll def be checking it out later on tonight. And I added the first Ron Marz Witchblade trade to my cart at Amazon. Once I pick out something for my mother for Mother's Day, I'll be ordering that trade!

  11. I seriously try to snag some deals, especially at this comic shop we go to. It's small but they make you feel really welcomed. My fav. shop to go to and drop cash. I think me and JT have paid a couple car notes and rent payments there, Lol.

    OMG, X, I don't think you understand. I just sat there staring at the page like "Why?" And he just totally destroyed Mark. I was hurt. And then his wife, the things he said, and her reaction. Whoo jesus. I didn't see that coming at all. I just finished Vols. 4 and 5 earlier tonight....and omg. I thought Y:The Last Man was epic, I was fooled.

  12. glad hope u like it all
    have a great weekend man
    cant wait for ur review of avengers 12.1 if ur revewing it that book as a standalone issue and story was sweet

  13. HA! I think everybody who reads Invincible and gets up to THAT part feels the same way, Lisha! The whole thing was just SO insane! I kept thinking, "Is this like a bad dream or soemthing?!"

    I haven't been really high on the Secret Avengers series as a whole, but yeah, #12.1 was probably my favorite of the series so far.

  14. nono the 12.1 issue for the main avengers book not secret avengers
    written by bendis and the interior was done by brian hitch

  15. Ah, cool. Yeah, I did get that comic(as well as Thor #1), I'll probably give it a read tomorrow night, which means I should have reviews for both comics up for Monday... Maybe! That's the plan at least!

  16. I swear this comic series could make the best soap opera. Lol. I thought I may have picked up the wrong comic or something because that was a big shocker, lol. And it only gets better! I'll be starting Vol. 8 as soon as I finish my internet rounds. Lol. Four trades in two days, I'm on a roll. I plan on being finished with the series by Wednesday.

    I got Grimm Fairy Tales Myths and Legends to pick up and I want to read that ASAP lol. Not to mention all the other monthly comics I'm behind on again lol.

  17. "Four trades in two days, I'm on a roll." Wow, that sounds like the perfect two days if you ask me! I'll tell you this much, as I'm sure JT has already mentioned, Invincible just keeps getting better, and the twists and turns keep coming! It's great!

    There's just not enough hours in the day...

  18. It was a lovely two days. And all while at work. Lol. So it definitely all good. Oh and X, OMG, Omni Man was ALIVE this whoooole time! I did NOT see that coming. And I cannot wait to get to Vol 8 I seriously hate the fact I'm almost done with this series lol.

    And there seriously is not enough
    hours in the day. I demand more hours! Lol.

  19. HA! I don't know what I can or can't say to you about Invincible! I'd better just keep my mouth shut, I don't want to accidentally let any spoilers out!

  20. lol. I completely agree. And I'm on Vol 10, So anything before then is all fair game. Lol. This comic is epic.