Monday, April 12, 2010

Wonder Woman #42

Hey, this is the 100th post of the year! I feel I should say something here, but instead I'll just go straight to the review.

Wonder Woman #42: Writer: Gail Simone. Pencils: Nicola Scott & Fernando Dagnino.
Last Issue: 8 out of 10.

This issue begins on some far off world, where three members of the Green Lantern Corps are checking out a world that was once teeming with life, but is now suddenly barren. After a quick search, they find a little traumatized girl, who tells the Lanterns that serpents rained down from the sky and ate everybody on the planet. The Lanterns are somewhat dubious about this story, right up until a bunch of flying snakes attack them. One of the Lanterns sacrifices his life, while the other two(and the girl)escape the doomed world. From there we head to some bizarre alien spaceship and discover that some mystery woman was collecting the snakes after they had fed and using their blood for some sort of power. Since this IS a Wonder Woman comic, I should probably get to WW, shouldn't I? We find WW still trying to repair the damage done to Washington DC by her insane future self, Genocide. While WW is tossing rubble around, the alien spaceship from earlier appears overhead and begins bombarding the city with serpent eggs. WW immediately goes after the spaceship and as she does, a barrier seals Washington off from the rest of the world. While Washington is under siege, WW tries to fight off the enormous alien spaceship, but to no avail, ultimately getting blasted from the upper atmosphere all the way down to the earth below. This issue ends with WW pulling herself out of the dirt and coming face to face with one of the leaders of the alien ship, her aunt... Wha?!?

Not a bad start for this storyline I'd say. There's still A LOT of mystery going on here, but I'm sure everything will start to make a little bit more sense in an issue or two. The reveal at the end was pretty shocking, seeing as that I didn't realize WW had an evil, space fairing aunt, but as I said earlier, I'm guessing that will be further explored come next issue. Being a fan of both WW and the GLC, I've got to admit that this comic definitely left me wanting to read more.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Huh, I didn't see that coming...


  1. 7.5/10, you were being nice sir! I would've gave it a 5/10 and that's due to the shocking info about her having an aunt.

    I thought the issue was so slow moving and I seriously had to beat myself over the head to finish it. I felt the Green Lantern stuff was pointless, it didn't hold my attention what so ever. BUT I guess there was some type of explanation needed for what we find out later in the issue. I will say this, I am TOO hype about this Aunt of Diana's coming out of the blue. I don't think I can hold out another month until the next issue.

    Oh yeah, didn't they do this same type of "barrier" treatment to Washington in that Amazons attack arc? Maybe I'm mistaken.

    But great job on the review sir. Gail definitely will have this series going.

    Oh and CONGRATS ON THE 100TH POST OF THE YEAR WHOOOOOO! I would send over a stripper to congratulate you but, um, they're too expensive. Lol. :-P

  2. Eh, I'm a sucker for the Green Lantern Corps, so I was OK with that part, although I will agree that the middle of this comic was pretty slow... From the GL part to the WW vs the ship part was a real drag.

    You might be right about that barrier thing during Amazons Attack, Falisha... That's one of the many comics/series I have sitting around that I still haven't read yet.

    Ah, why thank you Falisha! If no stripper, I'd gladly accept whatever money you want to throw my way! :p

  3. Aww don't be a sucker x!! lol.

    I have the "graphic novel" of the arc and sir, you need to read it. It was soo good. And that's not me just being a biased ww fan lol.

    And sir do you take coinage as a payment? I think I have some nickles and dimes to throw your way, maybe even a few quarters!:D

  4. Hmm, then I'll have to dig that trade out. When I find it I'll prob toss it in my bookbag so I can read it between classes.

    Ooo, Quarters! Sounds good to me!

  5. Aww sir no rush at all. Just if yo find yourself caught up on current comics your reading and have some time to read some throw backs. lol. Go ahead.

    And I may even slip you a couple dollars. :) Shake a tail feather!

  6. All right, dollars! Now we're talking!

  7. If you say so... Hey wait, what would JT say?!?

  8. Don't ask that. He'll come in here and be cocky. lol.

    Well, you won't shake ya money maker I'll shake mine and make some money! lol Buy all types of comic related stuff, WW statue would look nice on my drawing desk.

  9. I always wanted to buy one of those comic statues they're always advertising in the books, but they're just too damn expensive... I should check eBay to see if I can score a cheap one...

  10. ugh, I know. I mean I just like having some little bits of myself and what I like on my drawing desk. They ask for FAR too much for those things. If you do find some nice ones at a reasonable price. Let me know sir. :)

  11. I've always wanted comic-related statues as well, but I agree, they're much too expensive. That's why I bought a couple of $7 or $8 action figures instead. Right now, I have Professor X, Black Costume Spider-Man, and Spider-Man 2099 sitting happily (and inexpensively) on my bookshelf.

  12. Marc you're my kind of guy, bargain hunter!!

    I always find it that just getting action figures is way more cheaper. I go to Target and Wal-Mart all the time and they have DC action figures on sale. But I like seriously want a Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Zatanna and Batman Statue. I would honestly spend some money on a Wonder Woman statue.

  13. Ah yes, action figures, the bargin hunter's statue! I also have a few action figures laying around in lieu of a nice statue. I have an X-Man(of course!), Mr. Sinister, Holocaust and Genesis. No DC's yet, which is something I should def rectify...

    I do have to say though, I sure wouldn't mind a nice big statue of Batman to sit near my PS3...